Why do burrs appear on the fingers? Every woman wants to look perfect and bewitching. For many modern ladies, the beauty of hands is almost in the first place in creating the perfect image. Beautiful manicure and well-groomed skin not only uplifting, but also are the calling card of a woman. Men who watch their appearance well also visit nail salons. They are no stranger to and hand care at home. However, it is impossible to avoid such troubles as cuts, scratches and the appearance of burrs. And if mechanical injuries heal very quickly, especially when using hand cream, then tearing the skin of the nail roll is a problem that you should pay attention to.

Burrs on the fingers. Causes

In addition to injuries in the procedure of manicure, there are other causes of burrs on the fingers.

How to get rid of burrs on your fingers? Causes and treatment methods

Let's consider them:

  1. Avitaminosis, lack of vitamins tocopherol, retinol, as well as any macro-and micronutrients. This is the most common reason for which there is a malnutrition of the skin and the detachment of the nail shaft.
  2. Dry skin of the hands and its inadequate nutrition are also risk factors. The skin at the nail plate is thinning and cracking.
  3. Non-compliance with personal hygiene.
  4. The habit of gnawing nails is one of the first reasons for the appearance of burrs on a child’s fingers.
  5. Aggressive effects of household chemicals.
  6. Temperature drops. By the way, being on the street without gloves during the cold season dries out and freezes the skin, slowing down the regeneration processes, which adversely affects the treatment of burrs.
  7. Manicure made unprofessionally (with cuts and microtrauma).
  8. Reduced immunity.
  9. Chronic diseases of the digestive tract, diabetes mellitus.

Why do burrs appear on fingers, which vitamins are missing in this case? Most likely, the body has a lack of vitamins of group B.

Tip: when self-removing the burr, follow the rules of hygiene - at least wash your hands and wipe your hands and alcohol with alcohol. Otherwise, there is a high risk of developing concomitant troubles, such as suppuration.

Treatment methods

How to get rid of burrs on your fingers? Many eliminate them and forget about the problem immediately after the healing of the wound. But what to do if the burrs appear constantly and do not pass for a long time? This is a serious question only because an open wound is a direct route of infection and an open door for the development of inflammatory processes with various consequences. The success of therapy depends on the correct method and drug.

What should a girl do if there is a burr on her finger? Treatment should begin when the cause of your illness and related factors is determined. Because in case of problems in the gastrointestinal tract the appearance of burrs will pass after you adjust the diet and balance the diet.

Burr removal is performed with nail scissors, which should be carefully cut off the desired area of ​​skin (do not tear off!). Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, and essential oils such as tea tree or cedar can be used as a disinfectant. If desired, apply a plaster and do not expose the affected area of ​​the skin to household chemicals. For washing dishes and cleaning is best to use gloves or napalechnik.

Antiseptic ointments or aerosols will always be useful for further care of the wound - they will prevent the development of inflammatory processes.

If suppuration does occur, but local action preparations do not help, you should make an appointment with a surgeon at any clinic to make a preventive incision.

All this can be avoided if you ensure your hands the right care. In order to prevent the appearance of burrs, manicure trays are used with a solution of soda or a decoction of herbs.

Oil bath

What if there are burrs on the fingers? How to treat them? If the problem is dry skin, you can use alternative methods to eliminate it.

How to get rid of burrs on your fingers? The use of an oil bath for hands will have a softening effect that will prepare the skin for further procedures. The recipe is simple: you need to slightly warm the oil. Any suitable - from apricot seed, tea tree and others. Dip your fingers in it for 15-20 minutes. The skin will soften, and the procedure will take place correctly and painlessly. Cut the keratinous tissue with manicure scissors without touching the healthy one. The procedure should be done 7 days.

Bath with soda and salt

How to get rid of burrs on your fingers? Soda bath will not only soften the cuticle, but also cope with inflammatory processes. 1 teaspoon of soda is put on 1 liter of warm water. It is better to carry out the procedure in the evening for 10-15 minutes. If necessary, trim the burrs and coat the wounds with sea buckthorn oil.

Sea salt without flavoring is used in different cases, the removal of burrs and disinfection of the skin is not an exception. To do this, dissolve 200 grams of salt in 1 liter of water, strain through cheesecloth or a sieve and cool. Keep hands in a warm bath with sea salt for 10 minutes. Dry and disinfect your finger, remove the dead skin and smear with peach oil (any oil can be used).

Remedy with aloe

Lovers of indoor plants often grow medicinal plants. If you have aloe or kalanchoe, feel free to use their healing properties. How to get rid of burrs on the fingers with the help of this plant?

Chop its leaves, attach to the wound and fix. In this form, leave your finger for several hours. Such a method can be used even in the case of an abscess. For treatment, repeat the procedure daily, for prophylaxis - 1 time in 10 days.

Bath with a decoction of chamomile

If the wounds after the burrs began to inflame, the use of a chamomile decoction bath would be a good option. Although its preparation and takes a lot of time, but the result exceeds expectations.

For 2 liters of water, add 3 tablespoons of pharmaceutical chamomile, boil, let it brew and strain. In the resulting broth, hold your hands for about 15 minutes until cool.

What you need to do to burrs did not appear?

We have already figured out what to do if there were burrs on the fingers than to heal. And what about when the problem has already been solved and would like to prevent it from occurring again in the future? If you are convinced that you do not have a lack of vitamins, are you sure that the diet is correct and the diet is not broken? Then follow the simple rules that will serve as a good prevention of the appearance of minor annoyances - burrs:

  1. Take care of your hands regularly. Moisturizing and nourishing creams should be in any home. Protect your skin from harmful effects in everyday life - use rubber gloves and organic detergents for cleaning.
  2. Visit the manicure room. Find a professional in your field who also has a sterile and high-quality instrument made of medical steel.
  3. Half an hour before going out into the cold season, you should apply a nourishing cream on your hands. Do not forget to wear mittens or gloves.
  4. Still, reconsider the diet. After all, most of the troubles of the skin caused by the problems in this area. Your family doctor will prescribe a multivitamin complex if necessary. Perhaps he will advise to drink a whole course intermittently.
  5. It is important to remember to drink up to 2 liters of water per day. After all, the observance of water balance in itself will prevent the development of many diseases.


Now you know why the burrs appear on the fingers. The reasons for their occurrence and the methods for solving this problem we considered.

When the skin of the hands looks flawless, the mood rises and self-confidence appears, as a result of which the productivity of life increases. Allow yourself not to think about unpleasant trifles - love yourself and be happy!