Many people in different periods of their lives use loans to purchase essential household items, the realization of their own dreams or for other equally important things. To take the credit with the maximum benefit and not to overpay, you need to learn huge amount of information. This article describes the lending on the example of Sberbank of Russia.

How to get a loan in the savings Bank? The credits in Sberbank: conditions

General information about the Bank

Sberbank has existed for over 150 years and still remains a reliable financial institution whose activities are regulated by the state. Each year the number of service points of the Bank increases, while its branch network is getting wider and wider. Nowadays Sberbank is the largest financial institution that serves record number of clients. Consumer loan, the Bank can provide, taking into account all the nuances of the position of the customer, and allow him to choose the product that is most profitable and convenient. The services offered by this financial institution, are characterized by simplicity, accessibility to population and quality.

Credits in Sberbank. Terms of registration

The loan amount that you can get a Bank may not exceed 3 million roubles for the term up to 60 months. The interest rate may vary in the range of 14-23%. If you have the opportunity to provide as collateral real estate, the loan amount can be increased more than three times, to extend for 1 year and get a lower interest rate. How to get a loan in the savings Bank? Very easy – you just need to collect all the necessary documents and to meet certain requirements: be 21 years or older, work at least six months, be a citizen of the Russian Federation and have the opportunity to confirm their income.

First stage

First, you must submit an application filled in a certain form. The application for the loan in the savings Bank is made quickly and simply. You need to fill in fields to enter name contact phone, city, email address, desired loan amount and specify a time that is convenient for you to speak with Bank staff on this issue. In addition, you need to specify the presence or absence of Bank accounts. This statement can be send by e-mail, and to relate personally to any branch of the savings Bank with a full package of documents. After that, the question of how to obtain the credit in Sberbank, will disappear by itself, since all required information is provided. At the specified time, Bank employees will contact you and advise on all available credit products.

The second stage

After all the terms of lending will be stipulated, begins the second phase of the loan, which consists in filling all the necessary documents that you will offer Sberbank. Cash loan, if you need it in this form, can be obtained by you once all required documents are properly issued and signed. In addition, the Bank may make borrowings and to the card or disclose it in any other form convenient to the client.

Non-Lending Programs

Listed below are all the main programs of unearmarked crediting of Sberbank of Russia, among which everyone will be able to find the most interesting product for him.

  • Loan without collateral most popular product in the market of financial transactions. It is this type of loan most people in need of funds, would like to have, as in this embodiment does not require the filing of a collateral agreement that reduces the borrower's costs and speeds up the procedure of getting money. The funds are given without specifying the purpose of the application, and that means the ability to use them when they really need it, and for any purpose, without restriction.
  • Loan secured by second, the frequency of design type of lending. The idea is that in addition to the borrower for the refund of the responsible also his security. Due to the fact that the Bank in this embodiment significantly reduces its own credit risk, and interest rate decreases. More profitable product compared to the previous, but requires guarantors.
  • Real estate lending – this product is also quite popular among the people who are wondering how to obtain the credit in Sberbank. It allows you to get the maximum amount of the credit under the minimum percent. Yes, the client must be the owner of the property and submit it to the Deposit, but the minimum overpayment and a large amount of the loan will be well worth these small inconveniences.

Target Lending Programs

Lending to conduct subsidiary farming – not the most common, but rapidly developing. To obtain such a loan, you must have guarantors and be the owner of the farms, which are sent and received funds. You'll be a fixed small interest rate and that is issued exclusively in Russian rubles. In addition to direct lending on the security of a house or apartment to execute the Sberbank loan is under another's property if the borrower will be able to confirm that it is in his possession. A financial institution may also generally grant a loan without any collateral.

Education loan is the most common of all the available target types of crediting. Is intended to pay tuition at an educational institution. Differs very long term loan (with the possibility of a delay at the time of study) and a small interest rate.

The calculation of credit

The credit in Sberbank is easy to calculate. All the necessary information is available on the main web page of the financial institution and could be provided by employees of the Bank. In addition, there are many loan calculators (online) that can help in this matter. It should be remembered that before starting the calculations, it is necessary to determine the credit product, as its conditions depend and used the calculator settings.

The main advantage of processing the loan from Sberbank of Russia was, is and will be extremely low compared to other banks interest rate. In addition, there is an opportunity to choose the type of loan repayment is the same amount or decreasing. There is a possibility to make premature repayment of the loan, allowing less to pay and faster to close it. The Bank does not impose a ban on such actions and are not subject to the any fines and/or Commission, as many other companies. All conditions under which facilities, honest, clear and does not carry hidden items. And the last for each client, even if it does not apply to VIP category are assigned a personal account Manager that will help remind about the due date of the next payment, will answer all your questions, etc.

There are no ideal banks. There is always something that needs improvement, optimization and modernization. Was no exception and Sberbank of Russia. Credit some citizens have not received, and therefore referred to as main disadvantage the requirement of providing a full package of documents. For many, this will not be a particular problem, but if at least some of the documents are not in order, the Bank may refuse providing the loan. In addition, it is no secret that many citizens work unofficially (or officially receive the minimum wage). Sberbank demands the official documents confirming the income of the potential borrower, and if he can't provide them, followed by denial. Well, one last thing – all the documents are checked very carefully by the security service, so that the cheat will fail. In principle, for normal, law-abiding citizen, these disadvantages will not be noticeable, but the positive aspects of cooperation with Sberbank will become quite obvious.


Summarizing the above, we can conclude that, despite the negative sides of cooperation with Sberbank, the positive is still much more. Making out the credit in this Bank, you will receive not only excellent service, but also the best conditions of the entire list of similar products on the market of financial services. And after reading all the spheres of activities of the Bank of question "How to get a loan in the savings Bank?" more for you will not exist. In addition, it may be in the process of studying all the conditions of a loan in a Bank you are interested in other opportunities that it provides, it is no wonder the Bank is a recognized leader on the Russian market in all areas of banking activities.