In recent years, more and more popular gel nail polish, which allow you to achieve incredible results. Especially attractive is the fact that they stick to the nails much more than the usual analogs. However, right away, people who have never used such a product, a completely logical question arises: how much gel-lacquer keeps on the nails specifically? Is the result really so impressive to spend money and time to go through a rather complicated procedure for applying such a varnish? This is exactly what will be discussed in this article. You will learn not only how much gel-lacquer is kept on the nails, but also how to apply it at home so that it remains in perfect condition for as long as possible. After all, if you incorrectly go to the process of applying gel-lacquer, then in the end it can last much less time, which is unlikely to suit you.

How long does the varnish last?

How to apply gel-lacquer so that it lasts for long? How long does the gel-varnish stick to the nails?

So, first of all, you need to answer the most important question: how long does the gel-varnish stick to the nails? It's no secret that the usual varnish begins to lose its attractive appearance after a couple of days after application, even if you cover it with a protective transparent layer. That's why you should try gel-varnish, because it lasts much longer. Naturally, much depends on the model of the varnish itself, as well as on the process of its application, but under all favorable conditions it should be kept on the nails for two to three weeks, which is a lot compared to the usual varnish. However, as already mentioned above, for such an impressive result, a serious professional approach is needed. But this does not mean that you can not do such a manicure at home - you will just need to study all the details, stock up on the necessary materials and devices and get to work. Now that you know how much gel-lacquer keeps on the nails, you can strive for the perfect result.

What is necessary for manicure?

It's time to figure out how it's necessary to use gel-lacquer. How to apply at home such a tool so that as a result of a manicure lasted for three weeks promised? Unfortunately, this is not as simple as many would like. The usual varnish is very easy to apply - only care is needed. As for gel-varnish, here you will need many additional adaptations.

First of all it is a grinder for nails, which will allow you to prepare your nail plates for applying gel-varnish. Secondly, you will need a degreaser - a special remedy that removes the fat layer from the nail. Also an indispensable device will be an ultraviolet lamp that will allow you to dry the gel coating. Without it, you can not even spend money on gel-lacquer, because you can not do a manicure. Please note that LED lamps are now very popular, they dry much faster and work much longer, so you can consider this option. Naturally, you will need directly the gel-lacquer itself, the gel base for it, and also the top-special fixer. If you have all this in stock, then you are ready to use gel-lacquer. How to apply at home? Now you will find out about it step by step.

If you are going to apply gel-lacquer on natural nails, then you need to start with the procedure for grinding the nail plate. Use for this purpose a special machine, which was discussed above. Your goal is to slightly remove the gloss from the surface of the nail, so there is no need to grind the plate strongly. This is not the most pleasant procedure, so you can try using more expensive gel varnishes that do not require grinding, but this article describes how to achieve maximum stability of the manicure, and for this you will need grinding. Now you know how much gel-lacquer is kept on the nails - and as the nails grow, you also need to know and understand that in time this will not look the most impressive way. Therefore, make an informed decision.


The next step is degreasing the surface of the nail plate. This process is simply necessary to keep the gel-varnish longer. This special substance must be used on the nail to remove from it absolutely all dirt and traces of fats that can prevent you from doing a manicure. If the nail plate is fat or any other contamination, the gel-lacquer can very quickly crack and fall off. Therefore, come to this procedure very carefully - after degreasing try not to touch the nail with your fingers, do not do any long or laborious tasks. It is better to immediately begin to apply gel-varnish. Many people ask about which firm gel-varnish is better kept, but in this case the difference will not be too high. The most important is the process of applying the varnish to the nail, and not its manufacturer.

So, you degreased the polished nail - what to do next? Without delay, to the nail plate did not have time to get any foreign particles, use a gel base, which then will apply gel-lacquer. In this case, many make the mistake of believing that the more basis you apply, the better the varnish will hold. Here more - does not mean better, so apply a thin layer of the base, do not overdo it and distribute the product evenly across the entire plate. After that, you need to dry the resulting layer in an ultraviolet or LED lamp before you move on to the next step.

Colored varnish

Now it's time to apply the main color layer - you need to do this twice to get maximum saturation. Again, in this case, more also does not mean better, so you need to make sure that both layers are as thin as possible, but not transparent, that is, that the color turns out to be saturated. And again each layer you need to dry in the lamp for a short period of time, which depends on the type of your lamp and its power.

The last step is applying a fixing agent, which is called top. It will provide your manicure with maximum protection, due to which it will be able to last for three weeks. Moreover, it gives your manicure a shine, so do not forget about its use. This is the only layer that should be applied really thickly - and it takes a little longer to dry it under the lamp. After that, you just need to remove the sticky layer that will remain after applying the gel-varnish - and your durable manicure is ready.

Trekking in the salon

As you can see, this is far from the simplest process, which will require you to earn serious one-time financial costs (for example, to buy a special lamp), as well as reusable spending time and effort. If you are not ready for this, you can immediately apply to a beauty salon who provides a similar service - and an experienced professional master will apply gel-lacquer so that it is guaranteed to stay at least three weeks.