The Western Union is an American company that specializes in money transfer services. It was founded in 1851 in Colorado. Today, the company is a market leader in the provision of money transfer services worldwide. Before dealing with remittances, the organization provided telecommunications services through telegraph. For more details on where and how to get a Western Union translation, read on.


In 1832, S. Morse and A. Weil began work on the creation of a mechanical telegraph. Within five years, they filed documents for registration of a patent for their invention. The principle of the telegraph was that the signal was transmitted through electrical channels by long and short current waves. They were called "dashes" and "points." Then, according to a special code table, the characters were translated into words. After receiving permission to develop, Morse and his partner organized the company. For these purposes, he even received a grant from Congress in the amount of 30 thousand dollars. The funds were directed to the construction of telegraph poles. The first message was sent on May 24, 1844 from the Capitol to Baltimore.

How to get a translation of Western Union in Russia?

In 1845, Morse, with the support of a new partner, Amos, attracted a group of investors and began issuing licenses for his telegraphs to anyone. By 1851, there were 50 telegraph companies in the United States. But the government did not see the promise of development. Competition in the market has tightened. All interested persons bought licenses and created their own independent telegraphs.

Transition to money transfers

The e-commerce era began when, in 1871, the company made a transfer by telegraph. After 6 years, the company swallowed its only competitor in the market - The Atlantic and Pacific Company. The advantage of Western Union at that time was a wide network of branches, a monopoly on railway stations. In addition, the company has developed its own voice communication device, which clearly and loudly issued signals. Such a rapid development of the company contributed to the fact that on July 3, 1884, the company's shares were listed on the Dow Jones stock index. The main stages of development of Western Union:

1914 - the release of the world's first debit card.

1920 - Photographic transmission via telegraph (the service was very demanded by journalists).

1930 - introduction of telex - information exchange services between companies.

1935 - Facsimile was introduced in cities.

1964 - The lines of the telegraph poles were completely replaced by a transcontinental microwave system.

1980 - revenues from remittances exceeded profits from services using telegraphs.

1988 - name change to Western Union Corp.

2000 - launch of a website with the ability to send money transfers online.

2009 - the purchase of a controlling stake in Fexco, the accession of 10 thousand service points in 7 European countries.

Western Union today

Today, Western Union branches are represented on all continents of the world. Where to get Western Union transfer? In more than 380 thousand points of reception and issuance of funds located throughout the world. The transaction can be made through an account, card or in cash at the service center.

Briefly about translations

Term of registration of the application can last from several minutes to several hours. It all depends on what and in what region funds are being sent. Likewise, changing the company's tariffs. They will be presented in more detail next.

Transfers are usually paid in the currency of the recipient’s country. Although in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries the transaction can also be carried out in US dollars. Where can I get a Western Union transfer? Information about the nearest service center can be obtained on the official site of the system.


Western Union money transfers have such important features:

  • The speed of conduction. Transactions are carried out in a few minutes. To transfer "Western Union" in St. Petersburg, which is sent from USA, you can in 5 minutes. It is only necessary to consider the difference in time zones and working hours of the service points.
  • The reliability of the transaction. Each transfer is protected by a security system in the form of a unique control number. This system ensures that the funds will be transferred only to a person specified in the application.
  • Convenience. For the transaction to open a Bank account is not necessary. Request for transfer may be submitted in any service in any day of the week. In some countries, services is the issue of funds. Send applications to the Bank.

Western Union in Russia

The international system of electronic payments entered the domestic market only in 1991. At first, a subsidiary company, Nonbank Organization Western Union, was opened. The head office and reference center were located in Moscow. On the territory of the Russian Federation there are more than 14 thousand service points. Some of them work around the clock.

How to send a transfer?

  • Need to contact any service center (bank, post office).
  • Fill out the application form, indicating the recipient's full name, country and city.
  • Show your passport.
  • To deposit in the cash amount with the commission.
  • Get a receipt.
  • Inform the recipient of the transfer amount and control code.

It is worth noting that credit institutions make transfers when submitting such documents:

  • Citizens of the Russian Federation: internal passport, military ID or seaman's passport.
  • Foreign citizens - passport.
  • Stateless persons: residence permit or residence permit.

How to get a Western Union transfer?

  • Check with the sender the amount of transfer, control code, correct spelling of name, country of departure.
  • Contact any service center.
  • Fill out the form to receive funds, specifying the name of the sender, the amount of payment code.
  • Show your passport.
  • Get at the checkout amount of the transfer.

Before you receive a Western Union transfer, you need to see the status of the transaction on the official website of the system. Through the service points, you can also order the delivery of the check to the house, send a notification by phone or a message along with the transfer.

How to get a Western Union transfer in Moscow? Need to contact the service center. Residents of Russia are not available to receive payment through the website of the Western Union. How to get a transfer through the Russian Post? As well as through any other service center. You must provide a passport and control code. Western Union cooperation with the Russian post began in 2007. To avoid competition, transfers through this intermediary are accepted only in rubles and sent only to foreign countries. Despite these restrictions, Russians who live in the depths of the country can send and receive money through Western Union.

Having dealt with how to get a Western Union transfer, let's take a closer look at some of the conditions for performing a transaction:

  • A resident can send a transfer abroad in the amount of up to $ 4,999.99. A resident can send a transfer once a day without submission of supporting documents.
  • A nonresident can send no more than $ 2999.99.

Where to get Western Union transfer? Addresses of partner banks are presented on the official website of the system.

The cost of the service depends on the country of departure and receipt. So, for the internal transfer in Russia in the range of 3-144 thousand rubles. have to pay 4-10%. For each subsequent increase in the amount of 6 thousand rubles. will have to pay an additional 240 rubles. in the form of a commission. In addition, for each transfer of funds of more than 3 thousand dollars in the framework of the tariff "12 hours" will have to submit supporting documents.

From Russia to Belarus and Tajikistan you can send from 100 to 3,500 thousand dollars. For this operation, the system removes 3-6%. Such preferential tariffs are established only for neighboring countries. If the transaction is carried out in rubles, then you will additionally have to pay a fee for the conversion of funds at the rate of the system.

In 2008, the system launched the Gold Card loyalty program. At that moment, it was already successfully operating in 65 countries of the world. For each transaction performed using the card, bonuses are added to the virtual account, which can be used when paying for services. In addition, the card reduces the time it takes to process the transfer and identify the user.

The issuance of funds may be blocked due to an incorrect indication of the name of the recipient, the sender or the control code. How and where to get a Western Union translation in Moscow? In such cases, the transaction data should be clarified with the sender. The error can also occur due to the operator's inattention, for example, if the sender's and the recipient's full name are confused. Only the sender can correct this error by contacting the service center with a copy of the receipt. The addressee will be able to receive a transfer in any bank.

Unclaimed payments stored in the system for four months. During this period they can at any time withdraw. The translation is then sent to the archive system or returned to the sender. Funds can be obtained even after data archiving. But this procedure is more lengthy and is to write an application for the restoration of translation.

Sent, but unpaid amount can be returned through the service center. To do this, submit a copy of the form with the control code and a passport. The imperfect transaction fee is not refundable.

Remittances are available only to individuals. Payments are made only for personal needs (except for buying real estate and making investments). To use the services of the system, commercial organizations and entrepreneurs cannot.