Choosing natural framing of the face, the fair sex should pay attention to the clothing style and eyes color. Especially cautiously it is necessary to experiment with dark red hair color. It is important to consider the various nuances that will help to choose the right color. How to get dark red hair color? It's not difficult. It is important to clearly follow instructions.

How to get Auburn hair color? To suit this color?

Painting in dark red color: henna

Auburn hair color is easy to get using henna. But since it is necessary to follow the rules. Otherwise, you can get the green shade of hair.

Before using the composition to conduct a test that allows you to color on a small area of hair. If the color of the suit, you can move on to staining.

For the test you need to take a strand of hair and put on it the prepared natural dye. Wait a couple of hours, shaking his head with a towel. Wash in the usual way. After three days, when the hair is slightly darkened, it is possible to evaluate the result.

The advantage of henna to chemical dyes is obvious. It can not fade in the sun and dim. If you use this dye in every painting the color will be brighter and health of hair will suffer.

When painting is to use only ceramic kitchenware. And prepared the henna, apply warm.

Recipe No. 1. To get Auburn hair color, experts recommend to mix the contents of three bags of tools and half a bag of ginger and pour very hot water. If the boiling water works too. Mix, knead well and apply on hair. It's important to consider a little secret: long-term insistence means you can get Auburn hair color. When using henna for hair coloring, hair get shiny and alive thanks to the content of unique components. It can be used after a bad hair coloring chemical dyes, as it helps to restore the structure of hair.

Recipe №2. Dark shades of red hair color you can get, if you mix ground cloves, henna and red wine. Components of the mix and give few minutes to infuse. Can be applied to the hair.

You should pay attention to the fact that beautiful tone you can get and after dyeing chemicals.

If the woman by nature has chestnut hair color, color henna will give them a beautiful Auburn color.

In the presence of gray hair that is henna (unlike paint) is able to paint it and with prolonged use to prevent its occurrence.

Dye. The nuances

How to get Auburn hair color? Paint will help to achieve the desired result, if properly pick up and take into account some of the nuances.

If natural hair color is naturally light, you can proceed directly to the dye.

For dark hair you need to pre-lighten. To do the job perfectly will be able Barber. It is worth noting that clarification affects the condition of the hair, and they will need additional feeding.

Choosing a hair dye, it is important to prefer well-known brands that are time tested and familiar. With manufacturers can be found in the Internet, read customer reviews and make the right choice.

Who is red color

To suit Auburn hair color? The shade curls often reflects a state of mind, the nature of man. In fact, this color is chosen by people who wish to be the center of attention. But, following the gust of fashion, you should find the right shade of under eye color and clothing style. The palette of dark red shades wide, to find what you need, will not be difficult. It is necessary to remember, that red color will be difficult to get rid of, if there is a desire to change the color of the hair.

It is important to consider the presence of pigment spots and freckles on the face. Coloring in red will make them appear brighter.

If the hair color is difficult to decide, you can use a toning shampoo, which after a short time washed off. During this time, you can feel the shade and decide if it fits or not. The means envelops each hair invisible film, not penetrating deep into the hair without damaging its structure.

It is worth remembering that the dark shades of red do not tolerate bright makeup. The exception becomes a party or a publication.

Simply amazing looks correct Auburn hair color. The photo in the article is a vivid proof.

For those who have brown eyes and light brown, you can safely color your hair in copper and dark caramel shades. It is desirable that the skin color was dark or close to it. This rule applies to green-eyed girls. Red will perfectly emphasize the individuality and create a unique image.

But these shades did not fit the shy and modest women who are not used to admiring glances.

Red color should not be used by women whose age is called “Balzac”. This shade will only add age to a woman.

It is not recommended hair coloring in red color ladies on the face of which kinds deep wrinkles. He also adds age.

Skin tone

To determine skin tone is to look at the inside of your wrist. If the veins are blue in color, very light skin. Veins greenish hue say about peach skin.

In exceptional cases light-skinned women allowed color dark copper color.

What shade of dark red, neither was chosen, as long as the feeling had not left the owner. Changing the way you can become more confident and relaxed person, acquiring admiring glances. But it really is capable of Auburn hair color. The photo in the article proves that to us!