Sometimes men do not buy their own clothes on their own; mothers, girlfriends, wives, and colleagues do it for them. There are cases that a man orders his jeans or pants through online shopping. And in fact, and in another case, you need to know the correct size. Also, a table of men's pants sizes is necessary if you purchase branded clothing with European measurements and symbols.How to determine the size of jeans


As a rule, in America there are two types of measurements. The first is the waist circumference (W), the second is the length of the trousers along the inner seam (L). Russian buyers are often confused in size, as the American versions are not indicated in our usual centimeters, but in inches. How to determine the correct size in this case? There are two simple methods.

Deductive method

If you are familiar with the size table of men's trousers and jeans in the Russian version, then you can easily translate it into American style. For example, you wear size forty six. It is necessary to subtract 16 from this figure. You will end up with a waist girth (W). Consequently, the size of jeans or trousers in the US version will be the 30th.

Laboratory method

The second definition is considered more accurate. First, determine the size of the pants. Take the pants that you like and sit right. Carefully lay them out on a flat surface, fasten a button. Now we carry out measuring manipulations. Measure the length from one side of the belt to the other. The result obtained, respectively, multiplied by two, and it turns out in the end waist girth. So ordinary trousers are chosen.

How about jeans? As is known, this material tends to stretch with constant wear. If you use measurements as for trousers, in most cases you will not get the result you need - “sit as it should.” It is recommended to take one inch from the result of the result in the case of jeans. In this case, the jeans will initially tighten the figure, and after the socks, stretched, they will sit very comfortable.

Conversion to inches

So, knowing your size in centimeters, you need to translate them into American inches. How to do it? Here to help you with a calculator and the knowledge that there is 0.39 inches in one Russian centimeter. For example, measurements of trousers are 40 centimeters. Multiply the value by two and another 0.39. As a result, you will receive the amount of 31.2. Round off and get 31 size jeans in the American version.

So, when buying pants, be sure to look at the label. Remember that in different variations of measurements will be different and the size of men's trousers. The table (Russia and the United States apply different measurement standards) will help determine the correct size. If you do not have the opportunity to try on clothes, take the pants one inch smaller. So you can be sure that a little stretched, they will sit on you perfectly.

Men's jeans

The table of men's pants sizes will differ slightly from the table of jeans. Jeans sizes are always denoted by numbers. The letter designation in such products does not happen.

Sizes in Russia

Men's trousers

If you purchase such an item of clothing as pants, then you will meet a table of men's pants sizes, consisting not only of numbers, but also of letter symbols. As a rule, many manufacturers do not indicate the size in numbers, but simply put the letters on the labels. How to figure it out? Do not be afraid, everything is simple and clear. Take a look.

Sizes in our country

When you buy pants or jeans, not only waist circumference is important, but also length measurement. As a rule, for the American 30 size the length will be equal to 165-172 centimeters, for 32-33 - 175-180 centimeters. For tall men, whose height varies from 185-195 centimeters, sizes 34 and 36 will suit you. Successful acquisitions! Hopefully, the table of men's sizes of trousers and jeans turned out to be useful.

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