The fashion for tanning gradually loses its relevance. It was replaced by a trend of light, marble skin, and with it a gentle, subtle image, the beauty of which lies primarily in naturalness.

Bright skin

Now light tan or its complete absence is in fashion. This has its advantages, given that ultraviolet contributes to photo-aging and drying of the epidermis. In addition, lightening of the skin hide scars, eliminates pigmentation and gives freshness to the face. However, not everyone is lucky to get such a gift from nature - light, smooth skin. Then you have to find different methods that can help in this matter. How to lighten the skin? Products that are in the arsenal of almost any hostess are quite suitable for this. Nature offers women natural substances that help preserve and prolong youth not only of the face and skin, but also of the whole body.

How to lighten the skin at home

Many skin lightening agents contain, as a rule, acid. One of the most common foods used for these purposes is lemon. Owners of oily skin its juice can be applied in its pure form. However, you should be wary of allergic reactions. The best way to use is to prepare a mask, lotion, or any other cosmetic product at home. For normal skin, the following recipe is suitable. You will need a teaspoon of lemon juice, as much honey and a tablespoon without a hill of oatmeal. They must first be steamed with a small amount of boiling water. All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed, then applied to the face for about a quarter of an hour. After the specified time, the mask should be washed off with warm water.

Lemon lotion

How to lighten the skin at home? An effective method is the treatment of lemon-based lotion. To do this, you will need about 100 ml of purified water, which is best placed in a container with a spray. There is also added a teaspoon of lemon juice. Such an easy-to-prepare product should treat the skin areas where there is pigmentation. The procedure should be carried out daily in the morning and evening. After a week and a half, the skin will acquire an even shade. Clarification occurs due to fruit acid, contained in significant quantities in citrus. In addition, its juice is rich in nutrients, especially vitamin C. How to lighten the skin between your legs? Just this very lotion. A cotton pad soaked in an aqueous solution of lemon juice, it is necessary to treat the skin, avoiding contact with the mucous membrane. This may cause irritation. Wipe the skin should be daily for 7-10 days.

Sour cream and juice

Lemon juice is also mixed with sour cream in equal proportions. This mixture is applied to areas with intense dark pigmentation. The procedure lasts 10-15 minutes, after which the skin must be thoroughly washed with running water.

Lemon rind

How can you lighten your skin? Now we will understand. When such procedures are often used not only the fruit of the lemon, but its whole zest or skin. The fact is that it is rich in essential oils, which also have similar properties. Cutting a small piece from the skins of lemon, you can hold them in areas with strong pigmentation. However, before proceeding with the procedure, a sensitivity test should be carried out to prevent the occurrence of an allergic reaction. In addition to the lightening effect, this method also perfectly helps to soften the skin. It is perfect for owners of oily skin type.

Mask with honey

Also on the basis of zest, there are many masks, for example, with honey and olive oil. This option is best suited for dry and normal skin. To prepare the mask will need one teaspoon of crushed lemon peel, honey and olive oil. The latter, by the way, can be replaced by some other options, such as grape seed oil, almond or peach. All ingredients need to be well mixed and applied to the face, bypassing the sensitive area around the eyes. After about twenty minutes, rinse off the mixture with warm water.

Soda will help!

How to lighten the skin without harm? The next known method is the use of common and versatile in everyday life tools. It's about baking soda. Its advantages are so numerous that it is hardly possible to list them all at once. In home cosmetology, soda is used not only for skin whitening, but also for teeth. It is quite mild in its degree of exposure, but its excessive use can lead to dryness. But with the use of soda, you will not only find the answer to the question of how to lighten the skin of the face, but also solve the problem of keratinization of the upper layer. But overdoing in this case leads to the appearance of microcracks.

To avoid such troubles, it is necessary to add neutralizing ingredients to the cosmetic along with the soda. For example, a teaspoon of honey added to a face whitening mask can moisturize and slightly nourish the skin. Then the soda will not have a strong impact. It should also be clarified that its effect is more likely to exfoliate, due to which the skin lightens. Mask with soda and honey should be applied to the face for no more than ten minutes. Then you need to thoroughly wash with cool water.

Facial yogurt

How to lighten the skin at home with the help of natural yogurt? In general, any fermented milk product without preservatives and dyes will be suitable for this procedure, that is, in pure form. The required amount is one tablespoon. You will also need a small piece of gauze, folded several times (until a square of about 2x2 cm is formed). With its help, you should apply yogurt, kefir or sour milk on your face and gently make movements in a circle, then wet it again in a fermented milk product and again process the face. The procedure should be performed in 3-5 approaches at a time.

The main thing is not to rub the skin. With the help of light movements, the structure of gauze fabric and lactic acid pigmentation is lightened even after the first time. The result also depends on the intensity of tanning.

Skin scrubbing

How to lighten the skin at home? Effective methods also include scrubbing, that is, cleansing with a delicate mechanical effect. You can independently prepare a tool that will perfectly cope with this task. To do this, chop the oat flakes in the amount of one teaspoon and add to them the same amount of liquid honey. Crumb grains perfectly cleanse and remove dead skin particles. Honey, in turn, will have a soothing and moisturizing effect. After application, you should massage the skin with light circular movements (to produce several similar approaches). Then you should wash your face with cool water. If necessary, apply a moisturizer.

Tonal foundation and powder

How to quickly lighten the skin? For this there are express methods. All of them, as a rule, have only a cosmetic effect. After a preliminary and thorough cleansing of the skin surface from dirt and dead particles, a lightening cream can be applied. After some time, when it is fully absorbed, you can use a special powder. Its shade should be chosen from the palette of light, but in this case it is very easy, of course, to overdo it. In order not to get the effect of a geisha or a doll with a marble face, it is not necessary to impose a very dense layer. It is only necessary to slightly powder those areas where the skin is the darkest. For such purposes, you can also use the usual baby powder. But it is necessary to do it very carefully so as not to become similar to the clown.

Also in cosmetology use techniques in which creams lighten the skin. Thanks to special tools, you can achieve a striking effect. In this way, for example, they get rid of pigmentation. However, care should be taken in the procedures, since the main active ingredient is a substance called hydroquinone. For a long time, this ingredient was banned, because in the course of the research it was found out that it is carcinogenic and may be harmful to health. Among other active substances with a whitening effect, bearberry or beta arbutin are often used in cosmetology. Their tests at a certain stage also showed similarities with the properties of a carcinogen.

Another substance used in bleaching cosmetics is kojic acid. Its two percent concentration is very effective and at the same time safe for the skin and the body as a whole. The use of special creams can be made in the conditions of beauty salons and offices, as well as independently, at home.

How to lighten the skin in this way? Very simple. You just need to follow the instructions of a particular tool. As a rule, creams are applied once a day on previously cleaned or scrubbed skin. These funds have a whitening effect of varying degrees of intensity, which should be taken into account when using. Apply the cream can be both for the face and for the body, because problems with dark areas are everywhere.

Cucumber + cream

The areas with darker pigmentation also include the inner surface of the thigh, closer to the groin, and areas located in close proximity to the genitals. How to lighten the skin in intimate places? There should be chosen more benign methods, because this area is very sensitive. For these purposes, a mask from one part of cucumber and whitening cream is well suited. Ingredients should be taken in equal proportions. The mixture is applied to the pigmented areas for ten minutes, then carefully washed off under a flowing stream of water.

Face cleaning

Before lightening the skin, it should be thoroughly cleaned, after all, perhaps the dark areas are not pigmentation at all, but merely horny particles. Having got rid of them, you will notice that the skin immediately became lighter and more uniform. Also, after the cleaning procedure, the metabolism and the general condition are normalized. Among all the bleaching products, it is better to give preference to natural ones.