Today, almost everyone has a credit card from another bank. Some even have a few pieces. But not all people, even with this plastic in their hands, use it for its intended purpose. The fact is that many do not know how to use a Sberbank credit card. This payment instrument has become very popular in Russia due to transparent conditions and high service. Therefore, we consider it in detail.


A Sberbank credit card is used to withdraw cash, pay for goods and services in retail outlets, online stores, auctions, etc. To process this payment instrument, you need to contact any bank branch, fill out a form and submit the following documents:

- certificate of income for the last 6 months;

- A copy of the workbook for the last six months.

How to use a credit card Sberbank? Sberbank credit card: expiration date, limit increase, interest, transfers and cash withdrawals

The decision on whether the client will receive a card or not, the bank will make in two days. If it is positive, then it will be necessary to enter the department again. Upon receipt of the payment instrument, the employee will ask the client to sign on the back of the plastic. This is necessary to further identify the card. The payment instrument will be activated the next day after receipt.

Sberbank of Russia issues payment instruments of both its own Sbercard AS and international systems: - Visa / Mastercard Momentum (Classic, Standart, Gold and Platinum). But the most popular and cheap are only two kinds. This is a Visa / Mastercard Classic / Standart. Consider them in more detail:

- grace period: 50 days;

- credit limit: 15-600 thousand rubles;

- cash withdrawal fee - 3-4%;

- service charge: up to 750 rubles;

- daily limit on withdrawals: 150 thousand rubles.

This is really a great payment tool - without bonuses, savings programs, but with high fines - a Sberbank credit card. What percentage will have to pay the client in case of late fulfillment of obligations? 38% per annum. For comparison: on the Gold card this item of expenditure is 36%.

Sberbank credit card: terms of use

A financial institution offers its customers very reasonable terms. First you need to know the credit limit set on the card. It is renewable. That is, using and returning money once, you can repeat this operation in the future. The limit depends on the income of the owner of plastic. It is better to use the card for cashless payments. If the client returns the money in a grace period (50 days), then you do not need to pay for their use. The number of organizations that accept cards for cashless payments is constantly growing. This payment tool can pay utility bills without fees.

The grace period is calculated according to a very confusing scheme, but it is worthwhile to understand it. The first thing you need to know - it applies only to non-cash payment for goods and services. Withdrawals and transfers to another card are not considered. The countdown starts with an individual date. It is indicated on the envelope with a PIN code. From this day a new settlement period begins on a monthly basis. It lasts a month. The next 20 days are called the payment period, during which you need to pay off the resulting debt. That is, the maximum grace period is 50 days, and the minimum can be 21. Consider this scheme with examples.

1. You made a purchase on 10.07, and the beginning of the grace period for you is the fourth day of each month. That is, there are 24 days left (04.08). On August 24, you must return the amount of funds used until August 4. And what about the money that was removed from the card during the billing period? They must be returned before 24.09.

2. If the first card transaction took place on August 30, and the reporting date begins on 04.08, then there are 5 days left until the end of the billing period, and the payment transaction - 25.

So how to use a Sberbank credit card with financial gain for yourself? First, conduct transactions at the beginning of the billing period. Only in this case you will use the money for the longest time at preferential rates. Secondly, do not shy away from the payment schedule. If the deadlines are violated, interest will be accrued on the remaining amount. This money will need to be returned next month.

How to find out the exact amount

When you make a card in the application form, you need to indicate which way you want to receive notifications about the amount of the debt: by email or during a monthly face-to-face meeting with a bank employee. In the first case, an email will be sent with the exact date and amount of the minimum payment. These data can also be obtained in the personal account on the Sberbank website, in the “Detailed Information” section.

Cash out

Using a Sberbank credit card has a number of advantages when making non-cash payments. It is not intended for withdrawing money. During this operation, an additional fee of 3%: at 30 rubles. for every 1000. If we consider that the minimum credit limit is 15 thousand rubles. then for cashing this amount will have to pay 450 units of the national currency of Russia. Why does the bank charge such high fees for this operation? So do almost all financial institutions in the country. These actions are aimed at encouraging customers to actively master modern technologies - paying for purchases on the Internet. The best tool for such operations is Sberbank's credit card. You can withdraw cash at an ATM of another financial institution. But then the percentage of service will increase to 4.

Transfer from a Sberbank credit card

To carry out such transactions in several ways.

1. Through POS-terminals - devices for cashless payments. In this case, you will need a PIN code - a short four-digit number. It is necessary to remember it and under no circumstances tell anyone. Even a bank employee!

2. How to use a Sberbank credit card when making payments via Internet sites? In this case, you will need to enter a CVC2 or CVV2 code in a special form. It is listed on the back of the card on the signature strip.

Be very attentive. It is better to pay for goods and services via the Internet on reliable and large online services. They use special software to enhance transaction security. On some sites there is even a trademark of international payment systems.

3. Money transfer through the cash office of Sberbank. You only need to get to the bank branch, tell the operator all the necessary details and pay a commission of 1% of the amount. This classic way is still the most popular. Customers are not even embarrassed by the fact that it is first necessary to defend long queues at the cashier in the bank.

Transfer of funds to the card

Options for the implementation of the inverse operation is much more.

1. Through the system Sberbank-online - the fastest way. Funds are transferred instantly and without fees. The system is present authentication data card.

2. Through an ATM of Sberbank with the function of receiving cash. Commission for this operation is not charged. The ATM does not give out the change, so the bills should be prepared and pre-counted.

These operations can also be carried out through POS-terminals or Sberbank cashier’s office.

Plastic carrier replacement

Depending on the type, the period of validity of the payment instrument is 1, 2 (AS Sbercard) or 3 (Visa / Mastercard) years. After it expires, the card can be extended or replaced. To do this, you need to contact the bank branch and provide a passport.

Sbercard ACs are not re-released. The bank extends the card validity period for the period indicated in the customer's application. During this procedure, you can also replace the pin. The validity period of a Sberbank Visa or Mastercard credit card is indicated on its face. At the end of this date, the plastic must be replaced. Usually the bank conducts reissuance on its own without prior request. The exception is made by those cases when on the account within 3 years there were no movements. Re-release on pre-order takes 2-3 weeks. After this period, the client must appear in the bank and get a new nominal plastic. The bank employee immediately destroys the old card. The account number does not change, the pin code is issued in a sealed envelope, and all the money from the old card is automatically transferred to a new one.

Limit increase

With constant use of the card, a situation arises when the need for borrowed money increases. In such cases, you can try to increase the credit limit. The bank willingly goes to meet the client if he cooperates with a financial institution for a long time and has a stable high income. Previously, to expand the limits of the limit, it was necessary to write a statement in the department and attach an income statement for the past six months. Recently, the bank independently began to carry out such operations. But not for all customers. To get to the “white list”, you need to constantly use the card for at least 6 months, make all necessary payments in a timely manner and in full and pay for goods at retail points at least once a month. This is the only way to increase the credit card limit of Sberbank. Usually overdraft increases by 20% from the original. But what if you do not want to use the increased limit. In this case, it can be waived within five days by any convenient method: by calling the hotline, visiting the branch office, online via the Internet.

If the client himself applies to the department with a request to increase the card limit, then the security service will check all the submitted documents with particular scrupulousness. The financial institution will not take risks every time the client wishes. Therefore, you need to be prepared for any situation. For example, you may be required to return to the card the amount already used before the expiration of the grace period. An application for an increase in the limit is considered within three working days.

Plastic cards have long entered our lives. And not only debit, but also credit. Some even get a few cards at once. But you need to know all the nuances of handling such a credit card and be able to pay for it in stores. Such a payment instrument has a limit and a grace period. If you do not go beyond the first, and also return the money in time, you won’t have any questions about how to use a Sberbank credit card.