Excess weight is a scourge of modern developed society. Gone are the days when for food people had to put enormous physical efforts. Today it's enough just to go to the store and buy something to eat. In the meantime, a sedentary lifestyle contributes and affects health in a negative way.

How to pump up the press for a week? Exercises for the press at home

And since the body likes to turn surpluses into fat and put them on the stomach, very many can not boast of a relief press. This article will tell you how to make an ideal press for a week of training.

Balance the power supply

Understand that if you eat fatty foods, and in your diet there is an overabundance of calories that do not vanish, then no exercises will help you. The body will still put the surplus in the abdomen area.

In that case, no matter how hard you try, no matter how you dry the press, in a week or a month you will not be able to achieve visible results.

Speed ​​up the metabolism will allow multiple meals

It is necessary to reduce the amount of calories consumed and balance the food so that the body gets necessary amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

In addition, by breaking your food into 5-6 small meals a day, you can accelerate metabolism. This means that the body will not want to save excess food for a rainy day, and excess substances will be removed from it or burned for energy production.

Thanks to this exercise for the press at home will be even more effective. And the fat in the meantime will be faster to split and disappear.

Due to proper nutrition, the goal will be achieved much faster.

Exercise daily

It is impossible to pump a press for a week without daily training. Find in your daily chart 10-15 minutes for training your abdominal muscles.

Regularity is also important. If you shake the press for 2 days, and then abandon this case, then there will be no change for the better.

You can study at home, and you can and in the gym

If you do not have time or money to attend gyms, take consultations and personal trainings from coaches, then you can always pump home presses.

The following set of exercises will help you in this very well. And most importantly, do not be lazy, find constant reasons why you can not start training right now.

What are some exercises for the press in the hall?

Most athletes train the press at the very end of the workout. On the one hand, it's good, on the other - it's bad. At the end of the exercise there is too little strength to work out the abdominal muscles.

Therefore, if you want to remove excess fat and make the press embossed, start doing exercises for the muscles of the press at the very beginning of the workout.

Before you start to swing the press, run on the treadmill - this is suitable as a warm-up and for the preparation of the organism for subsequent loads.

In order to make the press embossed, you will need a standard set of exercises, but you will need to do them in a special way:

The legs are on the crossbar.

Body lifts using a bench for the press.

Different variants of torsion of the belly lying.

We'll figure out how, after all, how they should be done to pump up the abdominal press.

Leg lifts on the bar is best done using straps that will allow you to escape from the constant control of the grip.

So, put on the straps, pass them through the bar, grip it and fix the brushes. Completely relax - in this position nothing should strain, even the forearm, since the brush is fixed with straps.

The legs should be closed and even. Start them simultaneously to raise. As soon as you reach the angle of 90 degrees, try to freeze for at least 0.5-1 seconds. After this, start as slowly as possible to lower them down.

Doing this exercise in jerks is not recommended, as you will swing heavily, which subsequently prevents you from keeping the correct technique of execution.

If it works, then make 4 sets of approaches a maximum number of times. Usually after the 10th correct repetition of the abdominal muscles begin to "suffer."

The bench for the press is a great helper!

Next, go to the second exercise. It is popular, because, performing it, you can easily adjust the load as a result of the amplitude of movements, and taking an additional pancake or dumbbell. The abdominal press responds well to the load it receives from this sports equipment.

Comfortably sit down, fasten your legs, relax and settle on your back, cross arms and put them on your chest. From this position, start to rise, using only the strength of the muscles of the stomach.

As soon as the angle of inclination between the body and legs becomes less than 90 degrees, start slowly sinking down. But do not go to bed completely - as you feel the maximum stretching of the press, do the second repetition.

Make as many repetitions as possible. If you can do more than 100 times, you have achieved excellent results, and your abdominal muscles are in tonus.

The bench for the press can become an indispensable ally in creating treasured cubes.

What can I do at home?

If the first two types of training at home can be performed only with special equipment, then different twists of the abdomen on the floor are excellent exercises for the press at home.

You practically do not need anything, it is permissible to carry them out even without a special rug or towel.

So, what to do? Lie down on the floor. Bend your legs in your lap, put your hands behind your head. Begin to tear off the scapula from the floor and lift the body upward, without changing the position of the legs or pelvis. Do this 30 times.

Then immediately without rest, put both hands on the floor on the right side of yourself. Start doing the same lifts, but the amplitude should be half as short. From the side it should look like a light wiggle up and down. Do not put the case on the floor, always stay energized. Do 15 times, shift your hands to the left and perform the same number of repetitions.

Then put your hands on your buttocks with your hands down, close your legs, keep them straightened.

Raise them in this position above the floor, imagine that they are your pencil or pen. Write your surname, name, and patronymic in the air. This will help to use absolutely all fibers of the abdominal press.

When this is not enough, you can start to write tongue twisters.

Take a breath for 2-3 minutes and repeat the same thing a second time from the very beginning (lie down on the floor, bend your knees, etc.).

Perform until the muscle failure

All the exercises that are mentioned above, you must do until the moment the muscle refuses to shrink, and not when you are tired, or you do not want to do it.

When the abdominal muscles involuntarily relax, and you can not perform at least half of the necessary trajectory of motion, then you can stop. Only in this way will you be able to make your press more bold in a week of training.


Do not be like those people who do not bring the case started before the end. Set a clear goal and imagine how you should look at the end of the training cycle.

You can not surrender, in spite of many obstacles on your way: laziness, muscle pain, you want something tasty, alcohol.

If you can change yourself from within, then external transformations will not take long. Lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, actively spend your free time. Train, and your figure will get better every day. Meanwhile, health will grow stronger, which sometimes is so much lacking.