With the passage of time, girls and women’s cosmetics bags are growing, adding to new and new items that make it possible to achieve even more impressive results in matters of beauty. One of them is concealer - something that many people still do not know about. However, this tool that definitely deserves your attention, as it allows you to hide so many flaws in both the skin and the shape of your face. In this article you will learn everything that is possible, about this tool - what it is, what it is used for, how to apply concealer, what mistakes should be avoided. All this will be very useful for you: as soon as you try to use it, you will immediately realize that this is a very useful thing. Most attention will be paid to exactly how to apply concealer correctly - after all, many girls make some mistakes that do not lead to the best result.

What it is?

How to apply concealer on the face correctly?

However, before considering the question of how to apply concealer, it is necessary to understand in detail what it is all about. Many people believe that concealer is no different from a concealer or base for makeup, but in reality this is far from the case. This tool is designed to hide specific defects of your skin, as well as contouring - giving your face certain more attractive and clear features. So if you have any skin imperfections, such as acne, black dots, redness, freckles, or scratches, this remedy is definitely useful. But if you learn how to use concealer, you will be able to perform much more complex and interesting actions with your skin. That is why you should study in more detail how to apply concealer.

Shade selection

So, let's start with the basics. If you want to know how to apply concealer on your face, you need to determine which option you should choose. Everything is quite simple here: the choice of this element of your cosmetic bag is made in the same way as the choice of foundation or powder. The makeup should be as close as possible to your skin so that it does not create a contrast with those places where it will not be applied, for example, with the skin color on the neck. If you use additional tools, such as a make-up base, you also need to focus on the tone of this product so that color mixing does not occur - the effect can be very unpredictable. However, this applies only to the basic concealer, but there are also color variations. What are they needed for? In what situations to use them? This is what will be discussed below.

Color concealers

When you are trying to figure out how to apply concealer correctly, you should definitely pay attention to the color of the product. It is with the choice of shade associated with a large number of errors made by girls and women. The fact is that a color concealer is a special means, and each color plays its part. So you can't just pick the color you like the most and use it. Each of them is used in a specific situation in order to hide certain shortcomings. There can be a lot of different tones, however it is worthwhile to single out a few basic ones, and then, starting from them, consider shades.

So green concealer is used to mask a wide variety of inflammations. If you have a pimple jumped out, an unpleasant rash appeared or there is a scar on the face, then you should choose this color. Pink color is suitable in order to mask the spots on the face, having a greenish tint. These can be bruises, prominent veins, or other similar defects. As for wrinkles, you can hide them with the help of yellow concealer. If you have freckles on your face that you would like to hide, then white is useful. Well, another color that you should remember is purple. This concealer will allow you to get rid of unwanted yellowness and bruises, which are already gradually "go" from your face. In the case of any other colors or problems, you should be guided by the principle of choosing the color that is contrary to your problem. The best way to understand how concealer works is a photo. How to apply concealer? Here you will need a detailed guide, and the choice of color was only the first part.

What are concealers?

In order to understand how to apply concealer correctly on a face, it is necessary to understand that there are not only different colors of this product, but also different types. The most common is a pencil, it is easy to use, convenient to store and carry, it lasts a very long time, it allows you to apply makeup in any conditions. But this is not the only view available to you. For example, there is a special mineral concealer, which is made from natural materials. Perhaps it does not have the same strong visual effect, but it does not contain any additives, and the minerals that make up it contribute to the healing of small pimples that you mask. There is also a moisturizing concealer, which is suitable for more sensitive skin, and there is also a concealer for lips, which is used exclusively to give a seductive shape to your mouth, masking small wrinkles and irregularities in this area. You can also buy concealer-stick, which is designed to fill deeper wrinkles on the skin.

Preparation for application

As mentioned earlier, the main goal of this article is to teach you how to apply concealer on your face step by step. This is what will be discussed further. The first step is to prepare your face for this treatment. There is absolutely nothing complicated here - you need to clean the skin, and you can do it the way you want. Someone just wipes his face with a tonic, someone uses milk, gel, cream and so on. Act as you are accustomed to: the main thing is that your skin should be clean in the end. Let it dry completely - never apply concealer on wet or even wet skin.

Dot application

If you want to know how to apply concealer on the face, the photos in this article will help you. However, you need to understand the principle in order to act correctly, and it is impossible to do this simply by contemplating pictures. When applying concealer, it is important to understand one thing - you should not try to apply it immediately as you would like. Select the area you want to cover with the concealer and make a few points with the tool. When this is done, start gently distributing the concealer to the face where you left it. Make it easy strokes, do not rush, because the result will depend on how clearly and competently you will do everything.

Dealing with sensitive areas

Special attention should be paid to various sensitive areas when applying, for example, around the eyes. Often concealer is used to mask bruises under the eyes, but we must understand that this tool can cause irritation if you apply it too thick and too close to sensitive areas. Therefore, at first, it is worth refraining from such procedures - only when you are completely at ease and can do everything as clearly and accurately as possible, you can start applying concealer to tender areas. You can also purchase a special version designed for use around the eyes and on other sensitive areas of the skin, which does not work as effectively but protects the epidermis.

Application Schemes

In some cases, concealer can be applied pointwise - for example, wanting to hide some single flaw. If you plan to do the adjustment of your face, you will need a more serious approach. You should not do this if you do not know all the basics and do not have a long practice of using this tool. The fact is that it is necessary to adhere to a specific pattern of application in order to achieve the desired effect. What is this scheme? There are dozens of them, so it makes no sense to list everything in the article. It will be enough to study some basic techniques that are used in all schemes.

Basic technology

So, if you want to narrow your face visually, you need to apply concealer with a thin layer on the cheekbones - but if your goal is to visually enlarge the face, the technique will look very different. Your goal will continue to be cheekbones, but this time you will need to apply a narrow horizontal strip from the edge of the face almost to the very nose. To make the face less round, you need to apply concealer in the form of a crescent, directed edges to your ears - on one side of the face and on the other. If you have a square jaw and you do not like it, you can soften facial features, causing a thick layer of concealer under the eyes, and covering those most prominent square sections with a thin layer. There are a couple of techniques aimed at the nose: if you want to narrow it down, you need to apply concealer on the sides of the nose, and if your task is to reduce it visually, then the tool should be applied under the nose.