Probably everyone in childhood had to draw a person from some profession. Teachers are often drawn in school: for holidays for greetings, wall newspapers or simply on assignment. The article offers options on how to draw a teacher with the help of various techniques and materials that both the child and the adult helping him will cope with.

How to draw a teacher: step by step instructions

Preparation for drawing

Before you draw a teacher, you need to decide on the composition in accordance with the task. After all, a drawing can be black and white, colored, painted with watercolor, gouache or even oil. It can show the work of a teacher with children, be realistic or cartoon. You can pre-select a picture that will be as close as possible to the desired.

Next - the collection of tools and materials. You will need paper (cardboard, canvas), a simple pencil, an eraser, colored pencils (paints), a ruler (for the accuracy of the image of the training board and pointer).

How to draw a teacher at the blackboard with pencil in stages?

If the drawing is conceived as a natural one, i.e., it depicts a real human figure, then it is carried out in several stages.

  1. The first step before drawing the teacher is to draw a diagram of her figure with a pencil. To do this, draw an oval of the head (without a face and other details), followed by a line of the neck and shoulders and segments that designate hands. All places of the folds of the joints (shoulders, elbows) are indicated by circles.
  2. The oval also outlines the contour of the future body to the waist, and another one - from the waist to the hips. Legs - also segments.
  3. Next, proceed to drawing the face. For symmetry in the center of the oval, a conditional vertical line is drawn - a nose will be drawn on it. Two horizontal lines depict the place where the eyes will be. Another such line below is where the mouth will be. All the preparatory moments are over.

  • The drawing is drawn in more detail on the lines obtained, which help to keep the proportions of a person’s figure. First, draw the eyes, nose and mouth relative to the lines on the oval of the head. Then the oval itself is “covered” with hair - the hairstyle can be different: loose hair, collected in a ponytail or bun. You can draw glasses, wrinkles around the mouth, on the forehead or between the eyebrows.
  • Then carefully trace the costume: dress, skirt, jacket or something else. Do not forget about the hands and drawing fingers. Before you draw the teacher at the blackboard, you need to depict the palm in a fist, in which the pointer is placed. So it will be clearer that this is a teacher.
  • By conventional lines of the legs draw their real outlines. Do not forget about the knees - more convex parts - and shoes.
  • All additional elements: a board, a table, books, flowers, etc. can be drawn after.

How to draw a teacher using watercolor?

Vivid color drawing help create watercolor paints. They are able to give both a saturated shade and softer by diluting them with water. This property helps to make shades in the details of the picture. For example, when depicting a teacher's costume with the help of a darker tone, folds are drawn on the clothes, those places that are obscured by something. Lighter tones will be in those places where the light is supposed to fall.

For such a picture, you need to initially prepare the foundation - draw the whole picture with a simple pencil. Further, all the details are painted with watercolor. For a more expressive picture, a la poster can be drawn around the contours with a felt-tip pen or a gel pen.

How to draw a card with a teacher?

The picture, which was conceived as a gift, does not have to be depicted in the drawing album. It is much more pleasant to congratulate your favorite teacher with a gift decorated with your own hands. The easiest way is to make a postcard. You can make it on regular cardboard or special glossy paper.

But in this case, before you draw a teacher on a postcard, you need to stock up on appropriate colors. If watercolor or gouache is suitable for ordinary paper, then it is better to buy acrylic paints for a glossy finish. With their help, you can decorate in such a way both a cup, a fabric, and a glass frame. The picture will be bright, rich and festive. In order to make it look even more expressive, its details can be cut around using a special acrylic contour.

The main thing in this process is to present the final result depicted before drawing the teacher at the blackboard in pencil in stages. For beginners, of course, it is easier to choose a finished drawing and redraw it. But more importantly - diligence, then the result will exceed all expectations.