At all times, people wanted to look good, and in the age of an inactive way of life it becomes the most relevant. An important role in the appearance of a person has a sporty and taut figure. One of its elements is the perfect press.

To achieve a beautiful press want both men and women. Only the latter, due to their physiological characteristics, make it a bit more difficult, which does not stop them.

About how to pump it, what conditions are needed, this article will tell.

What is press

Many people think that the abdominal muscles are two, but they are mistaken. There are only two sections of the double rectus abdominis muscle, the upper and the lower, and they are designed to regulate intra-abdominal pressure.

A feature of the departments is their uneven load in the process of human life. Most of the loads in everyday life are experienced by the upper section, and on the lower one the most fat is deposited. Because of this, it is much more difficult to pump up the ideal lower section press than the upper one.

Also in the muscle belt includes oblique muscles located on the sides, fat deposits which increase the size of the waist.

Another feature of the press is that the fat layer and muscles are not directly connected with each other. That is, by acting on one, the effect cannot be achieved from the other. In other words, trying to drive fat, it is impossible to pump up the press to the cubes, and vice versa. Therefore, for the one and the second there are different sets of exercises.

The three components, without which you should not hope for a great result, are:

  • proper nutrition is important for all training complexes;
  • strength training - designed to pump both sections of the press;
  • aerobic exercise - designed to burn fat at the expense of energy costs.

Observing the above three elements in classes and applying an intensive training course - classes twice a day, you can put the muscles in order in a short time and get the perfect press for a week.

Male and female press: what is the difference?

If we analyze the results of training by representatives of both sexes, aimed at pumping up the abdominal muscles, we can see that they differ significantly.

This is mainly due to the fact that men's workouts are aimed not only at removing fat, but also at increasing the abdominal muscles and obtaining their greatest relief by bulging through the tendon grid. This is a man's perfect press. Girls aim to remove excess fat, strengthen muscles and make the stomach flat.

This diversity leads to a difference in training. This is especially noticeable in intensive training programs: men are recommended to train in them daily, and for women - three times a week. In addition, the number of repetitions of exercises and the intensity of their execution vary significantly.

With regard to the composition of the exercises themselves, the complexes for pumping the press are suitable for both sexes.

You also need to note that the female part of society, performing exercises for a perfect press, should pay increased attention to his lower division and oblique muscles. In women, they are the most problematic areas, where the fat depot is deposited more easily and quickly.

The main principles of proper nutrition

Many people think that to achieve a beautiful press can exclusively sports exercises. But it has been proved that only exercise will not produce the desired result. They will help build up need this press but it will not be visible from under the accumulated belly fat.How to pump a perfect press at home?

Therefore, it is important not only to know how to pump a perfect press, but also about how to eat right. This is an integral part of the training program. Observe the following rules:

  • It is necessary to take food in small positions several times a day (at least six), this system is called fractional nutrition. Thanks to him, the stomach does not stretch and the food in it does not stagnate.
  • From the diet should disappear foods with flavors such as ketchup, mayonnaise, colored sparkling water and the like.
  • It is also necessary to exclude from the menu sugar and all sweet, as well as rich products and products.
  • Fluid intake, more clean water, should be about fifty milliliters per kilogram of body weight and should not be less than 2.5-3 litres per day. If at first you find it hard to drink that amount of water, to accustom yourself to it gradually, starting with half a Cup every two hours and every couple of days by increasing either the dose or number of doses. Without sufficient amounts of fluid to pump up the perfect abs is difficult.
  • Drink the amount of liquid you need to include green tea in the amount of 2-3 cups per day.
  • Carbohydrate intake should end at three in the afternoon.
  • From the entire list of carbohydrates, it is desirable to consume more cereals, about seventy percent, and fruit, about the remaining thirty percent.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use transformed fats in the form of fast food products such as fast foods, shawarma, sausages in dough, smoked meats and others.
  • It is necessary to calculate the norm of calories intake of food, in which one third should be sources of protein, and two thirds - suppliers of carbohydrates.
  • Fats are preferable useful, mainly vegetable.

It is not necessary to go sharply and immediately to such a diet in order to pump up a perfect press, especially if the usual diet previously differed significantly from the proposed one. It is enough to start to partially adhere to these recommendations with a gradual transition to the most accurate compliance.

Aerobic exercise

So, it is clear that without aerobic exercise to remove fat from the abdomen will not work. In addition, for intensive training also required the development of the cardiovascular system. Most aerobic exercises lead to the burning of hundreds of calories per hour of study what is a quick way to lose weight before how to make a perfect press.

You can perform such trainings in two ways: once a day for forty minutes or an hour or several times a day for twenty minutes. You need to choose such exercises that correspond to the level of physical fitness so as not to overload the cardiovascular system of the body during daily exercises.

Aerobic exercise

Performing exercises of this type is called cardio. It may include:

  • running in the morning (in the open air or on a simulator);
  • jumps with a rope;
  • walking at a fast pace;
  • cycling (you can use the exercise bike).

As you can see, all the exercises involve the muscles of the legs, and this is no accident. Leg muscles are the largest muscles of a person’s body, so they can burn the most calories in order to get the perfect abs. Reviews show that for effective classes you can apply the following scheme:

  • Starting an aerobic workout should be a light workout, such as jogging or lightly scrolling the pedals for ten minutes.
  • Then comes the active phase lasting fifteen seconds with the greatest load, after it - a thirty-second rest in the form of a slow pace.
  • And so on, alternating active phases and rest phases, before the expiration of the time allotted for training (half an hour).

It would be useful before such training to consult your doctor.

Where and how to do

In order to achieve the desired result, will be useful not only a list of the necessary exercises of a well-developed system of training and nutrition, but also willpower. Many have fallen by the wayside without achieving any significant results because of its absence.

You should not hope that it will be possible to pump up a perfect press in 10 minutes of daily workouts, it will take much more time. And do not despair that the numbers in the notebook will not change the first few days or weeks. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the body of each person to break down fats and produce metabolism.

To motivate you need to have a notebook in which every day will be used to record the results of measurements in the waist area. Why daily? Because with the right intense workouts fat burning is happening on the following day after a workout.

You need to remember one thing: with the proper organization of the training process, the result is sure to be, you just need to show some patience and willpower.

If you can not allocate funds for a gym or the purchase of simulators, you can achieve noticeable results and pump the perfect press at home. At the same time, it will be necessary to apply a little more energy, spend a little more time and, most importantly, learn how to train on a schedule, and not look for reasons to skip classes.

If the classes have the opportunity to allocate a certain amount of money, then the best solution would be to train in the gym. There are enough advantages in this:

  • a training program and nutritional advice will be provided by a professional;
  • classes will be held under control and with the tips of the coach;
  • in the exercise complexes will be used, including specialized equipment;
  • next to the athletes who train, and not only them, will be a great motivation;
  • a new social circle will attract and will not allow skipping classes.

At the gym classes, the trainer will select a set of exercises with a bench press, which will also give excellent results for pumping the press.

But even in the case of classes with a professional, one should not hope that it will be possible to pump a perfect press in 10 days, as many people want. It will take a little more time, but the result is worth it.

Training mode

In the simplest case, it is enough to conduct classes at home, giving them at first twenty minutes daily. This is necessary so that the muscles gradually get used to the loads. After some time, determined by physical condition, the time of training gradually increases. The basic mode is recommended to follow this: three-time weekly workouts lasting from forty minutes to an hour.

By following these rules, you can get the perfect press as a result of training. In a week or two, the muscles will get used to and begin to work effectively in a given mode.

It is good if there are rest days between classes, ideally - Monday, Wednesday, Friday are set aside for training, the other days - for rest and recovery.

In the general case, at the initial stage, two sets of ten repetitions of each exercise are performed. Next, the number of sets and repetitions increase to three and twenty, respectively. For very intense workouts, a schedule of up to four sets and forty repetitions is provided.

Particularly fanatical athletes spend lesson twice a day: morning and evening. With such workouts that require high energy costs, do not forget about the completion of the latter. This will require receiving an increased amount of protein, fluid, energy cocktails.

Ideal lower press section

For effective pumping of the lower press, the exercises presented below are suitable:

1. Raising the pelvis. To perform it, you must lie on the floor and stretch your arms along the body. Then lift straight legs perpendicularly upwards. This is the starting position. Next, straining the abdominal muscles, tear the pelvis from the floor surface and pull it up without bending the knees for about a minute. Return to the starting position. This is hard to do with straight legs, can bend their knees and reach for the chin.

2. Raising the legs in the supine position. Lie on the floor, arms stretch along the body. Raise even legs to 90 ° and slowly lower. Beginners can do the exercise with knees bent.

3. “Bicycle”. Lie down on the floor, clasp your hands behind your head. Stretch alternately elbow hands to the opposite knee, mimicking a bicycle ride. The free leg is lying on the floor or raised low above the floor. Waist not to tear off the floor.

4. “Scissors”. Lie on the floor, hands put under the lower back. Raise even legs by 10-20 cm above the floor and make wide flips in the horizontal plane, cross your legs when the feet meet.

Exercises for the upper section of the press

In order to pump up the upper section of the rectus muscle and make the stomach flat, the following exercises will do:

1. Pulling in Perform standing at the support or sitting on a chair. To draw the abdomen up to the diaphragm, simultaneously releasing all the air, to feel the tension. Stay in this position for 15 seconds, then sharply draw air through the nose. Do 10 repetitions of 10 retracts.

2. Lunges. Stand straight, hands rest on the sides. Do deep lunges forward alternately with each leg, with the shin becoming perpendicular to the floor, and the thigh - parallel. Exercise will help pump up the perfect press and buttocks.

3. Lateral twisting. Lie on the floor, legs bent at the knees, hands free or weighting. Raise the body to a sitting position, simultaneously touching the floor with the hands or a weighting compound, alternately left or right.

4. Hang on the horizontal bar with lifting legs. Hang on the horizontal bar on even hands. Raise the legs straight or bent at the knees above the plane of the pelvis, stopping for two seconds in the upper position. Do not swing. The higher the better.

Express method: the perfect press for 30 days

In order to pump up the press in such a short period of time, will need a remarkable willpower and intense training. Within 30 days have to do every day twice a day, doing four sets of thirty to forty repetitions of each exercise at each workout. Exercises are as follows:

  1. The raising of the body. Lie on your back, hands behind head, legs bent at the knees. Slowly raise the trunk without lifting the lower back off the floor as high as possible. To fix the top position for two seconds and slowly return.
  2. Rapid raising of the body. Lie on the floor, arms stretched forward, the body to raise the lower back off the floor not to interrupt. Very quickly (two to three times per second) to stretch the body forward. Repeat three times forty times with five second rest between sets.
  3. Pumping both divisions. Lie on the floor, arms stretched along the body. Simultaneously lift your feet, bending the knees, and the body as high as possible, stretching your arms forward to maintain balance.
  4. Leg flexion Sit on the edge of the chair, put your hands up, straighten your legs low above the floor. Without touching the floor, raise the legs, bending at the knees, to the chest and back.

By performing this complex without absenteeism, you can pump a perfect press for 30 days. At the same time, one should not forget about aerobic exercise and proper nutrition, otherwise it will not be possible to achieve noticeable results in such a period.