Sometimes men do not buy their own clothes for themselves, mothers, girlfriends, wives, and colleagues do it for them. There are times when a man orders jeans or pants through online stores. And in either case, you need to know the right size. Also, a table of men's trouser sizes is necessary in case you buy branded clothes with European standards and designations.How to determine the size of jeans


As a rule, in America, there are two types of measurements. The first is the waist circumference (W), the second is the length of the trousers along the inner seam (L). Russian buyers are often confused in size, as the American options are indicated not in the usual centimeters, but in inches. How to determine the correct size in this case? There are two simple methods.

Deductive method

If you are familiar with the table of sizes of men's trousers and jeans in the Russian version, then you can easily translate it into American style. For example, you wear a forty-sixth size clothing. From this figure, you need to take 16. You will end up with a waist circumference (W). Consequently, the size of jeans or trousers in the US version will be the 30th.

Laboratory method

The second version of the definition is more accurate. First determine the size of the trousers. Take the pants that you like and sit well. Carefully spread them on a flat surface, fasten the button. Now we carry out measuring manipulations. We measure the length from one side of the belt to the other. The resulting result, respectively, multiplied by two, and the resulting girth of the waist is obtained. So choose the usual trousers.

How is it with jeans? As you know, this material has the property of stretching with a constant toe. If you use measurements for both trousers, in most cases you will not get the result you want - "sit right". From the result obtained, the measure in the case of jeans is recommended to take one inch. In this case, initially jeans will pull up the figure, and after the socks, stretched out, they will sit very comfortably.

Translation in inches

So, knowing your size in centimeters, you need to translate them into American inches. How to do it? Here to help you the calculator and the knowledge that in one Russian centimeter is 0.39 inches. For example, measurements of trousers are 40 centimeters. Multiply the value by two and another by 0.39. As a result, you will receive an amount of 31.2. Round off and get 31 size jeans in the American version.

So, when buying pants, we always look at the label. We remember that in different variations of measurements the sizes of men's trousers will also differ. Table (Russia and the United States apply different measurement standards) will help determine the correct size. If you do not have the opportunity to try on clothes, take the trousers one inch less. So you can definitely be sure that by stretching slightly, they will sit on you perfectly.

Men's Jeans

The table of men's trouser sizes will differ slightly from the table of jeans. Denim sizes are always denoted by numbers. There is no letter designation in such products.

Dimensions in Russia

Men's trousers

If you get such an element of clothing as pants, then you will encounter a table of men's trousers, consisting not only of numbers, but also of letters. As a rule, many manufacturers do not specify the size in numbers, but simply put letters on the labels. How to understand? Do not be scared, everything is simple and clear. Look.

Sizes in our country

When you buy pants or jeans, not only waist circumference is important, but also length measurements. Typically, for the American 30 size, the length will be 165-172 centimeters, for 32-33 - 175-180 centimeters. For tall men, the growth of which varies from 185-195 centimeters, the sizes of 34 and 36 will suit. Successful acquisitions! We hope that the table of men's trousers and jeans is useful.

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