Do you know how to breathe properly when pushing up from the floor on your arms? What does this effect affect? These and other questions you will find answers in the article. Proper breathing develops greater effort and allows you to train more effectively.

Professional athletes know that during exercise, it is important to observe the activity of the airways. And ordinary people, as a rule, neglect the principles of harmonious breathing during physical activity. In fact, physicians have long proved that the result of the exercises directly depends on both the power effects on the body and the correct consumption of the natural mixture of gases by humans.

How to breathe when pushing up from the floor? Remember the basic principle - in the strength training for tension exhalation is made. In fact, it should be done when you force the greatest load. Inhalation must be performed during the phase with minimal effort.

How to breathe when push-ups on the hands?

This is natural, since at the moment of exhalation, you can stretch the muscles much better. Physiologists have conducted studies and found that the activity of the lungs reflexively affects the work of muscles, the greatest force is clearly demonstrated during breath-holding or on exhalation.

In addition, on expiration, the press is springing up and making the whole organism stable. And in this state it is more comfortable to develop an effort, since the pectoral muscles are grouped and form an invulnerable corset. And, on the contrary, at the moment of inhalation, the rib cage swells and lengthens, the muscles of the press relax and stretch. Therefore, this action does not meet the requirements of the incredible tension of the volume muscle groups. With a relaxed belly difficult to strain.

Opinion athletes

You do not understand how to breathe properly when pushing up from the floor? Some people are advised to hold their breath at the time of tension, for example, in squats. But the athletes do not recommend straining by doing this manipulation. After all, this work of the lungs at maximum effort is a shock and greatly increases pressure, and this is harmful to the eyes, blood vessels of the brain, heart, and so on.

Many believe that you need at least a little rest sometimes. If you are struggling with excess weight, you can exhale slowly with tension, and in subversive, sharp force tasks it is better to vigorously push air out of your lungs according to your pace.

Skilled athletes know how to breathe properly when pushing up from the floor. Some of them briefly stop the work of the airways when lifting huge weights in certain phases of movement. For example, when passing through a dead point or at the beginning of an effort, this depends on the athlete’s private technique. However, some of them believe that you can not often hold your breath, as it is unhealthy.

Some athletes claim that by performing a thrust with a mass of more than 200 kilograms, they confidently lift the bar on the exhale. In this case, they never have ailments or dizziness and never hurt anything. They are always advised to warm up well and for a long time, not to use chemistry.

So how to breathe correctly when pushing up from the floor? Some people do not know how to perfectly manipulate their airborne system. This has become a habit with them, and they think that it is better to inhale during tension, but this is not true.

Start breathing properly, exhale for an effort. Then your body is instantly transformed into a normal mode. Soon you will feel that as you exhale, you can strain more and this is more acceptable.

If you understand how to breathe when pushing up from the floor, you will achieve success. The respiration should be of this kind: when we descend, inhale, when we rise, that is, at the moment of effort, we release the lungs from the air. This rule should be guided by any strength exercises. It is very important to do everything slowly.

People often ask how to breathe properly when pushing off from the floor - nose or mouth? The most popular mistake - the suspension of air flow into the lungs. That he can lead to an impressive number of unpleasant consequences. Many stop breathing during push-ups - they think it's easier to carry the load. You should know that if there is little oxygen in the blood, then you can weaken and lose consciousness. In addition, your brain will increase blood pressure, which is very bad.

Why do you need to breathe through your nose? When air enters through the mouth into the human body penetrates 600 times more destructive substances than through the nose, which is a filter. From falling into the body of harmful substances of the person protect the hair in the nostrils.

If you breathe through your nose, your blood is better saturated with oxygen, which you should strive for.

And now let's figure out how to breathe properly when pushing off the floor. Nose did not try to use? The lungs regulate gas exchange with their activity, provide the organs with the necessary amount of oxygen, stabilize the metabolism. The energy that guarantees normal functioning is formed through redox processes, which are activated with proper breathing.

Push up from the floor - one of the useful strength exercises. There are the following rules that must be followed when it is executed:

  • It is impossible to delay the work of the airways.
  • It is necessary to exhale with the nose during exertion, inhale with the mouth during relaxation.
  • You must comply with the specified rhythm.

Start the exercise should be as follows: take the initial position - lie down on the floor. Inhale and lower the body so that the chest borders on the floor. Stand up, exhale.

Usually masters of sports say that it is important to follow a given pace when performing strength tasks. So it is easier and faster to get results without harm to health. And at the same time it is required to carry out the breathing technique as precisely as the exercise itself.


Today, there are many experts on the net who have never squeezed out, but already give advice. It is hardly reasonable to listen to their opinion. It will not lead to anything good. It should be noted that abnormal breathing has serious consequences. As a rule, it concerns the cardiovascular system.

On the motor of your body load seriously increases. Some athletes stop breathing during pushups. As a result, the face becomes very red, and the capillaries may burst and bleed from the nose. But this is not the worst, since you can suddenly lose consciousness.

So that nothing like this happens to you, trust only trusted sources. Many coaches suggest using Soviet books on athletics and weightlifting for these purposes. They describe the push-up technique, indicate the speed, the number of repetitions, and talk about breathing.