Doctors say that high-quality alcoholic beverages in small doses are not only harmful, but even beneficial to health. Nevertheless, noisy feasts, friendly gatherings and other activities are often accompanied by excesses, which subsequently lead to intoxication of the body. In this case, you just need to know how to cleanse the body of alcohol.

How to cleanse the body of alcohol: at home?

A little physiology

In order to understand how to cleanse the body of alcohol, it is necessary to understand what happens with alcoholic beverages when they get inside. So, already in the first hours after drinking, from 10% to 30% of alcohol leaves the body independently (by physiological means). But the remaining 70-90% fall into the liver.

Under the influence of a certain set of enzymes, alcohol begins to break down. So, one of the results of this reaction is acetaldehyde. For liver cells, this substance is the most dangerous. But the process of decomposition ends with the formation of acetic acid. It is in this form that alcohol is finally excreted from the body.

Despite the fact that in theory everything looks quite simple, in fact, detoxification is a complex and lengthy process. The period of processing and removal of alcohol from the body takes 21 days. Thus, people who drink alcohol often have a constant intoxication of the body, and the liver has a tremendous burden.

The main symptoms of intoxication

The choice of how to cleanse the body after alcohol depends on how intoxication is manifested. So, she may have the following symptoms:

  • a complete breakdown and a strong feeling of fatigue, which can last for a long time;
  • distracted attention and difficulty remembering information;
  • the appearance of allergic reactions to products and preparations that were previously perceived by the body normally;
  • aversion to the smell of alcohol, perfume and household chemicals;
  • strong headache;
  • swelling of the face;
  • dark circles under the eyes;
  • skin rash;
  • a sharp increase in hair loss;
  • deterioration of complexion;
  • physical weakness, which makes impossible even minor physical exertion;
  • severe dryness of the skin up to flaking;
  • nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Express solution

There are a huge number of ways to clean the body from alcohol at home. It is good if you have a whole day to rest in bed and recover from a hangover. But if you need to recover quickly, try these methods:

  • before breakfast, take activated charcoal at the rate of 1 tablet for every 10 kg of body weight;
  • start the morning with plenty of water (you can with lemon or honey), continuing to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day;
  • on an empty stomach it is recommended to drink a concentrated decoction of oats (if there is no time or effort to prepare it, you need to have a rich breakfast with products that are characterized by a high content of fiber);
  • a contrast shower will help to cheer up and eliminate the main symptoms (you can also take a walk in the fresh air);
  • if dizziness and nausea are absent, force yourself to do light exercise;
  • as a breakfast you need to eat rice porridge without salt, spices and other additives (it will play the role of absorbent);
  • to ensure the diuretic effect in the morning it is necessary to take chamomile decoction or drink a cup of strong tea.

Folk methods

If the hangover syndrome is not strong, and there are no signs of poisoning, it is possible to clear the body of alcohol at home. For this fit some popular recipes, namely:

  • Honey is one of the most effective products for detoxification. It has both diuretic and diaphoretic effects, and is also able to neutralize the effects of a number of toxic substances. To clean the blood, it is recommended every hour to dissolve a teaspoon of honey (if you do not like this product, dissolve it in water).
  • Instead of the usual tea, drink a decoction of dried nettle. This herb has a strong diuretic effect, and also restores the function of the intestine and pancreas.
  • Twice a day, take a decoction of dandelion roots. For its preparation, a tablespoon of herbs is boiled in a glass of water. After half an hour, the broth must be removed from the heat and filtered.
  • On an empty stomach you need to drink a glass of fresh beet juice with the addition of a spoon of sunflower oil. Given that this tool has a pronounced laxative effect, do not drink it before going to work.
  • The infusion of thyme, yarrow, juniper berries, and St. John's wort has a pronounced cleansing effect. Mixing all in equal proportions, pour 2 spoons of raw material with a glass of boiling water. Within 10 days you need to drink half a glass of money (divided into several receptions).

Recovery of the internal organs

After taking a large amount of alcohol, the question of how to cleanse the body always comes up. Almost all internal organs suffer from alcohol. For their recovery is to take the following measures:

  • To normalize the work of the brain take the means of restoring blood vessels. This will increase the flow of oxygen and accelerate blood circulation.
  • To restore the liver, you need to adhere to a strict diet, which excludes the consumption of fatty foods. You can also resort to taking special preparations (for example, Essentiale).
  • The kidneys suffer because most toxins are eliminated through the excretory system. In this regard, you need to drink as much clean water as possible (we also allow diuretic intake).
  • Improvement of the pancreas involves the establishment of proper diet and diet. To prepare the body for normal operation, half an hour before meals, drink some warm water.
  • Alcohol negatively affects the condition of the skin (in particular, because a significant part of toxins leaves the body through sweat). To improve the condition of the epidermis, wash with herbal decoctions, massage your face with cosmetic ice, regularly do peeling, and walk in the fresh air.

Some more tips

There are many ways to cleanse the body of alcohol. Follow these helpful tips:

  • drink as much pure water as possible without gas;
  • refuse coffee;
  • refuse smoked and pickled products;
  • relieve symptoms of severe intoxication and quickly improve the condition will help gastric lavage;
  • after each meal, drink green tea (you can add ginger);
  • significantly speeds up the detoxification process of taking vitamins A and E;
  • a soothing drug like “glycine” helps to oxygenate the brain;
  • take succinic acid, which can be purchased at the pharmacy;
  • to strengthen the body during the period of cleansing, drink carrot juice;
  • ascorbic acid has a good cleansing effect (citrus fruits also help).

Health care

How to cleanse the body of alcohol and nicotine, if the form of intoxication is severe? This is only possible in a hospital. Qualified doctors can perform the following procedures:

  • hemosorption - filtering the blood in order to cleanse it from toxic substances;
  • plasmapheresis - removal from the body of the plasma affected by toxins;
  • hemodialysis - kidney cleansing;
  • intravenous administration of special drugs (usually put a drip).

Common mistakes

To recover and improve health after a feast, it is important to completely clear the body of alcohol. However, not everyone is doing it right. So, the most common mistakes of detox are the following:

  • Many people think that if you soak up the next morning after a feast, you will remove all the consequences. Nevertheless, the situation is only getting worse, because the body receives a new portion of toxins.
  • Do not trust pharmacy drugs. Advertised pills can only relieve symptoms and symptoms of intoxication. But they do not possess the ability to bind and remove toxic substances from the body.
  • Not only harmful, but even dangerous to take charges of herbs that cause aversion to alcohol. Most of these plants are poisonous, and therefore, in addition to alcohol intoxication, you can also get serious poisoning. This also applies to dietary supplements, which are distributed through pharmacies and private representatives.
  • Often, aspirin is taken to eliminate headaches.
    But if the condition is tolerable, it is better to refuse medications, because they irritate the walls of the stomach.

How to cleanse the body of alcohol before conceiving

Preparation for conception is an extremely crucial moment. The detoxification course should be longer than in any other case. And even if you absolutely do not drink alcohol, cleaning the body will not be superfluous. You should also understand that this procedure is obligatory not only for a woman, but also for a man, because alcohol can worsen the quality of sperm.

It takes about 3-4 months to start preparing for conception. During this period, you must completely abandon the use of alcohol (even in small quantities), as well as smoking. Another prerequisite is proper nutrition. The diet should contain fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as foods with high protein content (fatty fish and white meat). This will help to improve the body and saturate it with vitamins, which are useful both for parents and for the unborn child.

Significantly accelerates the process of cleansing the body receiving herbal decoctions (chamomile works best). But if you do not intend to wait 3 months before conception, it is worth contacting a medical institution. There you will be assigned an accelerated detoxification course. This is a complex of drug and hardware procedures that quickly remove all harmful substances from the body and prepare fertile soil for conception.

Even small doses of alcohol can poison the body for a long time. Therefore, you should not look for ways to quickly cleanse the body of alcohol. This is possible only in a hospital under the close supervision of doctors. As for home techniques, they require time and patience. But the most important thing is to completely abandon the reuse of alcohol until the end of the decay period.