Mobile phones have become part of our life. And with them, surfing on the world wide web anywhere. Many users already cannot imagine their lives without social networking. Business people who travel often or travel, also need constant access to the web space. With mobile Internet disappeared borders, you can now connect to the Internet almost in any point of the globe.How to connect Internet on a Megaphone? To connect to unlimited Internet Megaphone

One of the most convenient operators

The mobile operator "MegaFon" is the leader in Russia that allows its customers to use 3G. The company is also one of the first to provide its users with a service on connection 4G Internet is the fastest output format to the Network.

The connection requires SIM card of the operator and the device that supports mobile Internet. The only thing to bear in mind that all mobile devices support different communication standards. If you find a phone that does not support 3G, is problematic, it is already 4G on simple mobile phones may not be. However, 4G can to develop just the colossal speed of the mobile Internet. Where reception is stable, the connection speed can be up to 160 megabits per second.

After acquisition of SIM card you need to carefully examine tariff plans on the official website or in the sales offices.

How to connect to the mobile Internet?

Let us consider different options to connect the Internet for "Megaphone".

  1. To connect, you can call the short number 0500 with a request to send the necessary settings to connect the Internet via SMS.
  2. With a landline, you can use the rooms 8-800-550-0500 or 8-495-507-7777 where operators give clear instructions on how to connect the Internet for "Megaphone".
  3. In the salons of the operator and in sales offices is also possible to ask for advice and help on mobile Internet connection.
  4. The mobile operator "MegaFon" is a service that allows you to connect to the Internet in the online mode. On the website of the company need to go to the Internet and to specify the region. Further specifies the type of device, which will be the connection. Then comes SMS that the connection completed successfully. After 15 minutes you can enjoy access to the web space.
  5. Another way that provides "the Megaphone". Internet to connect to the phone by sending a blank message to the number 000105625 for mobile – 000105970. Some time later on mobile device come the necessary settings. The phone model is automatically detected.

The service "Internet in Russia"

Not all know that you can save money and not pay roaming charges, leaving the city, which use mobile communication "Megaphone". To connect the Internet in Russia is possible with the help of USSD request or SMS.

  • To connect via USSD you need to dial on the mobile device following key combination: *574# and "call". If the balance, which is more than the amount of payment for services, after 15 minutes option "Internet around Russia" will be connected.
  • To connect unlimited Internet for "Megaphone" SMS in the following way. You must send a blank message to the number 0500942. After 15 minutes, the service will be activated. This is useful for those users who use the Internet modem "MegaFon", but for other devices it will also work.

How to disable mobile Internet service in roaming

How to connect Internet to MegaFon roaming, of course. To disable the option "Internet around Russia" also there are two workarounds available.

  • Through the USSD command - this is convenient when using a smartphone or phone. To deactivate the service, you must dial the following combination: * 105 * 0042 * 0 # and "Call". After that, the service will be disabled.
  • Using the personal account "Megaphone". In the personal account in the “Service Management” section, select “Disable“ Internet in Russia ”.

Where does the money go?

Sometimes, the subscriber's account is debited a certain sum of money. The user does not understand where the missing money, he begins to call operators. However, most often it turns out that the culprit is not "the Megaphone". To connect to the Internet on the day of any person, but the fact that it is necessary to disable it, remember not all.

Meanwhile, mobile apps tend to update automatically. Sometimes they weigh very much, and the operators have the right to demand from the subscriber of the service payment, which the person even has no idea.

Therefore, it is very important to be able not only to connect and use services, but also not to forget to disconnect in time.

We learn the rest of the traffic

If the question is about how to connect the Internet for "Megaphone", is usually solved by one call to the operator, used to control traffic. With this problem very often faced by inexperienced users. Often callers have no idea that it is possible to calculate the amount of used traffic.

In order to know the balance of traffic, you need to dial on a mobile device the following combination *105*906# and "call".

There is also a useful service “Extend speed”, which allows you to continue using the Internet at the maximum speed for the corresponding tariff.

The subscriber can choose one of two options: "Extend the speed of light" or "Extend speed Mega". In the second case, a large amount of traffic with high speed Internet. Naturally, the cost of the service will be higher than in the first case.

Before you can use the option "Extend the speed", it is recommended to read the terms of service from your service provider by phone or on the official website of "MegaFon".

Pros and cons of the mobile Internet "Megaphone"

Consider the main benefits of using mobile Internet:

  1. Accessible to the web space anywhere in the world without using a personal computer or laptop. Megaphone has the best network coverage.
  2. Humanity does not stand still. People have become more mobile. Many work and do business on the road or on vacation. To resolve operational issues many need access to the Internet "here and now". Internet from mobile operator "MegaFon" is the most high-speed.
  3. Mobile Internet is always at hand. To connect it no longer need to go to the office. Today, everything is done by a simple set of specific combinations.