So, all women love jokes. For girls guys, with a great sense of humour, like a sweet slice of cake – they just wanted to eat. The trouble is that not every knight can boast that he can also joke. Moreover, sometimes the desire of the guy to cheer the girl leads to the fact that it looks like a clown. And who wants to meet someone?

It is therefore important to understand how to use jokes and jokes for girls to not to put yourself in a bad light. Fortunately, you can learn this business it is never too late, you just have to know where to start. Therefore, here are some tips regarding how to come up with jokes for girls.

How to come up with good jokes for girls? Brief theory of humor for dummies

The humor brings

But first a small digression. Who knows why women are so fond of humor? Is serious guys no more suitable candidates for the role of the second half? After all, if you think about it, they are more like trusted companions, than those who treat life with humor.

The answer to this question can be obtained if you understand how to operate on the minds of women jokes. For girls Dating is a very serious event, even if she is not fully aware of it. One need only look at how they are going, how much time they spend on choosing the suitable dresses to realize the truthfulness of this assertion.

So, sitting a girl with a guy, nervous, thinking about what to say – all this complicates the conversation. Like there's an invisible wall separating them. To break it can only be a good sense of humor, thus bringing together a few little.

How to use humor to their advantage?

So, it turns out that the funny jokes for girls is like a bell that says: "the Barrier between us is destroyed." Then the whole conversation becomes absolutely to another level. To be more precise, it is flirting.

Now to place to a woman a lot easier, especially if you continue to use jokes. For girls it will look like a clockwork game, which is step by step winning her heart. So, if the guy wants to get laid, he needs to learn how to joke. But how to do it?

Natural talent vs acquired skill

Well, one can easily come up with funny jokes for girls, others, on the contrary, have great difficulty with this. It is not surprising, because, as in any other business, there are those who have an innate talent, and there are those who have to learn everything yourself.

But the chance to achieve success is absolutely everyone. So, do not despair, even if the sense of humor seems to be something distant and incomprehensible. Because in order to learn how to fold funny jokes for girls, just need a little practice.

Looking for examples online and in books

A good source of inspiration can become eligible jokes from the network. Now there are many entertainment portals and video blogs dedicated to humor. And if you visit them, you can remember more than a dozen good jokes.

But there is one important point in all this: don't just memorize the jokes, you need to learn to write, using as a basis old. Thus it is possible to develop your own sense of humor, which will increase your own stock of jokes ad infinitum.

How not to fail halfway?

However, the presence of a sense of humor doesn't make a guy the perfect gentleman. Now need to learn how to correctly and most importantly, time to joke. This is very important because otherwise all efforts may go down the drain.

So, what you need to know about humor?

  1. Not to be trifled with without interruption – rather, it will make the kid a clown than a decent man. So, men, join in the conversation, especially when he's serious, and don't use at this time unnecessary jokes and anecdotes.
  2. One should not joke about such topics as appearance, parents, friends and sick people. First, it can hurt a girl, and secondly, such a man will seem too coarse and devoid of tact.
  3. You can be a little bit ironic in relation to itself, but in any case not to overreact. If there is too much to joke about yourself, the girl will think the guy is deprived of self-esteem.

What is the humor: three Golden way

So, let's talk about what techniques should be used on dates with a girl. In particular, it will focus on three primary ways: stories, anecdotes and jokes.

Stories – fictional or real-life stories that have funny moments. They should form the basis of the conversation, as they allow to reveal the basic qualities of man and thus bring a smile on the girl's face. The main thing – strongly not to exaggerate and not to get lost in their own words.

Jokes – the second largest elements in the conversation, although some can easily do without them. They are perfect for group conversation when all start to "poison" one joke after another. And the one who does it better than the rest, will gain additional reputation with the ladies.

Jokes are the most difficult, as they require well-honed sense of humor. After all, if a good joke will lift the mood of the girl, the bad will do exactly the opposite. This is especially important to remember in those moments when the guy there is a desire to make fun of his chosen.