A rich and multifaceted Russian language is given to many with difficulty. Why? Because of the abundance of words that have the same pronunciation, but different spelling and meaning, students make many mistakes. For example, words likeparok   andthreshold. raft   andfetus. score   andball. ink   andcarcass. campaign   andcompany. cast   andghost. able to confuse anyone. Such words are called homophones, that is, they are united by a similar sound, but a different meaning and spelling.

Which words are harder to remember?

The answer to this question was given by Severskaya Olga, who is a senior researcher at the Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It turned out that students most often experience difficulties when writing the words “campaign” and “company”.

How to write:

Immediately, Olga explained that a company called a group of people who gather for a joint pastime or for some purpose, while a company is an event within the framework of a group of people gathering. But how to write correctly: “campaign” or “company” - to understand a schoolchild from these words is not easy.

How not to be mistaken when writing?

There is an important dictation ahead, an exam or a term paper, but you need not make a mistake and make the right decision in the spelling of a word?

In order to understand how to write correctly: “campaign” or “company”, it is necessary to determine the meaning of these words, as well as the context in which they should be applied. These nouns are written differently depending on their lexical meaning. Both words are borrowed from the Latin and French languages, so writing them in Russian almost coincides with foreign ancestors. One of them can not replace the other in both oral and written language.

The noun “campaign” comes from the French campagne, which translated means military action, having a specific time reference and one theater of war, for example, the company of the First World War. A little later, the French began to call these types of work to achieve certain goals, for example, selective, wellness.

Since the XVIII and XIX centuries. French language was actively used on the territory of present-day Russia, this word gradually migrated into the Russian language, and at the same time it acquired another exotic meaning. Thus, in D. N. Ushakov’s dictionary, it can be noted that this word refers to the continuous cycle of functioning of any production equipment, for example, the company of a blast furnace ranges from 5 to 10 years.

A noun "company" is a group of persons who are united by a common goal. It comes from the Latin language. Companionem literally translates as “the one with whom you share bread.” As soon as the word migrated into the Russian language, it immediately found its belonging to age, social status, professional affiliation, sex:teenage company, company of intellectuals, company builders, in the women's company.

So, we find out how to write correctly: “campaign” or “company”. There is one simple rule that allows you to remember the difference in the use of these nouns: "Company" holds / carries out / organizes / opens / closes / loses / won "company".

What is the difference?

To understand how to write correctly: the word “company” or “company” - it is necessary to take into account their etymology and context. The “Company” has no relation to military topics, characterizing a specific group of persons with the same interests. "Campaign" refers to military, political terminology, etc.

"Company" or "campaign" - how to write? Examples of phrases with these words will help to correctly identify the necessary word:

  • Company: friends, trade, men, travel, transport, support the company, director of the company. All that applies to people.
  • Campaign: advertising, anti-tobacco, play campaign, campaign of 1944. Everything related to activities and activities.

It is important to always take into account the context of a story, a sentence, a phrase, in order to understand how to write correctly: “campaign” or “company”.