This fixture, like the epilator, many women distrust. In fact, their fears are unfounded and absolutely meaningless. If you know how to use the epilator, it is possible to make the procedure itself is virtually painless, and the result is stunning.How to use the epilator in the bikini area, in the armpit area

Overview of the modern market of epilators

Of course, each manufacturer advertises its creation as something special and unique. However, all brands of epilators work on the same principle, differing only in some nuances. Devices can support two or more speeds, as well as be equipped with various additional functions to facilitate the process of hair removal. Any product is equipped with a standard nozzle with a certain number of tweezers (it all depends on the manufacturer's idea).

More modern models are improved by devices for relieving discomfort during the procedure. Thus, the devices of the Braun series Silk-epil work on the basis of roller nozzles, performing a gentle massage of the skin. This allows you to significantly reduce pain, even if you don't know how to use the epilator. Philips offers a model with a removable coolers, which reduce the sensitivity of skin receptors. A firm Philips has released a series of epilators, equipped with high-speed turbines. In this case, the analgesic effect is achieved due to the strong flow of cold air.

Advantages of epilators

Despite the fact that it has now become very fashionable to remove hairs by the method of shugaring, many ladies remain faithful to epilators. This can be easily explained by listing the main advantages of such procedures:

  • No regular expenses.
  • Keeping skin smooth for at least 3 weeks.
  • Hair grow soft and do not turn into stubble.
  • The procedure does not require long preparatory actions.

If you figure out how to properly use the epilator, you can understand that this method is ideal for home use. It is very simple and economical: just turn on the device and start the session.

Are there any disadvantages?

Any, even the most innovative method of hair removal has its negative sides. Indeed, against the background of all the advantages, certain disadvantages are often hidden. In the case of using the epilator there are several of them, namely:

  • Soreness of the procedure, especially at first.
  • The appearance of irritation in the form of red dots.
  • Hair ingrowth

You can easily cope with any of these drawbacks, so they are not critical. For example, if the pain during epilation is unbearable, then means containing anesthetic will help to remove it. And soothe irritated skin can be wiped with lotion or balm.

Before epilation

There is one important rule for those who want to know how to properly use the epilator. A complex of preparatory operations should be carried out in the bikini, legs and underarms area before proceeding with the procedure.

  1. Pay attention to the length of the hairs. If it is more than 5 mm, then you need to use scissors. You can shave the hairs with a machine, and then wait a few days until they grow back a little.
  2. To make the procedure quick and painless, make the skin peeling a non-rigid scrub. This will help remove dead cells from the surface of the dermis.
  3. Just before the start of hair removal, take a bath or a hot shower. Steamed skin is less sensitive to mechanical stress.

First procedure

Getting to the session, you should remember a few rules. Many beginners are interested in how to use epilator: growth of hair or against it. Actually, this depends on the quality of the result. To process a particular part of the body should be strictly against the hair growth. If you break this rule, then the procedure may be delayed. First, it will be much harder, and second, the appliance will start to pull out and snap off hairs.

Getting used to the painful sensations should be gradual, so you should not immediately turn on the device at the highest speed. The faster the tweezers work, the more hair they remove in a second. Start at the lowest speed to gradually get used to the procedure.

To reduce discomfort slightly stretch the skin on the treated area. If you are still not mastered how to use the epilator, and the process brings you great pain, apply massage attachment. In this case, the head should tilt slightly to the side it will enhance the relaxing effect.

How to make epilation less painful

If you do not want to endure the pain during the procedure, then you can find the easiest way out and use a local anesthetic. However, this will only help for a while, and by the next epilation you will have to buy a special cream again. And it is worth noting that the price of such funds is far from low.

Well, for those who decided to take a desperate step and refused to use painkillers, there are a couple of tips that will help ease the procedure:

  • Begin hair removal with less sensitive areas where there are not too many hairs, gradually moving to more tender areas.
  • Use cooling and massage nozzles, especially if you do not know how to properly use the epilator. In the area of ​​the armpits and bikini skin is most sensitive, so it is best to treat it in this way.
  • Try to perform the procedure in several visits. After processing one area, relax a little and only then move on to another.

Rules of skin care after the procedure

The correct removal of hairs with the epilator implies not only the correct implementation of the technology the procedure. The great value has the subsequent care of the treated skin. It is necessary to disinfect and to try to relieve the irritation. Suitable lotions, balms and cream, which contains natural anti-inflammatory components. Perfectly relieve irritation remedies with extracts of chamomile, green tea and vegetable oils.

Anti hair ingrowth

A full answer to the question of how to use the epilator correctly so that there is no ingrown hair, unfortunately, cannot be given. During the procedure, the skin surface is injured, as well as the follicles. This is due to the fact that the tweezers pull out hairs against their growth. Therefore, the occurrence of folliculitis after using the epilator is not uncommon. Of course, it all depends on the characteristics of your skin, but still no one is immune from this problem.

As preventive measures experts recommend the use of special scrubs and creams. The first one helps to remove the top, dead layer of epidermis, preventing new hairs to grow beneath it. At the regular conduct of peel (approximately 1 per week) to provide quality prevention of folliculitis. As creams and ointments, they are recommended for prevention and treatment of ingrown hair. Knowing how to use the epilator, and occasionally using such tools, you will get smooth skin without irritation.

Use of the epilator during pregnancy

During the period when the baby is born, the female body undergoes drastic changes that primarily affect the hormonal background. This is reflected in both the emotional and physical condition of the expectant mother. Significantly increased body sensitivity to external stimuli, which is quite difficult for many daily procedures. In this regard, the use of the epilator for women who are expecting a child is absolutely contraindicated. Strong pain can disrupt the course of pregnancy and even cause premature labor.

To easily remove hair at home, you just need to know how to properly use the epilator. For legs, underarms and even bikini zones, this method is just perfect. So, maybe it's time to stop messing with wax and move to a new, more convenient level of hair removal?