For anybody not a secret that today the card of the savings Bank are very popular. They allow you to pay bills and mobile communications not only through ATMs, but also from home. Now I would like to discuss the question of how to transfer money from card to phone and Vice versa.

How to Deposit with a card via the ATM?

How to transfer money from card to phone and from phone to card?

The easiest method of payment for mobile communications. To make such operation, you must insert the ATM card, enter your secret code and choose the required operation. The system will help you navigate, so you can recharge your phone won't be easy. If you difficult to perform such an operation, you can ask the help of a consultant, which in detail will tell, how to transfer money from card to phone.

How to pay for the phone via “Mobile banking” card?

To use this method have to be connected service “Mobile Bank”. For payment, you must send an SMS request or by amount (if you add to your phone), or write the phone number and the amount. The message should be send to number 900. After that, you will receive a message in response to confirm the payment, the invoice will be paid. It is worth saying that if you have multiple cards to one phone, then be sure to finish the query you need to specify the last four digits of the card number with which you want to pay.

The service is still not connected? This can be done independently at any ATM or by using a specialist. Another way how to transfer money from card to phone, the system “Sberbank online”. About it and talk further.

How to pay for cellular communication through Sberbank online?

To make a payment with card through this system, you first need to register. You can go through this procedure on your own website. This will require your card number (if more than one, you can use any). The phone will receive a message to confirm your registration. After that you will be redirected to your account. It is worth saying that this method of registration, you need to connect the Mobile Bank, as otherwise, the message on the phone will not come.

There is another way of registration. You can just obtain ready-made username and password in any terminal, and then change them on your own. There is not mandatory will be “Mobile banking”, as it is possible to obtain one-time passwords.

To transfer money on the phone card, select menu item “payments & Transfers” and then “Payment hundredth of communication”. You should select the operator, enter the phone number to determine which card you want to pay, enter the desired amount and confirm the transaction by cheque or password from SMS. Similarly, you can pay for any services, their list is presented in this section.

Payment of cellular communication via the service “Autopayment”

To transfer money on the phone card, it is not necessary to use the method described above. If you do not want to constantly run to the ATM, write SMS or go to personal Cabinet, you can just activate the service “Autopayment”. It allows you to automatically recharge your phone, when it becomes a little money. To subscribe to the service for several rooms, even family and friends.

How to withdraw funds from the phone to the card?

So, we figured out how to transfer money from card to phone. Is it possible to perform the opposite action? Many users are asking this question. It happens that the phone has plenty of money, and I want to take them off. But is it possible at all to perform such an operation? Fortunately, today there are ways to transfer so that you can make such an operation and get cash on the same day. Let's look at some ways of carrying out this procedure.

Money on the card through the phone using the wallet "Qiwi"

So, in order to perform the requested translation, you must first register a purse in system of Kivi. The procedure itself is simple, so to describe it makes no sense.

After you will have a ready wallet, you need it on your phone to make a transfer in the required amount, and then withdraw to the card.

To transfer funds from your phone to your purse, you should perform the following steps. Select "add funds to your wallet" – "Online." Then we select the operator "read More". After fill in the form.

Now the wallet is replenished, there was only transfer money to the card. To do this, select "Display" – "On the map". Note the Bank, enter the required data into the form and translate.

It should be noted that such a transfer will be charged a fee, so you can't write the entire amount for withdrawal, it is better to specify a slightly smaller, and what is the system prompt alone.

In General, such an operation can be carried out not only with that payment system, but also with others. The only difference in each of them is the Commission charged for transfers. It can reach 10%. It all depends on what payments are performed by the client. Before payment, specify the amount of the Commission, to further avoid any unpleasant surprises related to the large write-offs.

Transferring money from an MTS phone to a card

First, go to the MTS website. On the main page you need to select the section "Banking services and payments", and then - "Easy payment".

Then you want to mark the very first icon of the payment and click on the link "On the website right now." In the new window, select the "transfer funds".

The system now requires that you specify a shipping method. We, of course, choose "Transfer to Bank card". The system will tell you that you can perform this operation only for systems "Visa" and "MasterCard". Choose the icon of the data systems.

Next, fill in the form MTS. Money, card, phone – all must be specified necessarily (be sure to select that the payment will be made account number), where at the bottom says the amount along with a Commission for the transfer. It can be concluded not only on sberbankovskuyu card, but a card "MTS money". Map, phone number   All this should also be indicated when filling out the form.

You will receive a message on the phone to confirm the payment. After that, the money will be transferred to the card.

Transfer money from your phone Beeline on the map

To output to the card you want to go to the website “Beeline”. Next, select the menu item “Transfer to a Bank card”. Enter the phone amount and the card number. Then to confirm the usual three-digit code. After that, the operation will be performed.

Here, again, nothing complicated. The principle of operation for all operators is almost the same. The operation is performed with a commission of about five percent.

Withdrawing money from the balance of “Megaphone” to the card

There are two ways to perform this operation:

1. Go to the website of “MegaFon”. Select “funds Transfer” – “Transfer to Bank card”. Next, you specify the following information: card, money, phone “MegaFon”. This is done in a special form. Is made confirm the operation. You first have to enter a captcha, and then receive a code to confirm the operation.