All those who do not have the most accurate and beautiful handwriting, even from school, remember how the teacher was scolded for dirt in notebooks and illegible letters. As a child, parents and teachers were forced to sit over notebooks and diligently remove first hooks and sticks, then letters and words. But, as often happens, at such a young age people hardly think about calligraphy. At this time, children want to play more. But in adulthood, there may be a desire to write beautiful letters, because you want people to understand what is written, and do not have to be ashamed of their own handwriting.

How to learn to write beautiful letters

The importance of teaching children calligraphy

It is very important to teach children to write beautiful letters. After all, so much about the people says their handwriting. If you get the same beautiful letters that do not "dance" in rows, then the impression is formed as a neat and competent person. Training should not be compulsive. The child should not just be forced, but interested in the occupation of the letter. Best of all, when everything goes in the form of a game, then memorization comes faster, the child gets pleasure and gets less tired.

How to teach a child to write beautifully

Education can begin long before school. From the age of three, you can teach your baby how to properly hold a pen, how to arrange a sheet of paper in front of you. It is also important how the child sits, how he bends over the notebook, what the height of the table and chair, so take care of this in advance. Immediately, the child will not be able to write beautiful letters, so take your time and start with hooks, points, sticks, zigzags, circles. Tell the child that you draw koloboks, worms, etc. then your child will love this idea, and he will not be bored. To begin with, give classes no more than 10-15 minutes a day and do not dwell on one thing, always bring in new classes and remember the lessons you have learned before.

Teaching children in primary school age

When your child goes to school, you should not put everything on teachers. Do not forget that you are the main teacher in training and education, and it depends only on you who the child will grow up to. After your child has come from lessons, do not throw yourself on him right away with homework, do not try to make him a know-it-all - the psyche suffers from unnecessary stress. Let your child do his own work, call him for a walk, and only then remind him that it's time to do homework.

The room should be well lit, ventilated, the temperature should be comfortable, and the baby should not be disturbed, so turn off the TV and music for a while. If something doesn’t work out for him, then you shouldn’t shout, it can discourage any desire to learn.

How to teach a child to write beautiful letters of the Russian alphabet

Ask the child to sit straight. The feet touch the floor, the shoulders are flat, the hands are on the table, the left hand is supported by itself, the notebook is at a slight angle. You should not press hard on the handle, the movements should be smooth so that your hand is less tired. Show your child how the beautiful letters of the alphabet should look. Ask him to repeat it in your example. If it is difficult for him, then offer to circle your letters with your hand. Explain how to start writing each letter. Do not force the child. If he doesn’t work out, leave the next day and take other lessons.

How to learn to write beautifully adult

If at one time you are lazy or no one has helped you learn how to write beautifully, then you need to do it now, because it is never too late to learn. You can find examples of calligraphic handwriting on the Internet, print them out and train. In this case, the main thing is constant practice. If you have free time, then just write, write, rewrite texts. You can not write right away as quickly as you would like, but if you practice writing every day, repeat what you have been through, soon you will get beautiful and neat letters, and the speed of the letter may even increase compared to the original.

Start writing as in childhood - with the letter "O". Many letters are built with the help of an oval, so a smooth and beautiful "O" is already 20% of success. The most important thing is to learn how to write letters so that they are the same, round, smooth, and then you can add curly curls.

Beautiful handwriting. Training

Keep a notebook in the box and on the first sheet write the text in your usual hand. Do not specifically display the letters, it will be needed for comparison. Take a good look at what you do not like. Perhaps these are some flaws, such as uneven handwriting or too small / large letters. But if you write illegible, it is better to change everything. Then write the page slowly, try to print each letter and do not forget to ensure that the hand once again does not strain and wrote freely. Many people, even as adults, hold the wrong handle, but do not want to relearn. But this also depends on the accuracy of the written.

What does handwriting say about people

By the features of handwriting, you can learn about the character of a person, his psychological state, mood, and even health. Large letters indicate that a person is very sociable, likes to be the center of attention. What can be said about the owners of small handwriting. On the contrary, they are closed and shy. If your handwriting is angular, and the lines are cutting, then perhaps an expert will say that selfishness is inherent in you. Round letters characterize a person as a good-natured, open personality. But the correct, calligraphic letters indicate that a person is balanced and restrained.

How to learn to write with your left hand

Left-handers often have a problem with the fact that they quickly get tired when writing. This is due to the fact that they strongly bend the arm so that the text is visible. This causes some trouble. For example, the text may be smeared, but ink remains on the hand. Lay the paper correctly. It should lie closer to the left arm and be tilted to the right. This way you can see what is written and do not get your hands dirty.

Why should I learn to write with my left hand

Recently, it has been increasingly said that the possibilities of the human brain are so great that it is even difficult to imagine. But we use its potential only by a few percent. Perhaps this is just an advertising move to attract more people to trainings and seminars on empowering the brain, but it’s possible that this is true. It is believed that if you learn to write with your left hand, then the hemisphere will be developed in this way, which is responsible for intuition and creative abilities. Therefore, if you decide to engage in any kind of creativity, then you should definitely learn to write with your left hand.

Learning to be left-handed

Put a piece of paper, take one pen in the left and right hand. Try to write something with both hands at the same time. First, in a mirror image, then - from left to right. Knead and train your left hand from time to time. For example, squeeze a tennis ball, try to roll a pencil from finger to finger. Make sure that the light falls directly on a piece of paper, and the shadow of the hand does not obscure the letters. Be engaged in the development of the left hand not only with the help of a letter, but also try to do everyday things with this limb too. The main thing is systematic training. And remember: it is better to give the letter half an hour every day than three hours once a week.