So today we will talk about how to cash in “Yandex.Money.” This can be done in several ways. However, some of them will delight you, some may disappoint. So let's try to understand this difficult and important matter.

Transfer to the account

Well, the first scenario is not that other, as the translation is simply earned or received e-funds to your Bank account. If you asked a question about how can I cash in “Yandex.Money”, and don't know how to do it, you can try this option.How to cash out Yandex

Fast translation

Translation Systems

Well, now you should pay attention to another very interesting way of cashing out electronic money. He appeared relatively recently, but already enjoys great popularity. If you are looking for a way to cash in “Yandex.Money”, you can use the transfer through a special system.

You will see a window where you have to fill out some data. They needed to process the transfer. As a rule, cash can only take in two days after completing the task. Unfortunately, to cash in “Yandex.Money” without a fee in this way will not work. So get ready to spend, and it's not very small. For example, instead of 100 rubles for transfer will have to pay 163 of the ruble. So let's think, what other methods are available in our Arsenal.

Special card

If you are thinking how to cash in “Yandex.Money” on favorable terms, you can use the issue plastic cards from “Yandex”. It reminds of the most common plastic in the Bank, for Deposit only, and to perform various operations can be done in just one or two clicks.

Card issue and delivery is free. But three years of service to the citizens of Russia will cost 149 rubles. If you are wondering about how to cash in “Yandex.Money” in Ukraine or any other country, the service will have to pay 199 roubles. And all this for 3 years.

However, not everyone fits this option. Especially if you already have plastic card on hand. Do not create a “bouquet” of plastic, and then suffer with the translations! So we should think about other ways of cash withdrawal.

Bank card

Next we have on the list is the withdrawal of money on a bank card. If you have already encountered such an operation, then it should not cause you problems. Otherwise, you can just get confused.

So, if you want to cash out the money, then prepare your plastic card details and the amount needed for transfer. Then go to “Payments” in the system and select “Bank card”. It remains to retype all the details into the appropriate fields, and then click to confirm the operation. This transfer usually takes up to 7 days. Not the fastest, but proven and reliable method.

Concerning the fee, you can only say that the payment is charged quite gentle. You don't have to pay 30-40%, and then another and think, when will receives money. Yandex will charge $ 15, and banks – about 3-4% of the performed translation. It is better to pay a small fee than no money or pay.


The last option, which can help you in this issue is the use of a variety of services-intermediaries for cashing. As a rule, they provide translation services on a card in “turbo” mode (1 day), as well as through the payment system.

It's not the best way. Especially when you consider that when using such services, you will have to specify the requisites of your wallet and Bank data. There are cases when users simply remained without money – became victims of scams. So it is best to refrain from such appointment.


So it's time to take stock of our conversation today. As you can see, in the modern world there are a number of fairly easy and fast methods of cashing and withdrawing electronic funds.

The most popular method to this day is the conclusion to a Bank card. It's probably because he is the least “risky”, and is also suitable for storage of money. You can pay with plastic without too much hassle with removing cash.

In principle, you can choose absolutely any option. If you decide to use the site intermediary, it is recommended to first read reviews about the various options. So you can avoid cheating.