Many people who want to start a business do not think about the difficulties they need to go through. It seems: there is something complicated, built, bought the goods - that's all. But it was not there. If you ask any person who owns the store, he will tell you that this is not a simple matter, there are a lot of nuances that need to be solved before opening the store. Where to begin?

How to open your store? How to open a store from scratchFirst of all, you need to decide what product you are going to sell. Will buy it, demand it or not. Secondly, you need to choose a place where the store will be located. There are several options worth considering. The selected area should be easily accessible, crowded, visited. It is also possible to rent space in one of the shopping centers. If you want to know the opinion of people, ask them personally, find out whether your new products will interest them, whether they will visit the store.

What is needed to start a business

Before we consider this question, let's make up for ourselves a small business plan for the store. It should not be painted on several sheets. First of all, the document should be brief, but at the same time answer all the important questions concerning the opening of the institution. Here is a small business plan of the store, representing the main aspects:

1. What will be the format of the enterprise (an ordinary institution or an online store, boutique, retail outlet or supermarket?).

2. Products, assortment. Target audience (buyers).

3. Location (where are you going to build your store, or maybe it will be a rented room).

4. Trading place (the size of the area and all the costs of it).

5. Equipment (what you need for the store, the price).

6. Staff (how many people to hire, what salary to pay them).

7. The cost of registering the store, the necessary licenses (for example, trade in tobacco, alcohol).

8. Well, and, of course, advertising.

Documents required for opening a store

You will have to spend a lot of time and quite a bit of nerves on paperwork, obtaining permits. In the process of starting a business, each entrepreneur felt how difficult it was to collect the entire list of necessary licenses. This part is integral; without it, you cannot do anything. So, how to open a store from scratch and what licenses should I get?

  • First you need to prepare the documents, which will indicate the number of founders of the company, its name, as well as the type of activity. The papers should contain a detailed certificate of the chief director and accountant, information about the authorized capital and taxation system.
  • It is necessary to submit an application for obtaining a fire service conclusion, attach a rental agreement, a store registration document, a BTI plan, a fire system installation contract, and an insurance policy for your building. After that, you need to appoint a person responsible for the fire safety department.
  • Do not forget: the advertising sign of the store is considered an area, and permission is also needed for it. To obtain it, you should submit a request to a special organization.
  • All the necessary information to obtain the installation of the cash register: a lease of premises and a certificate of opening a company.
  • To sign a sanitary certificate from Rospotrebnadzor, it is worth collecting the relevant documents: a document on the sales area, an application, registration of a company, a paper on registration with the Inspectorate, all certificates for products, personnel employment records, permission for garbage collection.

Finally, after receiving all the conclusions, you will be able to relax and enjoy further work. From this point on, a truly interesting activity begins, such as creating an interior, placing products, etc. Pay close attention to the store name, since much depends on it: the more interesting it is, the easier it is to remember. The next stage - the definition of design institutions. Well-chosen interior makes the room a cozy place for buyers. But if visitors like the store, they will want to return to it again and, of course, make some kind of purchase.

Some examples of opening stores

Many entrepreneurs are faced with the question “how to open a children's store?”. The demand for products for babies was, is and always will be. Their market is quite saturated and rich in assortment. Today in Moscow there are more than 100 stores for children, of course, 60% of them are network establishments. In such centers you can find everything you need for a child of different ages: shoes, clothes, baby food, toys, books, cosmetics, as well as furniture and equipment. Therefore, if you want to start doing business in this area and your finances allow, do not hesitate, rather open a store and do not be afraid of anything. Currently, a huge number of people visit places with goods for babies, as parents always try to buy quality products for their children.

It is worth noting that if you do not have enough funds to open a large store in the capital, do not despair! You can easily build a modest institution in a small town. Before you open it, decide on the place, inspect the presence of competitors, what product they offer. The most important thing is to have the desire, and the experience will come in the process of activity.

Highlights when opening a clothing store

The business associated with the trade in clothing, is considered one of the most popular. People always buy things and will buy them. Many follow the fashion, for new trends. Acquire products for different seasons.

But in this area, as in any other, there are advantages and disadvantages. The biggest challenge is considered to be huge competition. In large cities, this industry has certain leaders who have been present on the market for a long time, have their regular customers, original advertising, etc. It will be very difficult to compete with them, but it is quite possible. Today, most entrepreneurs are trying to open network establishments.

Many people think: “I will open a clothing store and immediately be one of the first.” But not everything is as easy as it seems. In order not to be trampled, you need to compete with others. There are several ways: interesting, different product and low prices for products. Of course, if you only
have opened, the option with cheap products does not suit you. If you study the market badly, you can go broke very quickly. Therefore, for those who are thinking how to open their store and not go bankrupt, the best reception would be a different assortment. For this, it is worthwhile to come up with a unique concept for an institution, to sell a product that is not sold in the shops of rivals. Especially if this is a new institution, then a diverse and unique range will be the main advantage.

If you decided to devote yourself to this business, you should put a clear statement for yourself: “I will open a clothing store and will do everything necessary to make it the best”. With this attitude you will succeed.

The most important thing - do not forget that fashion changes every day. You will have to constantly follow new trends and forecast the demand for goods. The success of your institution depends on you.

How to open a shop selling mobile phones

In modern times, technology is developing very rapidly. New, improved phone models are coming to the market. For entrepreneurs selling mobile communications, this business will be profitable for quite a long time.

How to open a store from scratch? Consider a few important points.

  • It is best to engage in such activities in a small town, since the absence of competitors will give you a good impetus and chances for success.
  • If you decide to open a phone sales shop, you need to find a good room. It should be located in a public place. In this case, you can not be afraid of rivals. Since people do not make purchases in small stalls, etc. Before you open your store, you need to decide the following points:
  • You will need permission of instances: fire, security company, tax.
  • Equipment for the store, namely, glass racks, stand for the seller, a table for customers. This furniture is simply necessary in the institutions of cell phones.
  • The next thing to do is to choose a range for a new business. Try to buy phones of popular brands. Also carefully select the product, it should be designed for people with different financial capabilities. Plus, stock up with accessories for mobile phones, this will bring you only additional income.
  • Pick the right staff. It should be people who are knowledgeable in this area. Make a questionnaire, where questions you are interested in will be spelled out.
  • Finally take care of advertising. Before opening a store, make a decent sign with the original name. In addition to this, start distributing flyers, make announcements on a local TV or radio, etc.

Key points you need to know when opening a grocery store

There will be such places always, as people just need to eat. The demand for food keeps constantly. The owners of supermarkets and shops are not afraid of anything, even when an economic recession occurs. Since after him necessarily rise. It will not be a secret for anyone that at present almost every entrepreneur is thinking about how to open a grocery store.

But this type of business is not the best for people with little experience. There are two good reasons for this:

  1. You must have a significant start-up capital.
  2. Required to collect a large number of licenses, consents, etc.

How much does it cost to open a grocery store

The exact figure is difficult to name. Factors affecting the price: the size of the sales area, the area in which the institution will open, etc. The average amount of a large supermarket is 100 000 dollars. This figure may vary depending on where the store is located.

What does the start-up capital go for? As a rule, it is spent on building, renting a room, also on repairs, hiring personnel, purchasing products and equipment. In the list of exceptions, you can enter boutique shops that sell inaccessible, high-quality products.

How to open your grocery store and not lose the competition

This type of business has a fierce competition. These are various supermarket chains, hypermarkets, stalls, as well as medium-sized private stores.

If you are thinking about how to open your store and not go bankrupt, you will first have to consider some of the nuances. Without a huge start-up capital, you cannot compete with large networks. But in order to resist the market, you need to determine their main advantages.

  • Create a good work schedule. Open the store when others close. If it is profitable, start working around the clock.
  • Sell ​​products that are not sold in nearby stores. For example, fresh milk, products on a natural basis.
  • Take care of the service - it must be at a high level. Hire the real professionals, thoroughly familiar with their work.
  • Make sure that there are never big queues in your establishment.

Open a beer store

It is worth noting that in 2008-2009, a huge number of draft beer shops were opened. And all because these years were crisis, many people remained without work, therefore the majority decided to start their own business.

If you decide to make money on draft beer, then you need to remember the main aspects. We provide you with step by step informational instructions on how to open a beer store. The plan is very detailed and well-written.

  1. You need to register IP.
  2. It is necessary to conclude an agreement on the lease of the premises.
  3. Install a cash register that will stand in your store.
  4. Make a contract for its maintenance.
  5. Then you need to get permission to trade in the department of local administration.
  6. Expect the visit of SES and firefighters.

Try to pay attention to the interior of the institution, it can be arranged in the style of a sports bar. If possible, hang a plasma TV on the wall. Thanks to this, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy watching sports broadcasts.

It is clear that the profit of any store depends on the trading margin, which, as a rule, is established by the entrepreneur.

  1. Cheating expensive imported beer - about 30% per liter.
  2. Domestic - ranging from 100%.
  3. The size of the trading margin on 1 beer keg is not less than 2 000 rubles.

Then a liter of alcohol will cost from 60 to 250 rubles. Consequently, the draft beer in the store will cost less than a bottle.

Expected profit

In winter, business with draft beer is worth it. Trading them in the cold period is not very profitable. You practically can not get any income. But in the summer this business will flourish. In the heat it will be possible to earn a net profit of about 300,000 rubles. If your point is located in a good crowded place, then the expected income may increase significantly.

And finally, I would like to note: business people always have the opportunity to earn money. The most important thing is to approach the business wisely and not be afraid to face the difficulties that arise.