Buttock muscles, or just an ass, is considered to be one of the main symbols of sexuality. And it is for this reason that women have always paid special attention to this part of the body. However, for men, this topic is relevant. After all, due to sagging gluteus muscles, the appearance can be spoiled. Accordingly, the figure will become less attractive. This article will discuss how to pump the ass. Weekly results can be obtained if we approach training with full responsibility. The focus of this article will be on those exercises that are quite easy to do at home.

How to pump your ass for a week? Effective exercises for the buttocks

Combining business with pleasure

Before you go to the question of how to pump up the ass for a week with the help of exercises, you should consider a massage. This is a great way to achieve great results. During the massage of certain parts of the body, absolutely all systems are affected, starting from the vessels and ending with the skin. Due to the manual massaging of the body, the skin of the buttocks will become healthy and velvety, even if earlier it was flabby. This is due to the fact that the muscle fibers are tightened and the nutrition of the tissues improves.

Training has not been canceled

Regardless of the solid size of the gluteal muscles, very few people are purposefully engaged in and out of perfection. Naturally, first of all it concerns those people who spend most of their time in a sitting position. And if they began to think about how to pump the ass for a week using trips to the gym, then it should be understood that this will be very difficult. Exercises for pumping the appropriate muscles, there are quite a number. But, despite the fact that many of them are effective, the best result will be provided by those classes, the purpose of which is a small tightening of the buttocks. How to pump your ass for a week? Or at least to achieve certain results during this time? If we are talking about young sports guys and girls who want to gain a little muscle mass, then it will be easy for them to achieve excellent results. However, if it is necessary to restore the elasticity, lost as a result of a long sedentary lifestyle, to the pope, then you should mentally prepare yourself for hard training.

What should we give up?

If you are thinking about how to pump the ass for 1 week, then first of all you need to give up not only alcohol, but also soda. Champagne, low alcohol cocktails, beer - this should not be in your life. If it is impossible to completely abandon soda water, then at least sugary drinks should be excluded. Fresh juices are most beneficial for the body. Of alcoholic beverages can be consumed only natural wine. And then in a small amount.

If you want to answer for yourself the question of how to pump up the ass for 1 week, then you will have to forget about smoking. If you immediately quit this addiction does not work, then you need to reduce cigarette consumption to its lowest point. After that, forgetting about the bad habit will be much easier.

Do not forget about proper nutrition.

Good shape must be maintained constantly. You do not need to eat fatty foods, sausages, various sauces, flour products. Harm to the figure can be inflicted and coffee with chocolate, if consumed in large quantities. Pay attention to greens, vegetables, lean fish with dairy products, nuts and fruits.

Do not forget that each person is individual. Therefore, drastically changing your daily diet, you should first listen to the sensations. You can independently determine the amount to use a certain product. In the event that you do not like something, do not force yourself to eat through force.

Without which you can not start training?

Be sure to perform a warm-up, if you want to understand how to pump your ass for a week. Exercises without a warm-up complex will be less effective. Warm-up can be replaced by random dance. This will not only improve your mood, but also help to work out new movements, which is especially important if you attend dance parties. In addition, it was observed that lovers of dancing butt with hips are always in excellent condition. Warm up should be given about 20 minutes, after which you can safely proceed to the implementation of basic exercises.

Go to the main training.

If you want to understand how to pump your ass for a week at home, then you should perform some basic exercises. They are as follows:

1. “Mountaineer”. In order to perform this exercise, you must take an emphasis lying down. Place your arms shoulder width below the chest. The legs should be straightened. After that, begin to move one leg forward, trying to touch the knee to the chest. Then the exercise should be repeated with the second limb. Perform movements as slowly as possible. It is necessary to increase the speed only after the complete development of the equipment.

2. With the help of a lunge on all fours, you can achieve good results and figure out how to pump a girl's ass in a week. Required to stand on all fours. At the same time, arms with legs should be located at shoulder width. After that, you need to slowly raise your right arm forward, while simultaneously moving your left foot back. The limbs and back should be straight. The same movements should be repeated with the left hand and the right foot.

3. Will help to achieve good results and simple lifting legs up. Want to understand how to pump up the ass and press? For a week with regular exercise of this exercise, you can achieve good results. Movement is simple. It is necessary to lie on your back, putting your hands along the body. After that, you need to start raising your legs up to that level until an angle of 30 or 45 degrees is obtained. Reaching this position, you should stand still for 30-60 seconds. After that, you need to return to the starting position, take a few minutes to rest and repeat.

It is worth signing up for classes in the gym

The above exercises can bring the greatest effect to girls. But the guys in order to answer the question of how to quickly pump up the ass in a week, more serious training is needed. And for this you should go to the gym. But girls do not need to discard this option. What exercises can be performed in a specialized room?

1. A fairly well-known form of training is deadlift. This exercise will help answer the question of how to pump up the ass and legs for a week. A certain load will be received by the back muscles. What to do? Take the barbell and place it in front of you. Holding your back arched, you must bend forward, bending the legs at the knees, and also moving the hips back. It is necessary to take the barbell, placing his hands on the neck at the width of the shoulders. The grip should be straight. Straightening is necessary slowly, feeling the tension in the gluteal muscles. Returning to the starting position, the bar can not be lowered to the floor. Hold it about 2 cm from the floor.

2. Jumping on the steps can be performed not only in the gym, but also at home. It is necessary to take a chair, the height of which does not exceed 50 cm. Depart from it by 9 centimeters, strain your ass and jump onto the chair. After that you should jump off it and repeat the exercise again.

3. To answer the question of how you can pump up the ass for a week, an exercise such as bending the legs on the simulator will help. With it, you can develop the buttocks and thigh muscles. Performing training is quite simple. You just need to put the right weight and get to work on yourself.

4. Do not forget about such a simulator as a stepper, if you want to understand how to pump your ass in a week. Photos of this device are shown below. This simulator is in almost all rooms. With it you can achieve great results. If there is no stepper in the hall, you can use an ordinary bicycle.

Cardio will help increase the elasticity of the priests

You can achieve excellent results by walking on a treadmill (uphill). Also, there is always the opportunity to simply run on any hill, if there is no desire (possibility) to visit the gym and use the simulators.

In the event that the sport level is high enough, you can begin to perform interval training, which will replace exercises that require a constant pace. Due to such loads, fat oxidation is accelerated, which contributes to the achievement of good results.

If you want to achieve maximum results in a relatively short period of time, then you can turn your attention to sports nutrition. At the expense of harmless and effective supplements, it will be possible to greatly enhance the effect of training, to help the muscle tissues to recover and, therefore, grow.


By following all the above recommendations, you can get excellent results in just a few workouts. And it is best to combine home workouts with trips to the gym. Only regular and hard work on yourself will help achieve the desired in a short period of time. Well, do not forget about the sports lifestyle. Good luck in your endeavors!