So, all women love jokes. For girls, guys who have an excellent sense of humor, like a sweet piece of cake - I just want to eat them. The trouble is that not every gentleman can boast that he can successfully joke. Moreover, sometimes the desire of a guy to cheer a girl leads to the fact that he becomes like a clown. And who wants to meet with such a person?

It is therefore important to understand how to properly use jokes and jokes for girls, so as not to put themselves in a bad light. Fortunately, it is never too late to learn this business, the main thing is to know where to start. Therefore, here are some tips on how to make jokes for girls.

How to come up with good jokes for girls? Brief Theory of Humor for Dummies

Humor brings together

But first, a small digression from the topic. Who knows why women love humor so much? Are serious guys not more suitable candidates for the second half? After all, if you think about it, they are more like reliable companions than those who relate to life with humor.

The answer to this question can be obtained if you understand how the jokes act on the consciousness of a woman. For girls, a date is a very serious event, even if she herself is not fully aware of this. One has only to look at how they are going, how long it takes them to choose the right dress to realize the truthfulness of this statement.

So, such a girl is sitting next to a guy, nervous, thinking about what to say - all this greatly complicates the conversation. It is as if an invisible wall between them separates them. Only good humor can penetrate it, thus bringing the pair closer together.

How to use humor for their own purposes?

So, it turns out that funny jokes for a girl are like a bell that says: “The barrier between us is destroyed.” After that, the whole conversation goes completely to another level. To be more precise, then flirt.

Now it is much easier to get a woman to yourself, especially if you continue to use jokes. For a girl, it will look like a clockwork game that conquers her heart step by step. So, if a guy wants to get a girlfriend, he needs to learn how to joke well. But how to do that?

Inborn talent against established skills

Well, some can easily come up with funny jokes for girls, others, on the contrary, have great difficulties with this. There is nothing surprising, because, as in any other business, there are those who have innate talent, and there are those who have to learn everything on their own.

But absolutely everyone has a chance to achieve success. So, do not despair, even if a sense of humor seems to be something far away and incomprehensible. After all, in order to learn how to make funny jokes for a girl, you need only a little practice.

We are looking for examples in the network and books

A good source of inspiration can be ready-made jokes from the network. Now there are many entertainment portals and video blogs about humor. And if you visit them daily, you can remember more than a dozen good jokes.

But there is one important point in all this: you should not just memorize jokes, you need to learn to write new ones, using the old ones as a basis. In this way, you can develop your own sense of humor, which will increase your own stock of jokes to infinity.

How not to fail halfway?

However, the presence of a sense of humor still does not make the boy a perfect gentleman. Now you need to learn correctly, and most importantly, in time to joke. This is very important, because otherwise all efforts can go down the drain.

So, what you need to know about humor?

  1. You should not joke without a break - it would rather make a clown out of a guy than a worthy gentleman. Therefore, men, delve into the conversation, especially when it is serious, and do not use unnecessary jokes and anecdotes at this time.
  2. You should not joke on topics such as appearance, parents, acquaintances and sick people. First, it may offend the girl, and secondly, such a man will seem too rude and devoid of any tact.
  3. You can be a little ironic about yourself, but in no case can not bend the stick. If you joke too much about yourself, the girl will think that the guy is deprived of self-esteem.

What is the humor: three golden ways

So, let's talk about what techniques should be used on dates with a girl. In particular, we will focus on three main methods: bikes, anecdotes and jokes.

Tales - fictional or real life stories in which there are funny moments. They should form the basis of the conversation, as they allow to reveal the main qualities of the guy and at the same time bring a smile to the girl's face. The main thing is not to exaggerate much and not to get lost in your own words.

Anecdotes are the second most important elements in a conversation, although some easily do without them. They are ideal for group conversation, when everyone starts to “persecute” one anecdote after another. And the one who does it better than the others will receive additional pluses from girls.

The jokes themselves are complex, as they require a well-honed sense of humor. After all, if a good joke will lift a girl's mood, then a bad one will do everything exactly the opposite. This is especially important to remember in those moments when the guy has a desire to make fun of his chosen one.