How to open your pastry shop? After all, the organization of business for the sale of bakery products and baking is considered one of the most promising areas in the field of trade. Usually an experienced baker with entrepreneurial skills knows how to open a candy store from scratch on his own. You can limit yourself to a pastry shop, in which sweets will only be sold, and you can go further - to open a cafe or mini-bakery.

How to open your pastry shop - step by step instructions

Where to begin?

What you need to open a candy store? It is very important to have a business plan that includes the calculation of all the necessary expenses for renting premises, materials and equipment, staff salaries, taxes and advertising. Having considered all expenses, an entrepreneur will be able to decide whether he will manage with his own funds or additional financing will be required.

Do not forget that before you open your pastry shop, you will need to get at least a certificate of registration of the IP. It is necessary to choose a suitable room, the area of ​​which should be at least 50 square meters. The future confectionery is located in a residential area or near the market or shopping center.

Be sure to require special equipment - ovens, scales, shelving, dishes (pots, bowls), display cases, refrigerators, as well as many household items.

It will be necessary to put together a strong team of personnel. You will need cooks, waiters, manager, cashier.

Give the brand!

How to open a candy store and not to burn? You need to think about how your institution will be advertised. You can use the possibilities of printing, outdoor advertising, as well as the Internet.

To stand out among competitors, you need to come up with something of your own, for example, open a bakery and pastry shop for vegetarians (prepare delicacies without using eggs and milk), selling Oriental sweets or products without genetically modified additives. You can attract buyers with lower prices than in the neighboring shops.

In the fight against competitors do not necessarily specialize in any one type of product. You can take as a basis, for example, the production of expensive luxury cakes and deep-frozen pastries. You can focus on the freshness of products, for which to sell it in the nearest outlets.

Calculate costs

The profitability of the confectionery business is usually from twenty to thirty percent. Open confectionery production will only by spending an amount of at least 400 thousand dollars. For baking puff cakes and pastries, as well as other pastries, high-tech equipment is required.

With limited funds, think about how to open your mini pastry shop. If the company is small, you can get by with one oven of domestic production. The cost of such furnaces starts from one hundred thousand dollars, of which only one fifth goes to the furnace itself and its installation, the rest of the funds will be spent on related packaging and filling equipment, as well as mixers and other household items. If you focus on imported equipment, the price will increase several times.

Consider the upcoming costs of renting a suitable room or buying it. Near the outlet must be parking for cars. You must also consider the cost of parking. Since you are going to trade in perishable products, success will depend very much on the good work of the logistics service.

But that is not all. You will have to pay for entering the assortment of the supermarket, where you plan to sell your products, for a certain place on the shelf of this supermarket. To neglect these conditions in our days is impossible. The absolute majority of chain stores work on them.

Collect documents

Before you open a candy store from scratch, you will need to collect the necessary documents. You will need to register with the tax authorities and social funds, get permission from the sanitary and epidemiological station and the fire supervision authorities. You will also need permission from Rospotrebnadzor, drawing up contracts for a program of sanitary and production control and systematic disinfection of your trading premises, as well as for garbage and industrial waste.

A certain amount from your budget must be reserved for communication with all instances, and not a small one. Your financial capabilities should be well presented at the stage of thinking about how to open your pastry shop.

Human factor

Think about recruiting. The number of full-time employees depends on the volume of production and the number of stores with which you plan to cooperate. If this number is not more than ten, and you are thinking about how to open a small pastry shop, for starters you will have enough 10-15 staff (several pastry chefs (5 or 6), the main pastry technologist, baker, assistant baker, a couple of people in Logistics service, accountant, couple of customer relations managers).

If, for example, besides cakes, you are going to produce cakes, you will need another team of pastry chefs, since the production technologies of these types of products are very different. Pay special attention to the vacancy of a retail sales manager. This person will serve as the face of the company, through him all contacts and communications take place.

Another key unit is the pastry technologist, without which all production is impossible in principle.

How to adjust the implementation

It is better to start selling products from small stores. Large retail chains are unlikely to agree to cooperate with a start-up company without a promoted name and a large budget.

Having organized a reliable sales of products through small retail outlets, you should look for exits to small networks. Pastry business pays off relatively quickly. This is one of the most promising areas today.

How to open a coffee shop?

Creating an institution of the combined type, combining a shop, cafe and mini-shop for the production of confectionery, requires additional requirements. If you open a bakery, you are obliged to organize the conditions for meals for visitors, as well as access to the goods.

You have to decide whether you are planning to take orders for cakes and pastries, and whether you will have such a service as the delivery of goods to your home. Thus, one should pay attention to the following activities under the OKVED: “Activities of restaurants and cafes”; “Supply of catering products”; “Retail trade in non-specialized stores” and some others. The number of activities you need to specify to the maximum, even if some of them you will not need.

Requirements for the room

Suppose you are thinking about how to open a cafe-pastry shop, that is, an institution consisting of a cafe and a bakery. For such a confectionery room should be large enough and divided into zones. This is the eating area, shopping area and the actual production.

The room in no case can not be the basement, it prohibits sanitary standards. The cafe area should include several tables for 2-4 seats each and, preferably, a play area for children. The area of ​​such premises is at least fifteen or twenty square meters.

In the sales area you need to provide a place for showcases, refrigerators, cash desk, sales counters, you will also need to install a refrigerator for drinks, a coffee machine, a mixer for milkshakes, cabinets for dishes and packaging materials. The choice of equipment will help make a specialist in confectionery technology. Thus, at least another 10 square meters will be required for the shopping area.

The production area will occupy the main area. According to sanitary standards, there must be washing with hot and cold water, central sewage, ventilation, tiled walls and whitened ceilings. Must be present toilet and finished goods warehouse. Since it will be necessary to place cutting tables, refrigerators, racks for dishes, cooking equipment, the area of ​​the room cannot be less than forty square meters.

It will increase even more if you plan to place a mini-bakery. Such a combination is very often made in such establishments. The production area can not be walk-through or combined with a toilet and must have a separate entrance.

What else you need to think

Before you open your pastry shop, purchase tables and chairs for visitors, clothes hangers and, perhaps, furniture for a children's corner, as well as refrigerators for finished products and products, stainless steel tables, and a food processor. If additional production of bread and rolls is planned, additional equipment will be required. You may need your own transport to deliver products to sales points.

To save on rent, you can choose a room in a residential area, but it must be in a well-traveled place. Equipment in order to save, you can buy a used or leased. With a lack of start-up capital, it is possible to purchase equipment on credit.

It is undesirable to place a pastry cafe near bakeries and restaurants. If you have a bakery at your establishment, this will ensure a daily influx of customers - after all, people need soft bread every day.

Develop brand

It is necessary to take care of the development of an individual style and logo of the establishment, which can and should be used in the design of the hall and consumables, for example, on plastic bags and cardboard boxes for sale to take away.

If you invite a famous pastry chef who has a reputation for professional and international diplomas, this will be a significant advantage of your marketing strategy.

The reputation of the institution can be improved and developed in a variety of ways. For example, arrange a free distribution of products with expiring in social institutions. You can bet on the unusual design of your cakes and pies, or that you use reliable recipes from past times.

Possible problems

The problem of the owner of the confectionery can be not only price increases, but also uneven supply of products. Even a proven supplier can suddenly bring stale eggs or expired margarine. It will be safer to make contact with several suppliers at once in order to have a backup option.

Purchasing products should be done after the premises have been rented, the necessary equipment has been installed, the sales area has been decorated, the staff has been hired and everything is ready for the first batch of products.

The profitability of production usually ranges from thirty-five to forty percent.

Useful tips for a successful start

Perhaps the novice confectioner entrepreneur should not immediately produce expensive cakes, you can start doing the production of small cakes of the original appearance.

Maybe immediately you will not need a wide range of products. For each age category you need to think out 5-6 key titles. Children can be offered cakes of the original form. Older visitors love homemade cakes. You can come up with options for cakes and pastries for couples in love or teenagers. Adjust the range will be later, depending on demand.

To increase revenues, it is good to engage in the sale of related products, which may include jam, jam, tea, coffee, honey and condensed milk.

The range of products should not repeat what is already on sale on the shelves of the city - think of something your own, unique. Very important is bright, catchy packaging, convenient for transporting these delicate items.

It would be nice to organize your site, orders can also be taken by phone. Very popular are the promotions on the presentation of new products in supermarkets.

The main conditions for the successful start of such a business are good trading places and reliable suppliers.