Young families are the future of our nation. The level of social and economic development of the country depends on them. But after the wedding, newly-formed couples very often face a serious problem - the lack of their own housing. But a lot depends on the conditions under which the attitude will be built and children grow up. Alas, sometimes a separate apartment for a young family is a pipe dream.

How can a young family get an apartment? Young Family Program

How does the state help young families in getting an apartment?

Many newlyweds, not having sufficiently high incomes, are forced to rent an apartment or live with their parents in a small living space that does not provide a full-fledged existence. How can a young family get an apartment? The government, trying to improve the demographic situation in the country, offers citizens support.

Such assistance is the social program "Young family - affordable housing." Its main principle is the provision of state subsidies for the purchase of new housing.

Who can apply for a subsidy?

A family with or without children, the age of spouses in which does not exceed 35 years, can expect to receive a certificate. An incomplete young family with one or more minor children can also become one of the program participants. Spouses must be citizens of the Russian Federation and do not own real estate.

If spouses are registered in different regions, two possible developments are possible: either participation in the program will be impossible, or they will have to prove the fact of living together. Each region has its own rules.

The decision on the inclusion in the list for receiving the subsidy is made by the representative authorities of the region of the Russian Federation and transmit information to Rosstroy, where a single registry is formed.

Terms of assistance

How can a young family get an apartment? The main condition for obtaining state subsidies is the possibility of making the remainder of the cost of the apartment. This is about 60-65%. Money can be both own funds and borrowed. For this purpose it is possible to use a maternity capital certificate.

The family must live in housing conditions that do not meet the standards of the housing code of our country. That is, if it consists of more than 3 people, each member of the family should account for less than 18 sq.m. or, if the family consists of 2 people, the total area of ​​housing should be less than 42 sq. m.

The federal program "Young Family", aimed at assisting in the acquisition of housing, in each region of the country has its own characteristics. Therefore, the requirements for obtaining a housing certificate may vary slightly. More detailed information should be clarified in the Department of Social Protection of the population of their city or district.

What documents and references must be provided?

Like many other procedures, the Young Family program includes complex collections of necessary documents. Knowing their list will help simplify the process and shorten the time for processing a grant application.

It will be necessary to collect documents confirming your data (passports, birth certificates of children, marriage registration documents), financial situation (income certificate of all family members) and the need to improve housing conditions.

Requirements for purchased housing

To receive state assistance, a young family apartment must meet certain requirements:

  • housing shall be acquired in the same region of the country in which you have received the housing certificate
  • when buying a home for each family member, an equal share of real estate must be issued;
  • the total area of the acquired property shall be not less than the provisions of accounting standards.

In addition, it should have better housing conditions than they were at the previous place of residence, and meet all technical and sanitary standards.

Can I get an apartment for free?

Not every family is capable, even with a housing certificate, to purchase housing. After all, the difference between its full value and the subsidy is quite high. Do not forget about the relatively high rates on the loan.

How can a young family get an apartment for free? Spouses must receive the status of "poor". Then stand in line at the apartment. A young family can count on free housing if their income does not allow them to buy an apartment after 20 years. However, this path takes a very long time. First of all, orphans, families who have lost their homes as a result of natural disasters, owners of dilapidated and damaged houses, etc., can count on free housing.

How long and for what can I use a housing certificate?

According to the law, a certificate for a grant must be used within 9 months from the date of its issuance. But it must be filed with the bank not later than two months after receipt.

How can a young family get an apartment? The buying process should look something like this: obtaining a certificate, finding a home, concluding a sales contract. Next, you need to take the certificate to the bank where the account is opened, to which the state payment is transferred.

The bank agreement concluded for opening an account will be valid for the entire duration of the certificate. In the same bank it will be possible to issue a mortgage loan. Then the acquired housing becomes the property of a young family, but is transferred on bail to the bank until the mortgage is paid.

The subsidy can be used only in the region in which it is issued for payment:

How is the waiting list for a subsidy to buy an apartment a young family?

The list of recipients is formed according to certain priorities:

  • amount of children;
  • privileges;
  • date of registration.

According to the rules of the program, only the family can receive a subsidy, the age of spouses in which does not exceed 35 years on the day of the decision to include in the list on receiving subsidies in the planned year. Otherwise, it leaves the list of applicants.

The essence of the program "Young Family"

Cash assistance is provided at the expense of the state budget. It is issued only once. The amount of subsidy depends on the average cost per square meter of housing in a particular region and whether there are children. Also taken into account the size of the living space, which is the family depending on its size.

For a family without children, the subsidy is 35% of the value of the intended housing, with children - 40%. The total area for the calculation of subsidies: for a family of two people - 42 sq.m. for a family of three or more people - at the rate of 18 square meters each.

Buying an apartment by a young family using this subsidy seems to be quite a complicated process. But, knowing all the nuances, you can quickly get money for this program. Therefore, do not miss this chance.