Argued that the excitement before the date most affected girls. They’re alarming about life, they can’t even imagine how nervous the guys who invited them are nervous. It is simply expressed not in hysterics and shouts, but in silent waiting for the very moment that the main thing is not to miss.

How to kiss a girl on a date?

That everything went as it should

To assemble externally, to assemble internally with forces, to prepare morally - is it enough? Girls are picky creatures that sometimes require completely contradictory things, and a moment that seems appropriate may actually turn out to be not so successful at all.

How to kiss a girl: in theory, everything is easier nowhere, is not it? As in most actions of an intimate nature, one cannot do without psychological connotations here, since a memorable romance will not work without spiritual understanding. Clear instructions are not found here. One can only hope for the wisdom of the Soviets.

1. Do not rush

A lot of guys are determined to show themselves as men - they know what they want, they are purposeful and even a little stubborn. Therefore, in their view, such a desire as to kiss a girl on a date, the first in a row, is completely natural. No one denies this, but is it always the right thing to do?

Girls of different ages love to follow the unspoken rule that kissing at the first meeting with a young man is taboo. Each wants to know their potential partner in life better, to talk with him. The girls, who have never even kissed each time in their lives, may be completely afraid, and their sudden impulse will scare them even more.

Note: when do not follow the rule?

This rule does not work if there are clear hints from the girl, giving reason to believe that she liked the guy so much that she does not mind kissing him. But let's be honest, male in hints is not strong. Better not to risk it. To spoil relations with a curious case when a girl refuses a kiss is not the best of layouts.

2. Prepare

Should really take this step seriously. Few guys think about how to kiss a girl on the lips. They may be eager for this, represent and everything in that spirit, but they will not plan, prepare, and this is a huge mistake.

The kissing technique can be so diverse that it is not possible to describe it. Moreover, to do everything as a textbook is not an expression of true feelings. Everything should go intuitively.

But experience in any field, including personal life, is a very good helper. If only this is not the first kiss with a particular girl who is insanely popular with her, but also a completely new such event in principle, then it’s best to practice a little before kissing her lips on the lips for the first time.

Those who can kiss do not have to worry about how things will happen. But at this time, before the very moment when the nerves are strained to the limit, strong feelings can cause such a discharge even for experienced men.

3. Choose a moment

Already several times in this article it was mentioned how important it is to find the right time for a kiss. In the end, how to kiss the girl first, if people are constantly walking around and you are engaged in an interesting conversation? That is why it is recommended to choose a relaxed atmosphere, and reduce the number of passing strangers to a minimum.

So, for example, places in the cinema “for kisses” have even a talking name, but nevertheless they are not always suitable for the first experience. Shy young ladies are likely to dodge and refuse such closeness.

Sometimes girls themselves make it clear that they want to touch their lips with the young man they like. After all, if she agreed to go on a date with him, this already means that sympathy is mutual. Why, then, think so much about how to kiss a girl for the first time? Just kiss!

4. Do not make sudden movements.

Slowly approach her, look straight into her eyes, kiss her. Perfect plan.

  • First, if done correctly, it will be really romantic.
  • Secondly, it is so clear that there are intentions. And when both partners understand everything perfectly, the question of how to kiss a girl on the lips for the first time almost disappears.
  • Third, the slow-motion approximation gives the girl a choice: if the lady doesn't want a kiss or simply still not ready for it, she dodges, and you will be able by mutual consent or not to attach importance to this, thereby smoothing over the situation, or to discuss what happened (rare, unfamiliar people are often not so ready to trust each other).

5. Try to create a trusting atmosphere

Despite the fact that in modern society one can often hear “it's just a kiss”, such an intimate and important event for a guy (especially when a kiss happens to a girl, because of an accidental touch with which the body passes like an electrical discharge) should not become commonplace . Excitement is good. A person is also worried because a kiss opens the veil of the mystery of his soul. If a girl kisses back, she decided to trust as well. But even to the nearest one, at least minimal mutual understanding is necessary.

Therefore, the guys should slow down a little and take off the knight's armor, opening the fact that hides behind the chest and, according to scientists, weighs 21 grams.

6. Show that you respect her

There are two diametrically opposed opinions about how to kiss a girl for the first time. A collision occurs on the question of whether to ask permission for proximity.

Pickers firmly answer "no", arguing that the guy asking about the kiss will immediately appear in the girl's eyes as a moral weakling. They encourage the behavior of a man as an “alpha male”, ready to conquer his “prey”.

Should I follow the advice pick up artist?

Absolutely not. Kiss must pass by mutual consent. And when he is the first, to kiss a girl, trying to show his dominance over her, is the worst of ways. Ladies appreciate masculinity, but this behavior does not mean this trait. Rather, it suggests something of extreme disrespect. A girl is not put into anything, her opinions are not even asked.

Why is it always worth asking about a kiss?

Without prefaces go to the main thing.

  • Because this is a manifestation of education, because it shows that the guy is important what the girl thinks, he respects her and he is interested not only in access to her body.
  • Because the girl may not want to kiss right now.
  • Because not all people are equally manifested sexual attraction, and even if the sympathy for the man and there, it does not mean that he is obliged it to show as something else than an interesting conversation.
  • Because the guy asking about a kiss is not a weakling and a rag, but a real man with sexual communication skills.
  • Because a kiss without asking is sexual coercion. People usually think that it is determined only by physical violence, but it's also pressure, manipulation, alcohol and Yes, “pikaparkki stuff” also included in this list.

It seems that the reasons are enough to understand that asking for consent is the basis of how to properly kiss a girl. In addition, there remains one more, last, though not the most important reason. This is sexy. Yes, it may be strange, but many girls consider consent to be sexual. After all, it's nice to feel that you are not treated as a thing.

7. Make sure the quality of the kiss

The most practical point of this “plan”. It is important not only that the girl responded to the kiss, but she liked it. And if the technique can be attributed to the lack of experience and, in principle, it becomes particularly important when in the vicinity manifested the most sincere feelings, the cleanliness and accuracy has not been canceled.

  • The first and most logical - the teeth and tongue should be thoroughly cleaned, and breathing - fresh.
  • Second: girls do not like chapped lips. In fact, windbreakers would not have liked the guys, who, in turn, often believe that using hygienic lipstick is a female privilege. Well, it is not.
  • Third: opinions about the beard ladies are divided into three camps. First think beards are sexy (especially when it has become fashionable lately), second – I prefer clean-shaven men, still others just don't care. You cannot please everyone, and not actually worth trying. If a guy prefers a beard, wears it. The main rule of this paragraph other: and a small bristle, and a good beard must be neat and well groomed.

Here, perhaps, all that should be said about this. Trust your intuition, relax and enjoy the process!