How to teach children to blow their nose? This question sooner or later becomes relevant in every family where there is a baby. This skill is necessary for the child during illness, when he is plagued by nasal congestion, and the means for washing are ineffective. For today there are many ways that will help parents to teach their children to fly out.

Why teach a baby blow his nose

Runny nose in children happens very often. The reason for this is a cold and SARS. Some parents do not pay much attention to the rhinitis, mistakenly assuming that he can not cause harm to the child. This is not true.

How to teach children to blow their nose? Simple ways

Runny nose in babies can lead to the following negative consequences:

  • Due to the fact that breathing is difficult, the baby breathes through the mouth, which can cause the development of tonsillitis or the appearance of adenoids.
  • A liquid that flows out of the nose irritates the skin over the baby's upper lip, this can provoke its inflammation and infection.
  • Prolonged cold in children often goes into otitis, which is a big danger for a small child.
  • Violated the work of the respiratory system, because of what the cardiovascular system suffers.
  • The baby quickly becomes tired, becomes irritable, restless and distracted.
  • The child's sleep is disturbed, loss of appetite occurs.
  • There is a risk of allergies.

Therefore, it is necessary to teach the child to blow his nose from a certain age. This will help to avoid possible complications in the common cold.

When to start training

After parents thought about how to teach children to blow their nose, one should think about when to start. But before that you need to remember a few simple rules:

  • To teach a baby to blow his nose should be only during a period when he is absolutely healthy, in good spirits, and his nose breathes freely. Otherwise, mother will only get whims and tantrums.
  • It should be taken into account the fact that at first, perhaps, nothing will be obtained. Therefore, parents should be patient, encourage the baby and adjust it to a positive result.
  • If during the training the kid suddenly fell ill, training should be postponed.

Parents who are wondering how to teach the child to blow his nose in a year, a bit in a hurry. The best time for starting the training is 2 years. One-year-old child still can not understand what adults demand of him.

Methods of teaching two-year-old children

So, how to teach a child to blow his nose? In 2 years of children it is best to teach this skill in a playful form.

To do this, you can use the following games:

On the table you need to put a little feather. If this is not so, you can roll up small pieces of paper. The kid sits at the table and starts to blow on the feather with his mouth. Then Mom asks him to do the same, only with a spout. At the same time, it must be explained that it is possible to blow out air only from one nostril, the other should be covered with a finger.

This way of teaching a barking for very young children. First you need to say loudly "Fuuu", the kid should repeat. Next, the mother offers the child to repeat the phrase with a spout.

For this game, it's not necessary to make planes. They can easily be replaced by candy wrappers, paper, small napkins, pieces of cotton wool, etc. Aircraft should be put on the airfield (palm of the baby) and offer to start. To do this, take a deep breath and blow the air through one nostril. Be sure to demonstrate the way of doing it by example. You can arrange a game-contest "Who will launch more planes".

You can invite the child to play a hedgehog. To do this, you need a hedgehog toy or picture with its image. The adult first shows how the hedgehog puffs. Then the child does the same.

Playing the train like all kids. They are pleased to represent the train. First, explain to the child that the nostrils will replace the chimneys of the locomotive. They need to be hummed in turn.

These games will help parents cope with the difficult task, how to teach children to blow their nose.

Methods of teaching older children

How to teach a child to blow his nose in 3 years? For three-year-olds, the best way to teach a blow-out is a personal example of parents. From this age, children become more independent and can already repeat the actions of an adult. To the child was interested, you can make funny faces.

In case the baby refuses to repeat, you can use the above or other games. For example, children of three years can be suggested to blow out the candle with a mouth, and then with a nose. A good way to learn is to play games while swimming. It is necessary to show the child how it is possible to blow off a foam from a palm. To interest the baby, you can arrange a game-competition.

How right?

How to teach children to blow their nose without causing harm to their own health? If the baby is very blow out the air, then with the common cold, otitis may develop. The kid should understand that it is necessary to clean each nostril in turn. In this case, one must be tightly clamped. To reduce pressure on the eardrums, the mouth should be slightly opened.

You should use napkins and a handkerchief, this will help to properly teach the child to blow his nose. 4 years is the most suitable age for this. The child already knows the purpose of a handkerchief, so you need to learn to apply it when blowing.

Why does not it work?

Sometimes it turns out that the baby does not blow out the air from the nozzle. Despair in this case is not worth it. It is necessary to postpone training for a short time, and after a couple of weeks return to them again. You can choose another way of learning.

There are cases when in the game the baby shows excellent results of training, and at a cold it can not blow your nose. The reason for this may be too thick slime. The child simply can not push her out of her nose. Therefore, parents are advised to flush the baby's nose with a few drops of saline before flaunting.

After washing the nose, you need to wait a bit, the mucus should become more liquid. Most likely, after this procedure, the baby can blow his nose out on his own.


So, how to teach a small child to blow his nose and when to do it? The most optimal age is 2 years. If the child categorically refuses or simply does not understand what they want from him, the training will have to be postponed for a while.

Parents should be well-disposed, they should show patience. You can not force a child to perform actions, he must show interest and desire. Training will be easier if you use the elements of the game. To teach a baby to blow his nose should be only if he is absolutely healthy.