With proper use of the depilatory cream can quickly and effectively get rid of unwanted hair on any area of the body. However, not everyone knows how to use a depilatory cream, as well as the pros and cons of this option of hair removal.How to use depilatory cream? Painless hair removal

The principle of operation

The composition of any of the depilatory cream contains thioglycolic acid, which is responsible for the destruction of the bulbs by its dissolution. To achieve the best possible results, be sure to soak completely. If you wash off the cream before acid just do not have time to act.

If suddenly there were symptoms that alarmed you: redness, burning sensation, should immediately to wash off the cream and contact your doctor.

Exact compliance with instructions and lack of allergic reaction comfort, clean skin. However, if after the treatment the hair started to grow too fast, and with all the requirements for the application have been met, it is necessary to consult a specialist, as this may be a sign of a serious disease.


Before figuring out how to use a depilatory cream, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with contraindications for this cosmetic product. Some components included in the cream can cause an allergic reaction. In addition, applying on the body a small amount of this tool, you expose the skin to aggressive chemicals, it can lead to dryness and irritation.

No wonder the instructions say that the cream should be applied only for a certain period of time, which is required for the "dissolution" of superfluous hair. This is an optimal limit in which the body is able to safely contact with aggressive components of this drug. It is also worth noting that some dermatologists do not recommend to use such way of getting rid of unwanted vegetation.


The main advantage of this drug is its painlessness. The cream works pretty quickly, which saves time. Due to the fact that the active components predominantly have an effect on the hair follicle, this option is still safe.

Another advantage of the cream is that its constituent components reduce hair growth. For people prone to allergies, there are special products for sensitive skin. They provide delicate hydration of the skin and protect it from irritants.


For all methods remove excess hair typical of his faults, is no exception and depilation with cream. First and foremost, it is an unpleasant smell. Some manufacturers are trying to eliminate this disadvantage by aromatic additives, however, it is not always possible.

To maintain a well-groomed appearance of certain areas of the body requires regular application of this cream, which is highly undesirable, especially for sensitive skin.

Useful tips

In chemical composition the cream contains a substance inhibitory and destructive natural keratin contained in the hair. Gradually, the hair weakens and twists, and then very simply removed by means of a special spatula. Quite often, manufacturers claim that they produce the best hair removal cream, and it affects only the scalp without harming the skin. However, there are women who are skeptical about these statements. Partly they are right, because this drug partly penetrates the skin, destroying part of the hair. It can be noticed once the hair starts to grow back, and instead of barbed bristles appear soft vegetation.

Usage instructions

Many people wonder about how to use the depilatory cream correctly. There are many forms of release of these drugs – foam, spray or just cream. It is absolutely not important what you prefer. On the skin they are applied in exactly the same way – smooth a thin layer all over the area from which you want to remove hair.

To apply this remedy, you must use a special spatula that comes with every package. It will correctly and uniformly apply the product for hair removal.

To withstand the cream should be not more than 5-10 minutes. Therefore, before you use the depilatory cream, you need to carefully study the instruction which will indicate the exact time of exposure. The tool then gently washed off with warm water. It is not necessary to overdo the cream, as this can cause burns to the skin.

Use this medicine is recommended, strictly observing the instructions. Preferably before the procedure to test for allergic reactions. Apply a small amount on the skin behind the ear or elbow. If symptoms of irritation appeared, then you can proceed to hair removal.

In some areas you can use

Especially good cream for getting rid of hair on very sensitive areas where the skin is tender and thin, and where there are numerous nerve endings. In addition, it is used for hair removal places that you do not want to hurt even a razor.

For example, has proven itself the cream for depilation of the face or intimate areas. On the face of this tool you can quickly get rid of an emerging gun. And with the waxing of the intimate areas it is advisable to do a little work. Before applying the cream, you need to trim excessively long hair.

Best hair removal cream: how to choose?

Depilatory cream is a great alternative to many "inquisitorial" options for getting rid of unwanted hair. What are some wax strips – any woman just from mentioning them all is compressed inside. In the case of creams, it is sufficient only to apply the drug through a special spatula and after some time wash it off with water.

Universal creams does not exist, it is preferable for each zone to use your manufacturer's recommended tool. Since the risk of application of the cream with the purpose of getting rid of the antennae on the upper lip can provoke severe irritation. Therefore, you first need to read the instructions especially if you are using this drug for the first time.


There are a large number of producers supplying the market drugs for hair removal. However, there are some creams, which received special recognition at women.

Velvet Cream

By far the most popular tool is the hand cream "Velvet". Many women believe this is the best option for the removal of unwanted hair. Many positive reviews belong to this cosmetic treatment with lavender oil.

Its main advantages include low cost, while foreign widely advertised beauty products are several times more expensive than this cream for depilation. Its price is roughly 80 rubles.

You should pay attention to the fact that this tool is quite thick, so for proper application will need to accommodate. Picking a special spatula, which makes it easy to remove residues of the drug.

Hand cream "Velvet" destroys the hair structure and provides the effect for a long time. Cream in fact, in its composition contains lavender oil.

Cream Veet spray

The Veet hair removal cream spray is a novelty. It should be noted that the positive reviews it receives mostly from women, learn to use it properly: some claim that this tool is only enough for the waxing one leg. In fact, in the can of cream is sufficient.

The Veet hair removal cream is applied at a distance of not more than 5 cm, in this case, "the principle of deodorant" is not appropriate. The drug is removed by a special blade, and preferably after the procedure is to use hard sponge. This cream removes the hair, and most importantly, does not dry the skin. This is a great alternative to the classic depilatory creams. Picking a special spatula, by which the product is removed together with the hairs.

How much is a depilatory cream? The price varies in the range from 165 to 500 rubles. In this case, everything depends on the degree of novelty of product, usability and effectiveness of the formula.


Epilator, wax, razor – to get rid of unwanted vegetation and to be beautiful, modern woman ready to go at all. But now you know what depilatory cream is better to choose that as painless as possible to deal with this problem.