Different variants of oblique bangs can contribute to the creation of a laid-back, free or strict image. The strand that hangs over the face carries us to the nostalgic 40s.

Therefore, one of the topical fashion issues to date: "How to cut a slanting bangs?"

How to cut a fringe bang yourself

Does a bang fit the type of face

Before shearing the oblique bangs, you need to determine whether it is suitable for the type of face. On some, it will be ideal, it is inappropriate to look at others. There are a number of rules that allow you to identify the result.

Before, it is recommended to look at your face and determine its type. Oval, square or round face is best suited oblique bangs of impressive length. It should be cut to the cilia. So she will give the person youth and freshness.

If the features are small, it is recommended to cut the hair shorter.

There is one nuance in which the oblique bangs are not recommended at all. These are curly hair. Their owners better choose a different hairstyle.

Before you cut your bangs, remember that the entire hairstyle should be done in a single style. Haircuts to which this solution fits: cascade, quads, Bob-kara, etc.

What rules should be observed when laying

It is best to dry the bangs like this. Uneven strands, dried in a natural way, will not keep the appropriate shape.

To ensure that this bangs look perfect, you should fix it with varnish (preferably with maximum fixation). Instead, you can use mousse, gel or wax. The main thing is to ensure that the bangs lay beautifully and not deformed a few minutes after laying.

Hairstyles that contain asymmetry are often made on long hair. This is a big scale for different fantasies. Even a simple tail in combination with a beautifully laid bang - the right option for working in the office or parties with friends.

What is necessary for perfect haircuts

Scissors, with which the bangs will be cut, should be very sharp. If there is a desire to purchase an airy light bang, it's better to file it threadwise.

Wet hair in this case, cut it is very dangerous, because they dried out they can lie differently. Therefore, it is better to cut the bangs dry. So you can immediately see the result.

In addition, cutting the wet curls, you can cut extra.

If there is a fear in how to trim the oblique bangs on your own, it's better to ask the master for help. In this case, it is necessary to rely on its taste.

When scissors are manipulated unskilfully, the bangs can split into small strands.

How does a professional

Before you cut your hair straight, the professional divides the hair into several parts and chooses the strands under it. Here you need to use a hair clip or invisibility. A small bundle of hair he cuts to the required length.

To cut the strand yourself, it is necessary to pinch it between the fingers (large and index). This will make the cutting process much more convenient. Competent separation depends on the hairstyle itself. This is the whole complexity of the oblique bangs.

To cut off hair experts recommend on a finger more than desirable length. Such a reserve allows subsequently to harmlessly level the result.

Ideal bangs are best cut with special tools. Among them there must be a scallop with frequent prongs.

When the haircut is finished, bangs need to be combed. It may be necessary to correct some strands. For smooth and thick hair, bangs of this kind should be smooth and shiny.

The main rule

When the question of how to trim the oblique bangs on their own is decided, one should take into account that it should be neat. There are exceptions, when the extra sticking out strand gives only a piquancy to the general appearance. But it depends on the style, type of hair and other individual characteristics.

How to cut a slanting bang at home, when the hair is slightly curly and naughty? In this case, you should wet it. Here it is important to remember that wavy strands are shorter when dried. Therefore, it is necessary to cut off with a stock.

Even if the length is cut longer than planned, the strand must be straightened with gel for the first time. After a while she will grow up.

After washing the head, it is recommended to perform a small check and carefully inspect the hairdress for unevenness, trim the outstretched locks. This is best done when the hair is dried and stowed.

Take scissors in hand with extreme caution. This is a very traumatic item. If you strongly overdo it, you can scratch the skin on your face and, God forbid, get into your eyes. Therefore, during the haircut, you need to be careful and careful.

If the result is not the same as we would like, but in general it suits, do not panic. Many girls, having read articles on the Internet, experiment with their appearance. But it turns out from the first time as it should be, not at all. It should be understood that everything comes with experience. Therefore, if something terrible has happened, it is better to turn to a professional and correct the result.

The most difficult thing is to model a bang yourself. It's much easier to justify the finished result. Take this lesson with all responsibility, re-read the instructions once again.

When you need a texture bangs

This effect can be given to the hair by yourself. Scissors should be held vertically and the hair ends cut at the edges. So the hair will become more natural. As a result, you will get a ragged effect of the oblique bangs.

Slanting bangs depending on the haircut - who will fit

Ragged type of haircuts - one of the new trends. In combination with the asymmetrical bangs, a very bold image will turn out. Not everyone will decide on a similar hairstyle. But the most extravagant think how to cut a torn torn bang. It is in this case that some negligence will do.

A haircut is suitable for people with large facial features. Large eyes, wide eyebrows, puffy lips are ideal signs for this haircut.

You should put the bang in such a way that it does not close your eyes. A cascade with a slanting bang can hide some defects in appearance.

For square with asymmetrical bangs, straight hair is best. To give volume, they can later be fluffed.

For a normal type of face, a cascade with a fringe bang is a good fit. Owners of small features it is better to avoid uneven strands. Otherwise, the face will seem even smaller.

Calling Everyday

Such haircuts are a challenge to everyday life. Many women consider hairdos with oblique cheeks as a symbol of independence and self-will. It is generally believed that the owners have a strong spirit and are very fussy.

Many people before thinking how to cut a slanting bang, think for a long time whether it is worthwhile to decide on such changes in appearance.

There is an opinion that such hairstyles are able to make a fair sex woman younger for a couple of years. This is not surprising, because the oblique bangs are a symbol of youth style. Therefore, you should not abandon it, especially if it is a suitable option for the type of person.

Cutting the hair and cutting the braids, women subconsciously crave mischief and flirting. Asymmetric bangs are relevant now, as in the old days. It perfectly fits any length of hair. With her help you can easily hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the person.