The truly happy is the person who has good health. However, the reality is that only a few can boast of the absence of any disease, including chronic ones. At the present stage of the development of society, people are increasingly turning to doctors for help, a campaign to which it becomes quite common. If for an ordinary person this becomes a problem that requires immediate resolution, then, for enterprising businessmen, on the contrary, this is an additional opportunity to earn. How? The answer suggests itself: to open own pharmacy. With the correct and reasonable management of the pharmacy business, the profit from this type of business will be very tangible, because health is more expensive than money, and it is not saved on it. But how to open a pharmacy from scratch? With what it is necessary to begin? What kind of capital is required? Is it necessary to have specific knowledge in the field of pharmacology and medicine for this? These questions are asked by each entrepreneur who plans to invest in this area considerable financial resources. Let's try to understand this in more detail and analyze each item separately.

How to open a pharmacy from scratch? Business from scratch

What you need to know before opening a pharmacy?

Most likely, most people do not even realize that pharmacies are of several types. In fact, they differ from each other. According to the order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, they should be divided into the following types:

  1. Production pharmacies. Such institutions, in addition to the direct sale of medicines, also specialize in their manufacture.
  2. Pharmacies specializing exclusively in the sale of medicines, without the right to manufacture them.
  3. Pharmacy kiosks.
  4. Pharmacy items.

It would seem, but what's the difference? Well, let's say, everything is clear with the preparation of medicines, but is this all limited? Of course not. Another important criterion is functionality. Most of the functions in pharmacies, and least of all, respectively, at pharmacy points. The main difference between the first and the rest is that they are allowed to sell drugs on prescription.

In addition, it should be noted that pharmacies are closed and open type. If the first product is at the counter and released by the pharmacist, then the second product is located on the shelves in the trading floor.

Therefore, before thinking about how to open a pharmacy from scratch, you need to decide what kind of pharmacy it will be.

Where to begin?

After the theory follows the practice. It will be necessary to create a competent and maximally detailed business plan for the pharmacy - this is the key to the success and prosperity of your enterprise. It should contain the following main points:

- analysis of market conditions;

- a step-by-step description of the procedure for registering an enterprise and obtaining all necessary licenses;

- It should be noted whether the pharmacy will specialize in the manufacture of various medicinal compounds;

- It is necessary to make calculations and determine the minimum amount of required financial resources that will be spent on the opening of a pharmacy. The business plan for this should include an investment project in which the methods of capital formation and the table of rates and assumptions should be described;

- In addition to the investment plan, the marketing plan should also be included in the business plan;

- note who will manage the pharmacy, and how the staff will be selected;

- it will be necessary to make additional calculations and make financial projections for the next three years.

The choice of premises and the requirements for it

When answering a question about how to open a business from scratch, it is necessary to note initially that in any case it will be necessary to find a suitable premises. It should be located in a good location, and the cost of its purchase or lease should not exceed regulatory. Thus, the most suitable places for opening a pharmacy are shopping centers, streets, which are characterized by high terrain, and sleeping areas. In addition, do not forget that a number of strict requirements are imposed on the premises under the pharmacy. For example, their total area can not be less than 75 square meters. m. In addition, the premises must necessarily be equipped with a centralized system of water and electricity, heating, ventilation and sanitation. Places intended for storage of medicines should be equipped with instruments that register air parameters. It is also necessary to install fire and burglar alarm, and in the hall - 24-hour video surveillance.

Purchase of equipment

After selecting a room, it must be equipped with the appropriate equipment. This should be approached with all responsibility, given every detail. It's not about design delights, but only about creating a comfortable and pleasing eye for the environment. Despite the fact that the pharmacy is not a place for entertainment, yet the hall should not act on customers depressingly, like a hospital. When purchasing various racks, lockers, refrigerators, safes in which narcotic or any other poisonous substances will be stored, emphasize not only practicality, but also the appearance of the equipment. Follow your own taste or seek professional help.

Purchase of goods

Along with the purchase of equipment, you must take care of the purchase of goods. Please note that a cheap pharmacy will always attract more buyers than expensive. Therefore, it would be reasonable to try to establish democratic prices for medicines. To do this, one should buy goods from several suppliers at the same time, the competition between which will lead, most likely, to a decrease in the purchase price of the drugs. Not only you will benefit, but also your potential buyers, who will become loyal and loyal customers in the future.

It would be nice to sell, besides medicines, also various cosmetic and hygiene products, as well as dietary and baby food. Due to this, it is quite possible to increase the number of pharmacy visitors and, accordingly, the profit.

Staff recruitment

It does not matter whether you plan to open one pharmacy or chain of pharmacies. In any case, you'll need to hire staff. About all the requirements for staff to read with the so-called industry standard. Remember: in order to work in a pharmacy, you must have a special education. The man who will stand behind the counter must have a professional pharmacist, having diploma of pharmaceutical Institute. No less important, and personal qualities of each employee: the ability to communicate and to gain the buyer's, responsibility, kindness and friendliness. This depends largely on the future success of the whole enterprise.

Documents required to open a pharmacy

What is needed to open a pharmacy from a legal point of view? First of all it will be necessary to register the enterprise and get permission to carry out activities. There are several alternatives: register as an individual entrepreneur, open an LLC, that is, a limited liability company, or give preference to an open joint-stock company (JSC) or a closed joint-stock company (CJSC). The choice remains for each entrepreneur individually and depends solely on the objectives pursued. In order to make the right decision, it is recommended to consult a lawyer who will explain the pros and cons of each activity.

After the registration procedure it is necessary to obtain permits in the SES. For this, it is necessary to collect the following package of documents:

- Certificate of incorporation.

- Extract from EGRN.

- Certificate of ownership of the premises in which the pharmacy will be located, or a lease agreement.

- Agreements for disinfection and laundry.

- A contract providing for the medical examination of future employees of the pharmacy.

- Provision of medical records of employees and data on microclimate measurement and room illumination.

In addition to the sanitary passport, you will also need the appropriate permission from the fire department.

Documents required for obtaining a license

Asking about how to open a pharmacy from scratch, you need to be prepared for the fact that you have to spend a lot of energy, time and nerves on obtaining a license. To do this, you must provide the following documents:

- Certificate of incorporation.

- A receipt for payment of a license fee.

- Certificate of the manager's specialist.

- Certificate of ownership of the premises in which the pharmacy will be located, or a lease agreement.

- Diplomas on the education of employees and their work books.

- Documents confirming the right to use the equipment.

- Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion, as well as the conclusion of the fire department.

- General characteristics of the object, which is licensing, and its plan-scheme.

What to choose: a business from scratch or buying an operating pharmacy?

It all depends on the financial resources that you have. The average amount needed to open a new pharmacy is $ 150,000: the opening of the cheapest will cost about $ 20,000, and the most expensive (in the case of a whole network of pharmacies) is several million.

However, currently very popular business. The pharmacy, already had time to take their place in the market, but for some reason does not suit its owner, can be sold. So if you have neither the time nor the desire to start from scratch, buy existing pharmacies will be the perfect alternative.

Advertising campaign and opening a pharmacy

Learning about how to open a pharmacy from scratch, starting a business and assigning, finally, the date of the inauguration, it is necessary to conduct a broad advertising campaign. To save money on this not worth it, because of the flow of visitors depends on the future profit. Contact your web programmers, and create pharmacy website that will host not only advertising, but also the catalogue of offered production. In addition, it would be nice to print bright colorful flyers and distribute them on the streets.

Immediately on the opening day of the institution you can hold any action. For example, offer visitors to buy a range of products at a discount, issue a discount card or buy two products for the price of one. There are a lot of options. The main thing is to include imagination, to show persistence and purposefulness and to have a desire to work and develop.