More and more often, citizens are interested in how to pay tax through the terminal of Sberbank. This process greatly simplifies the life of the population. After all, the terminals of Sberbank allow you to deposit money for one or another of the invoices unassisted. For example, pay a fine or tax, as well as close the debt on housing and communal services But for the procedure requires to know about some features of the process. Which ones? How can I pay taxes using payment terminals from Sberbank? All this will be discussed below.

About payment methods

First of all, you have to decide how to deposit money in the terminal. From this will depend directly on the answer to the question of how to pay tax through the terminal of Sberbank. Step by step instructions will be slightly different in one way or another.How to pay tax through the terminal of Sberbank: step by step instructions

To date, you can make funds in the following ways:

  1. Pay bills by bank transfer. To do this, the citizen must have a Sberbank card. In this case, the instruction will look longer.
  2. Pay by receipt with cash. Not the best, but a faster way to pay bills in the terminals from Sberbank.

More and more often in practice there is a cashless settlement. It allows you to not worry about how much cash to deposit in the terminal. Especially when it comes to small amounts. Terminals do not accept coins, only bills.

Features of making money

How to pay tax through the terminal of Sberbank? Cashless payment brings less hassle. But at the same time, the payer must have a plastic card from Sberbank. Other plastic machines are not accepted.

Cash is an additional problem for some taxpayers. Terminals do not give change. Therefore, the cash balance can be transferred to any phone number. For example, myself. Accordingly, it is necessary to bring the amount of money deposited in the terminal to the upcoming payment as close as possible.

Once a citizen has decided how he will pay taxes, you can proceed directly to action. In fact, everything is not so difficult. A few simple steps - and it's done. How to pay tax through the terminal of Sberbank? What is required for this?

What you need to pay

How to pay transport tax through the terminal of Sberbank? Or any other is not so important. For this process, the citizen must prepare:

  1. Identification. More precisely, the passport. It is required to enter data about the payer.
  2. Payment receipt. It should contain the amount of tax paid, as well as the details of the recipient of funds.
  3. Phone. Not necessarily, but it is desirable to have it with you.
  4. Bank card or cash. In the second case, it is recommended to take the amount as close as possible to the upcoming payment. This is necessary in order to avoid additional costs. When it comes to paying with a card, a citizen should just remember the pin code from his plastic.

Nothing more is required. As a rule, you can get by with the card / money, as well as with the details and knowledge of the exact amount of the forthcoming payment.

As a rule, Sberbank payment terminals are installed in branches of the same name bank. It is here that it is recommended to come in order to figure out how to pay tax through this machine.

How to pay tax through the terminal of Sberbank? In the first situation (cash payment), it’s enough just to go to the car and in the menu choose “Payments in my region” (or something like that, the inscriptions may differ, but the meaning remains the same).

But the cashless settlement requires compliance with the following algorithm:

Search recipient and details

  • payment with details;
  • TIN of the recipient;
  • payment Description;
  • name of the organization / branch of the recipient company.

Searches in several ways. More specifically, you can either read the special barcode on the payment automatically, or use the recipient’s details.

Further, the process is not too difficult. How to pay land tax through the terminal of Sberbank? After searching for the recipient, it is required to fill in the details and data on the payer and the tax, if necessary, to deposit money in the bill acceptor, then confirm the payment.

Cashless payments

  1. In the menu that appears, select “Search Payee”.
  2. Search for the organization that sent the payment order to pay the tax. You can select “By barcode”. In this case, you will have to bring a payment notification to a special reading radar on the car with a bar code. A read will occur and the payer will be found immediately. If you select “By INN”, you will have to manually enter the TIN of the organization with the payment order and click on “Search”. In the list issued, the tax office is selected. Sometimes you need to immediately select the type of payment.
  3. Check the details for payment. They will appear on the terminal screen. If everything is correct, you can click on “Continue”.
  4. Confirm the operation. Then you can choose either “Work with card further”, or “Return card”.

Such a scenario is actually eliminating the citizen from the need to enter information about the payer. Therefore, many people prefer this particular method of payment. But there is also cash. He, too, is in demand among the population.

In cash

The instruction is as follows:

  1. Select in the menu of the machine “Search recipient”.
  2. Find an organization that is the sender of the receipt and the recipient of money. To do this, you can use the barcode or TIN corporation.
  3. Choose the name of the payment and the tax service department if the terminal requires it.
  4. Check the details of the recipient.
  5. Enter payer information. This is usually F. I. O. date and city of birth, registration.
  6. Dial on the screen the amount due for tax payment. Sometimes this step is skipped automatically - the payment is determined by itself.
  7. Deposit money into the bill acceptor.
  8. Select the mobile operator on the screen and dial the number to which to transfer the change from the payment. Attention: this step appears only when the amount paid is higher than the tax.
  9. Take a check confirming the payment of tax.

Now I understand how to pay land tax through the terminal of Sberbank or any other. All other payments are made in the same way.

In fact, tax payment through the terminals of Sberbank is not such a difficult process as it may seem at first glance. It is enough to decide in advance for yourself exactly how to pay with the tax authorities.

Each citizen must keep a payment receipt issued by the terminal (regardless of the chosen method of depositing money). He will be able to confirm the fact of payment with the state in case of problems with the receipt of funds to the tax authorities.