Almost every man and teenager wants to pump up big and strong hands. But you can often watch in the gym, as beginners do not quite properly develop the necessary muscles.

If earlier, most likely, this could be associated with a lack of information about the exercises on the hands, now with the advent of the Internet in the life of every person this can not be said. But how can you explain the fact that there is a lot of information, training videos, real methods, and at the same time there are still awkward attempts to increase your hands?

This is largely due to human pride and unwillingness to listen to the advice of experienced athletes.

To avoid injuries and sprains, you must first follow the correct technique of exercise. In this article we will consider the hammer exercise and the correct technique for its execution.

What muscles work?

If you do not take into account the forearm, which are involved in movements indirectly, the maximum stress falls on brachialis and biceps. Due to the fact that brachyialis is involved in the work, the hands are increasing in size.

Due to the fact that this muscle is located under the biceps, with the growth of brachialis, a visual effect of increasing biceps is created. Therefore, if you want your hands to be wide, the “hammer” exercise can be your guide to success.

How to perform an exercise hammer?

What to do?

Consider the technique of correct execution. This exercise involves working with the additional burden in the form of a dumbbell. In principle, it can be done with a barbell, but then it will be necessary to work with both hands at once, and lean your elbows against the wall. This option is more likely to give you more inconvenience than to train your biceps.

It is recommended to perform a “hammer” with dumbbells due to low trauma and high efficiency. Take dumbbells light, because in the hammer is not so important a lot of weight, as the correct technique of movements with his hands.

So, let's proceed to the description of how to properly perform the hammer exercise with dumbbells.

Do not take too much weight

Take a dumbbell one in each hand. If you are a beginner, start with light weight, for example, 5-7 kg. put your hands down, relax the shoulders. The feet are shoulder-width apart and slightly bend in the knee joints.

Expand the hands so that the two dumbbells are in a position parallel to each other. Inhale the air and as you exhale, start lifting the right dumbbell up, bending the arm at the elbow.

Exercise "hammer" implies the isolated work of the muscles, so that the elbow must be firmly pressed to the ribs and not move in any direction. As soon as you have raised the dumbbell to shoulder level, linger in that position for a second and begin to slowly lower your arm to its original position.

When you lower the dumbbell down, you need to breathe again. After the right hand has fallen down, it is worth repeating the movement without a hitch, but with the left hand. Do this 10-12 reps.

You can do as many approaches as you like, but the most effective amount is between 2-4.

Common mistakes

Performing the hammer as well as others, people tend to make similar mistakes. So that you do not allow them, carefully read the rules:

the elbow should not be pressed to the body - the load is moved from the biceps and brachialis;

you can not stand on your toes, as it takes the load from the hands and is fraught with loss of balance;

there should not be a body swinging backwards, which has the same negative impact as the previous point;

do not lift large weights for which you are not ready, this will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise to 0.

Perform the hammer for biceps exercise according to the above recommendations, follow the correct execution technique, avoid mistakes, and can significantly increase the volume of your arms.