No wonder champagne is the most amazing drink. It is able to make a holiday of an ordinary day. Amazing sparkling wine is always the crowning triumphs and personal success, new friendships and romantic events. How was born the lightness and saturation of the drink and how many bottles in a case of champagne from different manufacturers?How much sparkling wine you need, or how many bottles in a case of champagne?

The history of production

The first bottles of the popular sparkling wine was produced in the champagne region in France. Real champagne can only be considered a beverage that meets the following requirements:

  • made according to traditional technology
  • produced in the champagne region
  • created from certain grape varieties (two red and one white).

From the manufacturer also depends on how many bottles in a case of champagne. Dom Perignon – the founder of the later version of the drink – was excellent taster. This allowed him to create the best bouquet of existing grape varieties and to develop a system of obtaining a delicious drink.

Features of champagne

Champagne can be strong or light, young or Mature, floral or fruity, dry or sweet. Even drinks the most famous brands may differ depending on the winemaker or producer.

The best aperitif is considered to be sparkling, dry and young champagne. It goes well with seafood. The more complex the taste of the dishes they served, the more intricate must be the bouquet of the drink.

Lovers of the fine French drink always wondered how many bottles in a case of champagne? The answer becomes clear when considering the individual manufacturers.

Champagne Bosko

At low price products popular brand Bosko you'll be decent quality. The drink has subtle fruity bouquet. Sparkling wine of the famous Italian brand has a pleasant flavor and refreshing taste. This is due to the unusual ingredient used to cook the malt. Today champagne producer that has a great success in Italy and in other European countries. It is not necessary to store a bottle of fine drink, after all it is meant to give pleasure.

How many bottles in a case of champagne Bosco? The answer is simple: branded manufacturers pack them in 6 pieces.

Abrau Durso

This type of champagne the rich finish. Master the Russian house of wine gives the drink ineffable freshness of flavor. Also referred to as the drink of kings and ordinary working people. This is because Abrau Durso is made by two modes: classic and rapid. The first is also called bottle, and the second reservoir. Classic champagne several times more expensive.

Now it's time to see how many bottles in crate of champagne Abrau Durso is available for sale in stores. The answer lies in the peculiarities of the Russian wine making industry. Abrau Durso is available, 12 bottles in a box.

Soviet champagne

Soviet champagne is divided into several basic types: dry, sweet, dry and semi-sweet and Brut. Production is based on the collection of certain varieties of grapes, thanks to it provides the original taste and high quality indicators of sparkling wine. Most relevant in the production of Soviet champagne are of the variety “Muscat”, “Chardonnay”, “Pinot”, “Riesling”, “Aligote” and “Cabernet”. This determines the saturation of each type of drink.

The question of how in box bottles of champagne Soviet, can be answered very simply. The bottles are packaged 12 pieces for retail sale.

Martini Asti

This drink is the pride of the inhabitants of the region of Asti, in a Sunny Italy. Here in the city of Piedmont produces the best sparkling wine, characterized by the grandeur of flavor and aroma. They are a great addition to the holiday feast and enjoy both women and men. The sweetness lingering aftertaste is one of the reasons why is a light and elegant wine is leading the way.

How many bottles in a case of champagne Asti Martini? Like other wines, it comes in 6 pieces. Its soft and rich taste allows you to experience all the fullness of the fruity notes.

Packaged like champagne?

Packaging bottles for each kind of drink except vintage, is no different. They are wrapped in paper and stacked in a drawer. When packing expensive types of champagne they wrap completely, unlike cheaper options.

Bins for beverage transportation. They can be made of planks, cardboard, metal. There was widespread cardboard options. From France a bottle of champagne taking in the supine position. This is due to the fact that the tube must constantly be wet with drink.

Also, special attention should be paid to the number of bottles in the box. Collectable bottles are sold one because of the cost of each instance. Domestic sparkling wines are produced in 12 to 15 bottles in the box. Imported champagne is Packed by 6 pieces. In the run-up to celebrations sparkling wine is to buy packages.

Now, when the question about how many bottles in the box of champagne has lost its relevance, is to move to tasting amazing drink.