In creating the make-up is very important every detail, which is why many ladies decide to change the hue of the eyebrows. But if earlier they were made more expressive, now clarified. The procedure can be performed under professional conditions. How to lighten eyebrows? This will help simple instructions. Just be aware that back to dark eyebrows will be more difficult.

Where did this fashion come from?

For the first time the fashion to lighten eyebrows appeared after the actress Brigitte Bordeaux changed their color after dyeing. Some time this new product was not used, but in 2010, fashion show stylists to lighten my eyebrows. But not so long ago was more important innovation – their outline with black pencil.

How to lighten eyebrows at home: step by step instructions, procedure description and recommendations

Now clarification is carried out in different ways. And it is not necessary to carry out the procedure in the cabin, as it can be done at home. It is enough to follow all the rules, and you will get an excellent result.

Whom is clarification suitable for?

Even if this procedure became fashionable, it is necessary to consider your style, since such changes are not for everyone. Is it possible to lighten eyebrows, tell the specialist. Procedure can be performed:

  • brunettes, having dark-blond or chestnut hair, repainted in blonde;
  • blondes with a light or pale skin tone.

Only in these cases, clarification will make the person harmonious, and also will help to hide shortcomings.


Before you become acquainted with how to lighten the tattoo of eyebrows at home, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with contraindications. Often, it is not necessary to change their color:

  • with tanned skin;
  • with allergic reactions to coloring agents;
  • if the daily make-up uses dark shadows and foundation.

How to lighten eyebrows at home, so they looked harmoniously? You need to pre-test this change. For this to apply concealer, and then powder my eyebrows. If I liked the result, it is possible to perform the procedure. If you have any doubts it is advisable to visit the salon. And this procedure is carried out by different methods.

If there is a fear to spoil the appearance, brownie arc to make bright makeup. With this method you will be able to get used to the updated image. For dark-skinned girls are more suitable beige shade, but the blondes, it is desirable to choose the color of ivory. How to lighten eyebrows? This will help simple instructions:

  • hairs should be combed and evenly laid;
  • the brush dips in the shade, after which it is easy to hold it on the eyebrow;
  • it is necessary to perform feathering so that there are no noticeable boundaries.

Shadows can be replaced with matting powder, but then you need to do extra make-up. If clarification has approached, then you should choose the appropriate method.

Hydrogen peroxide

The product is used for many cosmetic procedures. The use of this method has its advantages:

  • does not require large investment of funds;
  • it is effective;
  • available.

When the hairs are exposed to the peroxide, melanin (the colour pigment) will be generated. During the procedure should be done carefully. If the agent gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with. You will need hydrogen peroxide (3%), brush, shampoo, brush, water, vaseline.

How to lighten brows with peroxide? It is important to follow the following steps:

  • the face needs to be cleaned of cosmetics;
  • rinse hair with shampoo;
  • get them wet with a towel;
  • line contour to form vaseline, which protects against skin irritation;
  • water (1 glass) is mixed with peroxide (0.5 tsp);
  • the product is applied with a brush;
  • wait more than 15 minutes;
  • then you have to rinse your eyebrows.

If the eyebrows were black, then a second procedure may be required. It should be done only after 3 days. Then the result will be more noticeable. After this, a standard care is required.

Use of herbs

This method is simple and safe, but the disadvantage is slow action. How to lighten eyebrows with herbs? First you need to prepare a decoction of chamomile flowers (1 tablespoon) brewed in boiling water (1 Cup). Components you need to boil in a water bath. The tool should sit for an hour.

When the solution is cold, add the calendula and lemon juice (a few drops). The tool can be applied at most 2 times a day. The results will be visible only after a few weeks, therefore the owners of rich black eyebrows, this method is not suitable.

Whitening cream

Specialty creams are sold in stores that perform high-quality lightening of dark hairs on the face. After buying such a tool, you need to familiarize yourself with the composition and the instruction.

How to lighten eyebrows this cream? The procedure is simple. It is sufficient to clean the skin, and then you can apply the cream for 2 minutes. Overdo it should not be, because it is dangerous getting a burn. Such funds have a drying effect, so then the skin is treated with moisturizing cream. If his eyebrows are dark, you will need repeated treatments.

Application of paint

For these purposes there is a lightening dye for eyebrows. To perform the procedure at home will help simple instructions. You need to pre-adjust the shape of the eyebrows. It is important to know if there is an Allergy to remedy. To do this, dissolve the mixture and then put it behind his ear. If during the day did not appear adverse reactions, then you can begin to work.

To prepare the coloring composition, it is necessary 10 drops of oxygen mixed with 2 ml of product. This proportion is common, but the specific recipe can be found in the instructions. The composition needs to be whipped to make a foam. Applied to the skin greasy cream.

How to lighten permanent makeup eyebrows? The paint is applied with a special brush, starting from the nose, turning to place his temple. The movement should be done repeatedly. If there are empty seats, they should be shaded. Typically, the paint acts about 10 minutes. After that you remover: with a cotton swab dipped in warm milk or water, and then treated with eyebrows.

Within 3 days after the procedure do not need to use cosmetics for the eyebrows. You should not be under direct sunlight. Several times a week eyebrows smeared with olive or castor oil. To care using special tools to improve the condition of the skin.

Types of paints

When buying, you need to pay attention to the type of eyebrow paint, as this affects the comfort and quality of the procedure. According to the consistency of the funds are the following types:

  • cream paint: has a soft consistency;
  • capsules based on henna: the drug is conveniently dosed;
  • gel-paint: has a jelly-like consistency;
  • permanent paint: used in salons.

Among such assortment there is sure to be something suitable. The most permanent is permanent paint. You should not use it at home, because you can get an undesirable result, and color output is not so simple.

What color is better to choose a paint, because it has a variety of shades? Coloring compositions can be brown, black, light. Every color has a tone. Choose a shade you need to your appearance.

One of the best colors of Russian manufacturers include Estel, Concept, “Rokolor”, “swallowtail”, “Elitan”. If you consider foreign products, you should give preference to the Elan, Color, Londa, Nexxt, Favorit. Each tool has its own manual, where the prescribed exposure time, the rules apply and particular care.

Elimination of defects

Many women often change the image by using the coloring curls. But if from brunette to blonde to become not as difficult with the eyebrows not so simple. Often there are situations when even the coloring didn't help and the result is not much. But permanent color change is very harmful. How to lighten black eyebrows? In this case, the help of castor or olive oil.

First, the oil must be heated to moisten in it a cotton pad and handle eyebrow. The absorption occurs a few hours, after which the tool is removed with a clean cotton swab. Note that immediately the eyebrows light may not be obtained.

Bleaching of the eyebrows is not considered to be a complex procedure, because in the salon and at home to cope with it easily. If you do not want to much light hairs, then keep the composition should be less. You must choose the right tool, read instructions carefully and perform the staining. By following these rules, you get to change the color of the eyebrows very quickly.


The procedure has some features, taking into account which it will be possible to carry out clarification correctly. During the procedure, several simple tips should be considered:

  • after clarification hair care is necessary, as their condition considerably worsens: vegetable oils with vitamins A, B, E (in the liquid state) are used for this;
  • should take into account that not all procedures are successful, so you should choose the appropriate means: apply it evenly and do not overdo it;
  • it is important to focus not only on fashion, but on your appearance, because many women do not need to perform clarification;
  • if in doubt, it is better to consult a specialist;
  • if the eyebrows became very light, then you can tint them with a pencil;
  • the paint for procedures should be diluted in a glass or plastic container;
  • do not use overdue products;
  • a product for painting in a dark, dry place;
  • it is necessary to choose the shape of the eyebrows that fits to the exterior.

Given these simple rules, will implement the clarification carefully. Only you should ensure that the chosen method is not to get a negative result. Your eyebrows will be perfectly combined with natural makeup.