Mascara on the eyelashes allows you to make the look more deep and expressive, as well as give the image some kind of perfection. However, it is with its application that many women have problems. It seems to be an expensive mascara, and the manufacturer promises an incomparable effect, and the cilia look unnatural and stuck together. The reason for this is not as a cosmetic product. Just not all women know how to properly paint eyelashes with mascara.How to paint eyelashes with mascara (expert advice)

Let's start with the main thing: how to choose a mascara?

Before you buy in a store brasmatic, you must decide on its main purpose. Perhaps you only want to slightly lengthen the eyelashes and leave them as natural as possible? Or is there a desire to get additional volume? There are several main types of carcasses, among which you need to choose the most suitable one:

  • Lengthening - for owners of short sparse cilia who want to achieve the effect of naturalness.
  • Twisting - for the formation of bending.
  • Giving volume - for receiving the fluffy eyelashes reminding consignment notes.
  • Waterproof - for a make-up in a hot season or in bad weather.
  • With a vitamin complex - to nourish and strengthen cilia.

Knowing how to paint the eyelashes with mascara correctly, you can create a magical image using any means. The main thing is that it meets your requirements for makeup.

Some words about brushes

The formation of a particular effect depends not only on the composition and consistency of the cosmetic product. Of great importance is the brush that is applied mascara. It may be tapered, curved, or even shaped like a spindle. In addition, the brushes are made from a wide variety of materials: rubber, silicone, plastic, etc.

To say which option is the highest quality is impossible. Each manufacturer makes the most loud advertising for its cosmetic product. Therefore, before opening the bottle, we already know that one mascara makes eyelashes voluminous, while the other lengthens and tightens them up. But it’s still much safer to rely on your own feelings than on the promises of the manufacturer.

Signs by which one can determine that the ink is of high quality

Product quality plays an equally important role than knowing how to dye your eyelashes correctly. Secrets that will point you to a good brasmatic:

  • The vial indicates that the product is hypoallergenic.
  • Mascara is easily removed with any makeup remover products.
  • Applied makeup is not smeared and not showered with eyelashes.
  • Colored eyelashes do not stick together, they do not form lumps.

In addition, it would not be superfluous if the carcass contains nutrients and vitamin complexes. This will provide additional care for the cilia, as well as protect them from the effects of pigment. It is also worth checking out the means for drying speed: the time for which it hardens should be enough to apply one full layer of ink.

Color selection rules

In the majority of sources describing how to properly paint the eyelashes with ink and ink, only the technique of the process itself is specified. At the same time there is little where you can find information about the decorative side of the issue, in particular about the choice of color of a cosmetic product. In the classical understanding of the eyelashes are always painted black, which is why this nuance is not specified.

In fact, stylists not only do not prohibit, but also recommend the use of carcasses of various shades. It is only important to be able to choose the right color for brasmatic, so that it harmonizes with the image. Brown or gray mascara is perfect for daytime makeup - this option will make the look soft and natural. And blue-eyed young ladies can indulge themselves with blue cilia, which will look even more voluminous. As for the festive and evening makeup options, they allow the use of bright extravagant shades. Experts who know how to properly paint eyelashes with mascara, are advised in this case to choose those colors that blend harmoniously with eye shadow and lipstick.

Mascara application techniques

Depending on how to wield a brush, one or another effect from using the tool will be formed. Makeup artists' favorite technique is applying mascara in zigzag movements. Such an interesting method allows you to paint your eyelashes as carefully as possible and give them a charming volume. To use this technique, it is necessary to apply mascara not in a straight line from the roots of the eyelashes to the tips, but slightly moving the brush from side to side. The disadvantage of the method is that it does not fit young ladies with thin and rare cilia. Zigzag coating will only glue them together and make them unnatural.

There is another way to dye your eyelashes with mascara. The rules for applying mascara in this case are simple: you need to do it with a brush tip. Thus, you will get a noticeable lengthening of the eyelashes. But while this is often observed, and some drawbacks. As a rule, eyelashes stick together among themselves.

How to apply mascara?

Every woman paints eyelashes as it is convenient to her. Nevertheless, there is a classic technique of applying ink, on the basis of which each woman forms her own “handwriting”. So, the final stage of makeup is as follows:

  • Eyelashes are twisted with special tweezers in advance, if necessary.
  • Then the brush comes from the bottle with mascara. Excess funds on the brush are removed on the edge of the brass-mat or napkin.
  • Further directly painted eyelashes. In this case, it is desirable to slightly raise the chin up. A technique that describes how to properly dye eyelashes with mascara implies that the movement of the brush should be directed from the outside corner of the eyelid to the inside. It is important that the product be distributed evenly. Apply it from the very roots of the eyelashes towards the tips, trying not to leave empty areas. This will create additional volume.
  • After applying mascara, the eyelashes are brushed with a clean brush or separated with a regular toothpick. The tool by this time should not have time to dry.
  • If necessary, apply a second layer of mascara.

To be or not to be staining lower eyelashes?

As they say, how many people, so many opinions. Therefore, many women argue about this, who are interested in how to properly paint the eyelashes with mascara. Expert advice on this issue is slightly categorical. First, the lower eyelashes in any case should not be much paint over with ink. Enough to give the desired shade, and the volume and elongation will be clearly redundant. Secondly, in some cases, the use of mascara on the lower eyelashes should be abandoned altogether:

  • When performing age makeup.
  • If natural eyelashes have a dark shade.
  • With a convex eye shape.

The conclusion that can be drawn from the above - the main focus should be on the upper eyelashes. Lower eyelid is better to simply underline with a pencil or shadow. And if you still want to use mascara, then you need to apply it quite a bit.

How to paint the eyelashes with mascara: small tricks

At first glance it seems that staining the eyelashes is a simple matter. I ran a brush over it a couple of times and got the desired effect. In principle, to dye eyelashes with mascara, special knowledge is not necessary, but to make it beautiful, you need to work hard. Here are some tips to help you achieve an incomparable result:

  • Brasmatic desirable to change every 3-4 months.
  • If the ink is imprinted on the upper eyelids, it can be easily removed with a cotton swab using makeup remover.
  • Before you apply a new layer of the composition, carefully powder the cilia. This will make them more voluminous.

You can make your look unique if you remember these simple rules. How to paint the eyelashes with mascara is not known to everyone, and this is very important for high-quality makeup.

Extended eyelashes: is it possible to paint them with mascara?

Naturalness is now more than ever in fashion, but artificial beauty still does not cease to be popular. Is there something bad about lash extension? After all, after the procedure, they look more voluminous and attractive. In addition, it significantly saves time spent on daily makeup, because these eyelashes do not need to regularly tint. However, sometimes ladies even after building strive to use mascara.

It is worth noting that the make-up of eyelashes is extremely undesirable. First, he emphasizes the unnatural image. Secondly, mascara, as well as compositions for its removal can significantly reduce the life of artificial eyelashes. If you can not do without it, then you should choose non-resistant brasmatik without the content of oils.

Now you know how to properly paint the eyes with mascara. Step-by-step instructions will be an excellent guide to the perfect makeup, and the recommendations mentioned in the article will help to achieve the perfect result. And do not forget: nothing will accentuate beautifully painted eyelashes as much as a happy and confident look.