Peonies are lush and beautiful flowers that can decorate any vase. Of course, the best way to learn to draw them to purchase them and work with nature. How to draw flowers using pencil and watercolor painting technique will be discussed in given article.

This lesson includes step-by-step drawing with watercolor and pencil for beginning artists.

Peony for beginners

Let's get down to the detail and as simple example, how to paint peonies with a pencil in stages for beginners.

How to draw flowers with pencil and watercolour in stages

We depict only one flower. But for a more complete bouquet, you can draw several colors nearby.

In the first step, make a sketch of the circle and stem. Ensure that the blade was not too thick. Now work on a "cap" of the flower. The petals that are closer to you, draw waves.

Do not push hard on the pencil, as some items you will need to be redrawn or even erased.

Detail your Bud petals. Try to portray them not too haphazard.

All the rounded lines it is necessary to change, while tracing the curves as if they were torn. Pick up the eraser and erase it and draw on top of the new line. Modify the extreme petals of a flower. Watch their form, making it more realistic. Erase the circle that you have drawn initially. More you will not be useful. You should get something similar to the pion.

Now draw the leaves, left and right twig. With this you should have no difficulties.

Your drawing is ready. Now you know how to draw a peony right and realistic. If necessary, it can be painted.

How to draw peonies in pencil in stages

Step 1.  Draw a circle with a stick at the bottom. At first, it will be similar to a dandelion prototype or a lollipop.

Step 2. Within the depicted figures make a mini copy of the same candy. You should have an Eclipse of the sun or moon.

Step 3.  Using the eraser, erase the circles so that they are slightly noticeable, and carefully apply the semicircles that will become future petals. Then add leaves on the trunk.

Step 4. Pion – fluffy flower with lots of petals. Inside the convex shapes add the petals. Particular accuracy is not necessary, because every flower is unique, so feel free to add your own elements.

Step 5.  Erase all the initial pattern patterns. In the middle of the petals draw a line for volume. Your flower should be symmetrical and have the correct shape.

What tools are needed for drawing?

Get ready to create an artistic masterpiece. For drawing you need the following tools:

  • white album sheet (you can also use the paper for watercolors)
  • any hard surface: folder, book, table or drawing board;
  • eraser and sharpened pencil;
  • brush (preferably use a round brush).

After all of the above will be at hand, you can start drawing flowers with watercolors. It's time to tell how to draw a peony. Arm yourself with patience and proceed using the description provided.

How to draw peonies in watercolor in stages?

Instead of one beautiful flower, draw a whole bunch. Once you have learned how to draw a peony in pencil in stages, you can safely proceed to watercolor paints.

Make a preliminary sketch of the bouquet.

The sketch is supposed to be not overly detailed. Using paint will show through the contours of the pencil. Start to paint each flower individually. Pririsovyvat petals, ranging from large lines to smaller contours.

Pay attention to light and shade. Some leaves darker than others. Navigate to the portrayal of the middle flower. The center is always darker than the outer part, due to contact with the lower amount of light. From blossoming peonies, on the contrary, the center gets more light. Figure that white space on your drawing. About the same razreshite and other flowers.

Paint the leaves green with different shades of colors and volume transfer of light and shade. The right side of the upper Bud should be lighter than the left, because the incident light. Don't forget that the large petals are cast more shadows.

It is possible that the first time you are unlikely to make such a difficult pattern. Do not despair, you will learn how to draw beautifully. The more you practice, the more magnificent the picture you will see the process of your work. It's possible that the peony could be the first picture of the future of a talented artist.