Who of us in childhood did not dream to find the treasure? The treasures are often referred to in the cartoons and films. Usually the treasures archaeologists find during excavations. They may be household items, jewelry, coins and paper money, and much more. Is it possible to find the treasure by yourself? How to find treasures without having special skills? This and more you can find in our article.

What is the treasure? The bills on the treasure

Treasure – hidden objects for which the owner cannot be found. It can be jewelry or any other things. The treasure can be buried in the ground or hidden in any other way.

Not everyone knows how much the finder of the treasure supposed to take away from what he found. Some believe that the treasure anyway, it is necessary to give the state and other actions illegal. However, such a view is mistaken. In the legislation of the Russian Federation there is article 233. It is contained in the Civil code of Russia. Has an article from 2002.

Under the bill, people who found the treasure are required to give half to the owner of the land on which it was found. However, this stipulation applies only in the case that the owner of the land or building in advance gave permission for the search. If it is not, then the whole treasure according to the law should be given to the owner of the land. The owner of the land and the treasure hunt can pre-negotiate how to share found treasures.

Many are looking for, find the treasures. What do the treasure hunt in case if among the treasures are items that are of artistic value. In this situation, they should be given to the state. Under the bill, the government must pay half of the value of the found treasure. This amount should be split between the treasure hunter and the owner of the land.

The bills on the treasure hunt also exist in other countries. In ancient times the man who found the treasure could keep it. However, this is only possible if the treasure was not located in a foreign land.

On the British bill found the old treasures must be given to the state. Treasure hunter must report the find within two weeks. Otherwise, the treasure hunter is waiting for criminal liability. For discovery, the government pays compensation, the amount of which is set by independent experts. If the treasure is of no artistic value, it can be returned to the treasure hunter.

In the U.S. features of the bill differ depending on the state in which you found the treasure. In most cases treasure with private land belongs to the person who found it. If the age of the treasure more than 100 years, it is considered an archaeological treasure and should be given to the government.

To search for hidden treasure often use metal detectors. In some European countries the sale of such equipment is prohibited. Illegal use is subject to criminal liability. In some countries of the former USSR metal detectors are prohibited from use in scientific and archaeological activities.How to find hoards where to look, the greatest found treasures

Before searching for treasure, it is important to read the bill. Its violation can result in criminal liability.

Where to find household treasures with the money?

In recent years quite popular treasure hunt. Many wish to find ancient household items and jewelry. The growing popularity of such classes is that in the sale there is current and accurate metal detectors. They can be used to find valuable items and coins.

Many young professionals do not know where to find the treasure household type. Treat him the money. Experienced hunters share the findings of the content on two types:

The first concerns the treasures that contain a large amount of cash and was hidden for a long time. The second type can be attributed to the musicians who performed the function of storage. They left money for a short period, in order to pick them up at the right time. They are periodically replenished or, on the contrary, took away part of the necessary needs.

In order to understand how to find treasures, experienced professionals recommend to study the psychology of those people who were hiding them. It is known that quite often a household treasure is not found deep. Burying the treasure, the owner should be sure that at any moment he will be able to get it without spending a huge amount of time. Small caches can be sprinkled several handfuls of earth and covered with stone.

Often the treasures hid in the house. It is no coincidence, after all, before they present earthen floors. Such a treasure you could get at any time of day and year.

Many beginners don't know is it possible to find a treasure where a long time nobody lives. Quite often the settlements are dying out because overtaken their war, disease or fire. In the latter case for a short period of time can be destroyed all the houses in the countryside. Most often, when a big fire people was completely destroyed houses and buildings. They did not want to erect new buildings in the territory, which they associate with the disaster. In this regard, many settlements have been permanently forgotten. However, it is known that in this case, not every family can find items that were hidden from prying eyes in the stash. That is why the forgotten village that was destroyed by fire, is one of the best places to search for hidden treasure.

Selection of the site for search

Archaeologists have found in the Slavic lands many treasures that have great value. Novice treasure hunter, it is important to know how to find the right area to search. You need to look for such a historic place, where they could be placed in the recesses, where for a long period of time people lived. Novice treasure hunter will need to have cards. It is desirable that they were of different time periods. It should be noted that some modern cartographic materials also carry information about the settlements, which have long been forgotten.

When the area to search is defined, you need to pay attention to the location of roads, forests, rivers, etc. Known, that most treasures are hidden in any notable places. For example, most often the caches are located near the old trees.

Experienced treasure hunters are advised not to rush immediately to the search. You first need to take another look at the selected area. You will need to assume, where many years ago can stay home and outbuildings.

Maximum attention should be given to smooth surfaces. That they used to be able to stay at home. On this site may be a cluster of iron objects. If present, the search location is correct. On a flat site can also be found fragments of ceramic ware. Previously, when building a house is not laid out the Foundation. Construction with logs was laying on the ground. Therefore, to determine exactly where many years ago stood a building, it is impossible.

It is important to know in what period gone settlement. This will allow you to understand how to find treasure with a metal detector in the area. If it disappeared more than 100 years ago, it is important to pay attention to any signal of the device. This is due to the fact that before the treasure could be hidden in clay and in cast iron pot.

Find the treasure with the help of clairvoyance

Each of us have heard the news that archaeologists have found buried treasure. Many people wish to find something valuable yourself. Searching for treasure with the help of clairvoyants – a method that is questionable. Experienced hunters claim that this method will not help to find ancient treasure.

People with superhuman abilities, who provide their services of clairvoyance for money, claim they can easily determine the territory in which to look for the treasure. However, among them are often found charlatans. To resort to this peculiar method of search is not necessary. In order to find the treasure, you will need to talk with an experienced treasure hunter. He will tell you where to begin. Useful information you can find in our article.

The traditions hunters

Hunters have their own traditions. In their opinion, the observance of special rituals will allow you to achieve success. There is a legend that on the eve of Ivan Kupala and other well-known holidays long-hidden caches are on the surface and make themselves known to the hunters. It was during this period looking for treasure most. The most favorite holiday of hunters is the Day of St. Simon the zealot (may 23). He was one of the apostles, the Lord of hunters.

Archaeologists have found in the Slavic lands many treasures, which often include family heirlooms. Some believe that such things can carry negative energy and that's why I'm afraid to do geocaching. They claim that such things can bring the new owner a misfortune. In order to protect yourself, according to one tradition of hunters, must be sprinkled with Holy water the place of search and read a special prayer. During operation, do not look back. The treasure cannot be taken into the hands before prayer.

The largest treasure in the history of mankind

Experts say that, at first glance, the value of the findings is quite large. However, the greatest found treasure is only the beginning. According to archaeologists, all over the world many treasures. Most likely, their total value is at least $ 1 trillion. According to preliminary estimates, in the history of mankind has produced approximately 150 thousand tons of gold. About a tenth is considered lost.

Few people know, but money in search of the ship gave the company, which is engaged in the production of rum. The fact is that the study of Panama, archaeologists came across a few guns from the Arsenal, Henry Morgan. However, at this stage, the money provided for the study of the territory ended. That is why they had to contact the company, which is named after captain Morgan.

Searching for treasure with a metal detector

How to find hoards with a metal detector, knows not everyone. The last time such a device popular. The metal detector simplifies the search of the treasure. Thanks to him, you can define a territory which contains a large number of metal objects.

The probability of finding treasure with a metal detector are quite high. People used to bury coins in the ground. This is due to the fact that this stash at any time, to empty or to refill. The coins were hidden quite often. It was a kind of tradition. This is due to the fact that the cache remains intact even after the fire. It can be used to build new homes or repair damaged.

When searching for treasure with a metal detector is not always successful. The device also responds not only to treasure, but also on small metal objects. Often the hunters caught and the coins of the new sample. The cost of the metal detector varies from 14 thousand rubles and above.

Searching for treasure in the Crimea. Known finds

It is believed that in the Crimea holds a lot of treasures. That is why the Peninsula attracts hunters. How to find treasures in the Crimea, you can find out in our article.

Many cities of the Peninsula have a long history. This territory was inhabited by various peoples who have been hiding their savings in a variety of places. Of particular interest to hunters old house. However, they often are in private or state ownership. Nevertheless remained and the house, which has long been useless. Most often they are in poor condition. In such places the treasure could be in the walls, the basement, the stove and the Foundation.

Many treasures have been found in various water bodies of the Crimea. Most often hid things that were not going to return. This can be items of Church worship. Many researchers argue that sign about the fact that you throw a coin into the water in order to return, old enough. That is why many ancient coins can be found in ponds and wells. In the Crimea is also a large number of historical attractions. In such places it is possible to find valuable treasure.

Found treasures in the world fascinate many. What treasures were produced in the Crimea? The Peninsula keeps a lot of secrets. Many different peoples inhabited the territory. People were left out for various reasons. They hoped to return and so often hid the most valuable in the Crimea.

Crimea is one of those places where archaeologists and treasure hunters often find hiding places. Almost all known finds of the Peninsula was discovered by accident. In the late 19th century, the German colonist was repairing the mill-dam in one of the settlements. In the depths of the dam, he came upon a clay pot. There were silver coins and gold jewelry. The age of discovery is around five hundred years.

In 1908, in the Crimea was found two treasure. One of them was located near long oak, and the second in one of the small settlements near Kerch. They contained gold coins of V century.

The Crimean land and the surrounding water keeps many secrets we have yet to discover. There is a legend that on the Peninsula is the horse, the spitting image of pure gold. Information on exactly where he is, no. Maybe it's just fiction.

It is known that the treasure can be found near the Khan's Palace in Bakhchisarai. There is an opinion that there he left last Crimean Khan.

Many people are interested in found treasures. Photos of some of the finds you can find in our article. Their beauty affects everyone.

Pirate treasure

Nearly everyone has read “treasure Island” and wanted to find something worthwhile. For many years, there are treasure hunters. Some of them want to find pirate treasure. Is it possible?

Scientists say that the pirate treasure does not exist. They never buried the jewels in the ground. Often pirates were nomadic and had no fixed abode. According to scientists, to bury the treasure in an unfamiliar area, they could not. Most often, the pirates or spend the loot, or carried with him. Most likely, all jewels of pirates in their ships, which can be found at the bottom of oceans and seas. Only a small part of the treasure could be buried for any reason.

There is a legend that well-known captain William Kidd buried treasure shortly before his execution. Pirate was to Rob ships of hostile powers of England. However, he attacked a merchant ship and were outside the law. This error turned into a death sentence. There is a legend that before you go to England William visited the Caribbean, where the buried treasure. Experts suggest that the treasure Kidd are on one of the small Islands around new York. Scientists claim that this is just a legend, because William was hiding nothing. All the loot was divided between the team members. It is also known that while the presence of money is material would mitigate the sentence.

Considered a mythical treasure that was buried Edward teach, known under the pseudonym Blackbeard. Legend has it that his treasure is located on one of the small Islands of the Caribbean. More about them is not known. In the Caribbean there are around a million small Islands. To find such a treasure is almost impossible. It is also known that to hide Edward Teach was nothing. Shortly before his death, he had to give six boxes of sugar for pardon. On his ship after the capture was found 40 pounds. To a pirate's fortune.


Bewitch with the beauty of found treasures. Photos of some of the finds you can find in our article. Every year an increasing number of hunters. This is not surprising, as many wish to find something worthwhile. Today, there are many special devices that are easier to find. These include the detector. Many treasures still missing. Their cost is estimated not less than $ 1 trillion.