Headgear from the mink is almost every person. These products are able to warm in frosty weather and can last for many years. Over time, the lining of hats from fur is contaminated, and the pile loses its natural sheen. This article describes effective methods how to clean the mink cap at home.

Features of cleaning the headgear from the white mink

Special care is required for fur products of light colors. For their cleaning, you can use ordinary household products, which every landlady has.

To effectively clean a white mink hat home, you can use talc and starch. These tools remove grease and dust. You need to pour the fur with talc or cornstarch and carefully grind the cap movements as hand-washing. Then leave the headpiece for a few hours. During this time, the cleaner will completely absorb all the dirt.How to clean a mink hat at home? Features of the procedure

You can clean the product of the remnants with a clothes brush. You can also walk on the cap vacuum cleaner, included at the minimum power.

Clean dry fur should be gently combed with a special brush. After all these procedures, the product will look like new.

Another effective way to clean white fur is with bran. You need to place the bran in a saucepan or a metal bowl and preheat it on the fire, stirring constantly. Rinse the headgear, as in the previous method. Comb out the cuts with a wooden comb.

Wet cleaning of white fur hat

The most frequently asked question among owners of fur hats is how to clean a light mink cap at home using water. Wet cleaning of fur products can be carried out using detergent. In warm water, you need to dissolve the required amount of detergent for hair or shampoo for hair. Hands beat the solution until foam forms. Collect the foam on the foam sponge and apply evenly to the entire fur. Movements should be careful not to damage the villi.

After processing the product, the foam should be cleaned with clean water and a sponge. Wet the wet cap on the glass jar that has been turned upside down so that it does not lose its shape. Leave to dry at room temperature away from the sun and heat sources.

As soon as the fur dries, it should be combed with a rare brush.

Cleaning fur hats from unpleasant odors

In fur hats, the lining is most often contaminated. It contacts the skin, hair and absorbs sweat secreted by the body and subcutaneous fat. The bacteria contained in them instantly multiply, because of which the lining quickly acquires an unpleasant odor.

There are two ways to clean the mink cap at home in the interior:

  1. Gently whip the lining, wash it and pat. Then in a pure form sewn to the fur.
  2. If it is difficult to turn the lining off, then you can try cleaning it with a washcloth soaked in soapy warm water. After the procedure, the lining should be wiped with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture.

Effectively removes an unpleasant odor solution prepared from liquid ammonia or salt. In a container pour a half-liter of water and dissolve in it a teaspoon of one of these means. Wipe off the cap with a solution. Remove excess moisture with a towel and put it in a natural way.

How to clean a fur hat from stains

Without resorting to dry cleaning services, you can get rid of fur stains using household tools. Experienced housewives share advice on how to clean the mink hat at home.

  1. Bring the yellow can with hydrogen peroxide. In a full glass of water add a tablespoon of peroxide. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray the contaminated spot. To enhance the action of drying the hat should be in the sun.
  2. To remove greasy stains on the fur, vodka or medical alcohol is used.
  3. Old stains eliminates salt solution. For its preparation should be mixed in a glass of rubbing alcohol and salt in the ratio of 2:1. Apply with a brush the solution onto the stain and rinse with sponge dipped in water.
  4. The yellowing displays a mixture of aviation gasoline and starch. The product should be left on the fur, not yet weathered the smell of gasoline, and then knock out the cap by hand. If stains still remain, repeat the procedure again.

Important recommendations

Before cleaning the mink cap at home, it is recommended that you read the following tips:

  1. When using natural products for cleaning, it is important to thoroughly clean them. If the headgear remains the remains of starch or bran, it can accommodate a mole.
  2. You can not soak the mink hat. Moisture can become tough from moisture, and the product itself can decrease in size.
  3. Wet fur hat can not be dried with a hairdryer.
  4. Using perfume or other aerosol cosmetics, you should try not to spray them on the cap. From their composition on the fur may remain oil stains, and the villi may lose its natural shine.
  5. Remove stains should be when they are still fresh. Old pollution is much harder to get out.
  6. To clean white fur products, you should not use cologne. After drying on the fur may remain a yellow color.

These are the basic recommendations on how to clean the mink cap at home. Features of cleaning natural fur depend on its color. The lighter the mink, the more pollution on it.

Proper storage of mink hats

To keep the headdress of fur long kept its original appearance, it is important not only to know how to clean the mink hat at home, but also observe the rules of storage:

  1. Clean the product on the shelf of the cabinet. Near the hat, you must put the remedy against moths.
  2. In no event can you store mink hats in boxes and boxes. Favorable conditions for moths are created in a closed and poorly ventilated place.
  3. Often ventilate the cabinet in which fur hats are stored. It should be dry.
  4. The place in which the caps of natural fur are to stand, should be closed from sunlight.
  5. After each wearing, the cap should be placed in such a way that air is accessible to its interior.