For someone to write by hand today is akin to hunting for mammoths, so their life is unthinkable without the usual program Word. Such people spend money on stationery and paper as senseless. But there are also those who can not do without writing skills: they are schoolchildren, students. Older people often have to deal with the writing of applications, receipts, petitions. Written these documents should be with the help of a pen. Therefore, for this category, it is so important to know how to learn to write quickly.

How to learn to write fast: recommendations and tips

Observe simple rules

Following some rules will help to achieve excellent results in teaching the letter:

  • Furniture for writing should be chosen in suitable. This means comfortable back of the chair, matching table growth. It is unlikely that the training will be successful if people decide to sit in bed or in a chair, using your own knees as a stand for the notebook.

  • Thinking about how to learn to write quickly and beautifully, you need to consider the position of his body. Posture is chosen above all comfortable. The back should be straight, though support for it is the back of the chair. Sitting at the table, you need to check the position of the knees. Ninety degrees – that angle they may be bent.
  • We pay attention to a sheet of paper. It's more correct if it lies slightly to the right of the human torso.

Handle selection

  • Understand on how to learn to write quickly. And our next item will be the selection handles. Can not do here without visiting the office supply departments and stores. And let the choice will be difficult and slow, spent time and effort will still pay off. To meet you need with handles, varying in thickness, shape, material. The choice of rod depends on your preferences. Someone more comfortable to write thin rod, some thick.
  • Are you interested in how to learn to write quickly and beautifully? So, you will have to watch how you hold the pen. Must be used three fingers. Thumb and forefinger will need to keep it. Average is the finger on which the handle will lie. It remains to look at your ring finger and little finger. Bend them a little, to relax and lock in one position. The handle should be held without tension, no squeezing.

Hand training

It happens that all recommendations are met, but the hand, nevertheless, starts to get tired. Then it makes sense to think about her training. Of the additional devices will need an expander. Ten-minute daily lessons will be enough. You can choose a model for both adults and children. By the way, children can buy a special "chewing gum", which helps to develop a brush.

You can try to write lyrics for speed. Then in the allotted time, for example 10 minutes, try to write to the maximum. The timer is today in both hours and in mobile phones.

How to learn how to write quickly and beautifully without errors

Watching the beauty of letters, we should not forget about elementary literacy. If the last item has difficulties, then you can:

  • Spend time on periodic reading out loud.
  • Learning by heart poems.
  • Implementation of special exercises, such as the daily rewriting of book texts on paper.
  • Careful reading of the written text. And you can do it more than once.
  • To verify the knowledge gained, it would be nice to conduct control dictations.

Learning to write with your left hand

Today one more question is urgent: how quickly to learn how to write with the left hand? After all, having developed the skill of writing with this hand, you can increase the level of development of your intuition, creative abilities, as well as a sense of humor. And it is even more important to know how to quickly learn to write with your left hand, if you are right handed.

  • We start with the correct layout of the sheet. To lower the tension of the hands, its upper left corner must be raised above the right one.
  • For left-handers it is much more convenient to grab a pen or pencil higher, so their length should be longer.
  • At the initial stage of learning it is better to use the lined sheet, not to worry about the straightness of lines. You can start with the removal of large printed letters, after proceed to uppercase letters. Do not have to plan only the writing lessons, you can record phone numbers, names of movies. And it is the left hand.
  • Drawing will help develop motor skills of the hand, and to the early learning letter. You need to start with putting the points of the contours of the intended image, after they connect. Another recommendation for those who are interested how to learn to write quickly, this simultaneous drawing of both hands. After it is possible to make a smooth transition to drawing with my left hand.

If fatigue or seizures appear, it is better to rest immediately. The regular conduct of classes will achieve a result in a shorter period. Doing exercises should not take much time. Let it be not a long daily procedure, rather than a recurrent one, which takes more than one hour.

Attention: handwriting

To make it clear for other people with the help of the training division. After working on each letter, move on to writing full words and sentences. Another option is to use notebooks in a cage. In this case, the word output so that the cell can place only one letter.

Compliance with these simple rules and the holding of regular training will improve the technique of writing. And then the appearance of beautiful letters and words on paper will not be far off, and the experience of how to learn to write quickly, will become much less.