The female cosmetic bag at times resembles a wardrobe: it is filled, and there is nothing to make up. Do you know this situation? Perhaps you just do not know how to choose makeup. Take at least funds for the lips: many young ladies buy them, guided solely by the principle: like or not a particular shade. How to choose the color of lipstick, which is ideal for you and shine really on your face?

Each age has its own shades

How to choose the color of lipstick: step by step instruction

Professional make-up artists advise: the younger the woman, the more light shades of lipstick she should choose. Young beauties are most suited to sand, natural-beige, peach and pinkish tones. Young women bright colors can come in handy in a cosmetic bag for evening make-up. Mature ladies should consider saturated dark shades. And yet it is unreasonable to be guided only by one's own age. In fact, the way in which your eyes look at this or that color depends on a lot of factors. How to choose the color of lipstick, which suits you perfectly? Until recently, choosing decorative cosmetics was recommended for its own color. Today, more and more often used a completely different concept - the skin of the skin. Let's try to figure out what it is.

How to define a skin undertones?

To conduct a test that can give a 100% correct result is not difficult at home. To do this you will need two samples of the foil: gold and silver. Bring them in turn to your face in front of the mirror. If from the golden sample the skin is filled with radiance and brilliance, your pod is warm. The face shining near to a silver foil can be carried to a cold type. If the skin looks equally good with both samples, the palate can be defined as neutral.

How to choose the color of lipstick to the face, knowing the "warmth" of the skin? Everything is simple enough: the owners of the cold skin of the skin are ideally suited to the appropriate shades. The most winning decisions: plum, pink, lilac tones. Warm colors can only be used as a translucent shine. Warm scarlet, coral, peach, ruby ​​shades will suit the owners of the warm undertones of the skin. How to choose the right color for lipstick for a neutral podton? These women are really lucky, they are suitable for almost all shades of any heat.

The best colors for blondes

Owners of ash, wheat and light-brown hair perfectly fit all the shades of pink. Choose a saturated color - and without attention you just will not stay. Try different tones from tender-lilac to fuchsia. Try experimenting by choosing matte, glossy, pearly lipsticks and lip glosses. Blondes wishing to look modest and touching should try nude shades and light brown tones. How to choose the color of lipstick to the owner of light hair and a warm skin of the skin? Peach, sand, rich coral and red shades are the best solutions.

Lipstick shades for burning brunettes

Dark hair looks very impressive in combination with a bright make-up. All without exception brunettes are suited for red and plum shades of lipstick. Owners of porcelain leather and black hair should always "try on" bright pink and saturated scarlet shades with a cold outflow. Brunettes with a swarthy skin, most suitable brick-red or dark brown shades of lipsticks. Dark brown-haired women with a bronze tint of hair can experiment with the color of cosmetics for the lips. The only condition is brightness.

What tones suit red and fair-haired girls?

Red hair is filled with inner light and golden overflows from the inside. How to choose the color of lipstick red-haired beauties? It will be useful to determine the skin of the skin. Women, who have a warm, should try orange, coral and brown shades. Another good option for red-haired women is pinkish lipstick of muffled flowers. Owners of cold undertones of the skin should be careful with bright shades. The most advantageous will be light pink translucent shines, as well as matte nude lipsticks. Many modern women of fashion are increasingly refraining from painting their hair. What kind of decorative cosmetics should be chosen for women? If the hair color is neutral and the skin is very light, red lipstick, beige and pink shades will be an excellent solution. The natural russ-golden shades of ringlets are very beautiful. They can be emphasized with the help of lipsticks with a golden tint or yellowish. Almost always with beige hair, beige and brownish shades perfectly match.

Secrets of choosing a lipstick for eye color

Many fashionistas are interested in how to choose the color of lipstick according to the color of the eyes. And indeed, with the help of make-up you can emphasize your own natural virtues. Green eyes appear brighter and deeper in combination with terracotta and coral shades. Gray-eyed ladies are perfectly fit plum and beige lipstick colors. Brown eyes emphasize brown, red or light pink shades. How to choose the color of lipstick blue-eyed women? Try beige-pink and cherry tones, they will make the eyes of heavenly shades even brighter.

How to increase the lips with the right lipstick?

Try to remember a simple rule: light shades visually increase, and dark, on the contrary, reduce. If your lips are by nature thin, discard rich cherry, brown and brick tones. Also fluffy beauties are not always suitable for transparent-pink or peach lipsticks and glitter. Be sure to use this rule when selecting a contour pencil. How to choose a lipstick color that needs to be enlarged? Apply the favorite light tone as the main color, add a drop of transparent luster to the center of the lower lip. Pearly lipsticks have one interesting property - they emphasize all the imperfections. Accordingly, one should not use their ladies, dissatisfied with the form of their own lips. You can correct the contours of your mouth by applying your favorite lipstick or shine in combination with a pencil.

Each season has its own color!

How to choose the perfect lipstick, which will be appropriate in any situation? Actually in kosmetichke each lady should be not less than 3-5 shades. More vivid and rich colors of decorative cosmetics will be useful for evening make-up. In the daytime, you should use light colors. On a similar principle, you should choose lipsticks for summer and winter. In a warm season, lighter, translucent shades are appropriate. In winter, you can safely use rich and deep colors.

Thinking about how to choose the color of lipstick, not all women of fashion pay attention to its texture. Complex, iridescent, moisturizing means for lip make-up is best left for an evening out, since it is with artificial lighting that these lipsticks look most spectacular. In the afternoon it is better to use simple glossy and matte lipsticks.

Tips for choosing a shade of lip cosmetics when buying

In large modern stores, we are offered to try the shades of make-up that you like, and this is a great way to find a truly "own" color. A tester is a complete copy of a lipstick tube that is not intended for sale. You should try it on your hand only. Draw a line on the wrist - this will help evaluate the compatibility of lipstick with the natural shade of your skin. Specialists also advise to pay attention to whether the veins overlap. If their color appears under the lipstick, you should think about choosing a different tone. In addition, you can purchase a probe. This is a copy of the small amount you like.

How to choose the color of lipstick to the face, using its probe? Very simply - make up your lips. Attention: unlike the probe, the tester can not be applied to the skin of the face, since this sample is available to all shoppers. The chosen lipstick should be pleasant to you and it is favorable to be combined with favorite clothes and an image as a whole. Bringing home a new tube, we recommend that you immediately make up and admire yourself in the mirror. If you doubt that the new thing is suitable, no, you just have to congratulate. Now you know how to choose lipstick under the color of eyes, hair and skin. We wish you only a nice replenishment of the cosmetic bag!