Often a vacation spent at sea, in addition to positive emotions, brings and discomfort. So, women often wonder about how to whiten face from sunburn. This is because not always the sun has a positive effect on the skin. Many women after the rest appear freckles and age spots. If you overdo it, it can and does get a sunburn and take form of tomatoes. How to remove tan? This will tell you the following article.

How to whiten face from sunburn? Brightening cream for the face

The opinion of cosmetologists

Before how to whiten face from sunburn, you should consult with a specialist. Beautician will correctly determine your face type and will advise any remedy. It is worth saying that quickly get rid of the tan you will help a special cream produced in factories, or homemade recipes.

In the latter case, you must be particularly careful. After all, many folk remedies may be allergic reaction. In this case, instead of a beautiful complexion you will get unevenly bleached the skin covered with hives. Consider the basic methods, tells how to whiten face from sunburn.

Effective natural remedies

How to get tan fast at home? Lighten the skin will help any products which contain sufficient amount of vitamin C. these include cucumbers and parsley, lemons, and strawberries, currants and sorrel. The list is endless.

Of natural remedies you can make masks, lotions, lotions or creams. Remember that such compositions should be prepared immediately before use. They do not contain any preservatives and cannot be kept more than a few hours even in the refrigerator.

Face lotion

How to remove tan, which fell unevenly? To quickly get rid of spots and freckles prepare a lotion. This tool should be applied on the skin several times a day. After three days you can notice a positive trend.

Make a decoction of parsley. This will chop the grass and pour boiling water. Wait two minutes and remove part from heat. After that, strain and cool the broth. Take half lemon and squeeze the juice into the parsley. Mix all and RUB this solution to the skin several times.

Brightening cream

Currently, manufacturers of cosmetics offer to purchase a variety of formulations that help to get rid of the hated sun. In most of these creams contain natural additives: cucumber, lemon, parsley and so on. Among the popular brands it is possible to allocate the Belarusian cosmetics – serum "White linen", the Russian "green Mama", Orquid Vital from "Garnier". Great, and for quite some time, established cheap Bulgarian cream “Achromin”.

You can also make cream yourself. For this you will need cucumber, grated or chopped in blender mush. Take two tablespoons of the main ingredient and mix it with a teaspoon of sour cream. Add a few drops of warmed glycerin and mix well. This mask should be applied on the skin once a day. After a week of the course you should take a little break.

Chemical peel

To quickly whiten face from sunburn, you can use a chemical peel. It is often carried out in beauty salons. However, the sale of such compositions can be found not always. In stores you will be offered scrubs or peels that simply exfoliate rough skin and slightly lighten the new dermis. Chemical compounds work in a different way. They remove all the surface cells, revealing a new. It is worth saying that this procedure can not be performed very often. You always tell the beautician.

Chemical peels can be done at home. To do this, take hydrogen peroxide and apply it on the skin. Wait for about 20 minutes, then rinse composition. You can also use a more natural remedies. Apply to face with a slurry from a mixture of baking soda and water. Cut a slice of lemon and wipe them dry on the skin composition.

Tissue masks or compresses

Compresses or fabric purchased masks will be very effective in bleaching products. If you prefer the latter, then simply purchase them at the store and follow the instructions.

To prepare the compress, you will need a cotton or linen fabric. It should be wetted in the juice. To prepare the composition in the following way. Take one tablespoon of lemon juice and mix with liquid from two strawberries. Separately prepare a few slices of cucumber. Soak the cloth in the prepared juice and put the compress on the skin. In this state, need to stay 30 minutes. After this do not rinse composition, but simply remove the fabric. Wipe a slice of cucumber skin and do not use the cream.

Helpful advice

If you want to tan from the face and to whiten the skin, you need to arm the main means – sunscreen. Choose a composition with a maximum factor. Give preference to children's cosmetics. It rarely causes an allergic reaction.

Before each leaving the house is necessary to cause the protective composition to the skin. This will help protect delicate fresh dermis, which appears as a result of the use of bleach compositions. It is worth saying that without sunscreen all of your manipulations will be useless. Sunburn will appear on your face again.

Summing up the article

You now know how to whiten face from sunburn in the home or with the purchase funds. Remember that before you use any composition you need to test. To do this, apply on elbow a little prepared money and wait a few hours. In the presence of redness is to abandon the use of the composition. If Allergy has not arisen, then the drug can be applied on the skin and enjoy the result.

Home remedies do not give an immediate effect, but they are safer than various chemical compounds. Be beautiful and healthy!