Increasingly, the population of Russia thinks about how to pay vehicle tax via “public Services”. The issue appeared relatively recently. Not everyone understands how to deal with the service. Actually paying any taxes through a “public Services”. Just remember a few steps. What the public needs to know? That will help make the tax payment through the above mentioned portal?

The description of the service

“Public services” – a Russian portal that helps online to execute documents and to obtain certain public services. With its help, each resident of the Russian Federation has a right to verify the existing debt, order a passport, apply for a opening of a SP and to perform other such operations.How to pay the vehicle tax through public Services: a step by step guide

To use the service easier than it seems. Despite this, the majority of citizens think, how to pay vehicle tax via “public Services”, and check the existence of the debt. What will it take? Everything will be explained later.

Registration and "My Account"

The main problem is that not all citizens can use the “public Services”. To pay taxes and to learn about the debts are entitled to only the logged in people. By the way, about the institution account on the site will have to worry in advance.

Profile activation takes about 2 weeks. So think about how to pay the vehicle tax through the portal of “public Services” are recommended. If the registration has already been performed, everything will be easier.

In order to access the “my account” on the “public Services”, required:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on "My Account" in the upper right corner of the page. In the window that appears, click on "Register".
  3. Fill in the required fields. Namely: surname, name, mobile phone number of the citizen, password for the entrance.
  4. To fill in a form with data about the person.
  5. To wait for activation of your account.

Also to login to “my account” at the tax authorities. The organization at the place of residence is asked about obtaining a username and password. But this is not the best scenario. How to pay vehicle tax via “public Services” when the profile already has a place?

Debt audits

Everything is easy and simple. Before a citizen may obtain details of the recipient, and information about the upcoming payment. All information is available on the website. How to check vehicle tax through the “public Services”?

To do this, you need to adhere to the following sequence of actions:

From now on it is clear how to find out the transport tax through the Internet. "State services" will help you get information about the forthcoming payment without much difficulty. Just a few minutes - and it's done.

Payment methods

The following caveat, to which you should pay attention to all citizens is how to make money while you pay tax debts. What options exist?

Proposed to date:

  • cash
  • non-cash payments.

In the first case, a separate payment receipt will be generated, ready for printing. She'll have to go to the bank with her. Not the best way. Especially for those who want to conduct all operations online.

Non-cash payment allows you to pay in cash for tax:

  • Bank map
  • using e-wallets.

Nothing special or difficult in the process. But these methods are slightly different from each other. How to pay the transportation tax through the "Gosslugi" online? What steps have to be taken in this or that way?

Bank transfer electronic wallet

Just a few actions - and it's done. The user should adhere to a small algorithm that will help pay the transport tax. And not only him.

Looks instructions for Bank transfer via e-wallet as follows:

Everything is simpler than it seems. Only most often the population asks the question about how to pay the transport tax through the "State Service" bank card. Such operations are encountered in practice in most cases.

Bank card

Manual is a little different from the operations with the electronic wallet. The principle of action about the same. But some things will still be different. What are you talking about? How to pay vehicle tax via “public Services” through Bank plastic?

A citizen who wants to pay off his payments online should follow the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Go to “my account” on the portal “public Services”.
  2. Select the desired tax notice and click on the "Pay" button.
  3. Note "Cashless settlement", then select the bank whose card is used for payment.
  4. Enter the card details in the designated fields.
  5. Check the correctness of the data and confirm the payment of tax.

Nothing more is required. You should pay attention to the fact that the payment is made once the money into the account of the recipient organization are transferred after some time. You can wait a few days and then check the existence of a debt previously mentioned method.


From now on it is clear how to pay the transport tax through the "State services" online. This process allows you to easily repay any debt. It is enjoyed by modern users.

The obvious advantage of surgery is that it is not necessary to have a payment system – it is obtained by free informing of citizen about the availability of certain debts. Therefore, in the process, the population is free from paperwork.

Perhaps this is all useful and important information which should be communicated to each taxpayer. A similar method is proposed to pay not only the transport tax, but also other debts. Importantly, as has been said, be warned beforehand about the existence of an account on the portal “public Services”. Without it there is no sense to translate the idea into reality.

As a rule, commission for operations is not charged. In any case, if it is a bank card. But electronic wallets sometimes request a commission for paying with taxes.