Satin leather with an even bronze tint is the dream of any beauty exposing her face to the sun's rays. But to achieve fashionable chocolate tone today is not always possible. How to get rid of sunburn if it turned out to be excessive or unevenly colored skin?There are two ways to eliminate this aesthetic flaw: by turning to professionals or by doing it yourself, armed with improvised means. The household arsenal can include both cheap pharmaceutical preparations and ordinary food products (lemon, lactic acid drinks, raw potatoes, etc.). In the first case, relying on cosmetologists, the girls will need only cash to pay for professional help, in the second case, they will have reliable knowledge about how to get rid of sunburn at home, so as not to harm their skin, or get burned or mechanically injured.

What can professionals offer?

You can lighten your face in a beauty salon or beauty center in several ways: using surface chemical peels based on organic acids; laser whitening of the face or photo corrections. The procedure of controlled chemical burn of the face, when fruit acids dissolve the outer layer of the epidermis, is carried out with preparations with bleaching, anesthetic components and antioxidants. Gradual exfoliation layer by layer leads to the solution of an individual problem - the disappearance of a brown skin tone. However, it may be accompanied by the appearance of puffiness and crusts on the face, which disappear within 7-10 days. The price of such a procedure varies depending on the cost of preparations, the level of the clinic and the qualifications of the beautician, as well as the location of the salon or office.

Laser whitening and photo correction

How to get rid of sunburn on the face without harm to the skin, professionals know better than others. One of the safest methods is laser whitening. It is better to use it in winter or autumn, when solar activity is minimal. Dark spots are destroyed by a laser, accelerating the exfoliation of dead cells of the epidermis.The main advantage of this hardware peeling is that hyperpigmentation no longer occurs in the same place. This procedure for getting rid of uneven tanning and age spots is painless and effective, but to completely whiten your skin you will need several sessions with two to three weeks of pauses between them. Laser face whitening is the most expensive event, but everyone who could afford it, recommend this procedure to friends and acquaintances. A spotted tan can also be removed with photo correction, which not only eliminates pigmentation in 3-4 sessions, but also rejuvenates the dermis, stimulates the production of elastin, which is responsible for healthy skin turgor. This technique is effective, as well as laser therapy. However, they are called pleasure is not cheap, so more and more often girls and women are interested in ways of homemade skin whitening.

How to get rid of redness?

Tan skin with an olive or chocolate tint light-skinned beauties can not get due to a deficit in their dermis melanocytes - cells that produce skin pigment (melanin). Most often, after sunbathing on the beach or visiting a tanning salon, these girls find painful redness on their bodies. Other representatives of the fair sex may also appear reddening due to intense tanning. An erroneous solution may be to eliminate it with the help of acid (for example, lemon juice) or mechanical scrubs these minutes. The skin after sunburn in these cases will be injured even more. It is better to treat it with chemist's: “Panthenol”, “Bepantenom” or “Rescuer”, covering the reddened areas with them for 15-20 minutes, and then removing the remnants with a paper napkin. Also suitable mask of baby cream (you can replace it with another moisturizing gel or cream) applied to the skin for 10-15 minutes. Fresh cucumber (sliced ​​or chopped on a grater), aloe juice or parsley can be used as a pure for wiping reddened areas of the epidermis, and mix them together with a mask of cream.

When can I use lightening cosmetics?

Many beginners ask how to get rid of sunburn on the face, is it possible to use bleaching preparations in the first minutes of redness of the skin? Cosmetologists and dermatologists warn that such preparations contain acids that can worsen the skin condition.Therefore, they first recommend giving first aid to burned skin, moisturizing it, soothing and nourishing with vitamins (panthenol or provitamin B5), and only after healing the injury, start bleaching. Applying a cold towel moistened in infusions or decoctions of medicinal plants, or rubbing the skin with cosmetic ice cubes will help alleviate the pain, relieve swelling and slightly lighten the skin. It is useful to prepare such cubes of decoctions of parsley, nettle, linden, chamomile and other healing herbs before going to a solarium or to the beach.

How to quickly get rid of tanning pharmacies?

The spotted “rustic” tan, when the skin is pigmented only in areas where direct sunlight has hit, causes the girls to wear covering clothes, to give up their favorite mini-skirts and deep cleavage. The habit of constantly wearing sunglasses also leaves the bright area of ​​the skin around the eyes, while the rest of the face gets a dark shade. How to get rid of sunburn at home using inexpensive pharmaceutical preparations? For this, hydrogen peroxide is suitable, which must be diluted in half with boiled water (preferably warm) and wipe the dark areas of the face or body twice a day.Also for this purpose, you can use the emulsion: 50 ml peroxide - 1 tsp. camphor oils. Often, “home cosmetologists” recommend synthomycin ointment for skin whitening, which should be applied with a dotted or very thin layer on excessively pigmented areas. It is better to do the procedure in the evening, and in the morning before going outside it is imperative to protect the skin with an SPF cream.

How to get rid of sunburn with essential oils? Aromaextracts - sandalwood and rosewood, oregano, mint, rosemary, parsley and vanilla, mixed in a ratio of 1: 3 with almond and coconut oil - aromatherapists are advised to apply to skin areas that need lightening. In addition to a moisturizing and whitening effect, they have an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulate tissue repair. Aromatic oils are also good to add to baby cream. For oily skin, you can additionally use citrus extracts.

Home first aid kit: what is suitable for lightening tan?

Long-known products that help whiten skin from uneven tanning are: lemon juice or lime (it is diluted in half with water and rub dark skin with this lotion), potato or cucumber juice (used in its pure form to process the epidermis or mixed with white clay) .Good are also masks from dairy products (cottage cheese, ryazhenka, kefir, yogurt or sour cream), parsley juice, fresh mashed papaya, banana with milk and other fruits.

Bath procedures, scrubs

One of the most effective means of cleansing the epidermis from dark spots is peeling, which can be carried out after steaming the skin. Before you get rid of the skin after sunburn, you need to wash or take a bath, adding some milk or soda to the water. Steamed, softened skin will be easy to peel off, separating dead cells. Next, a rough washcloth or massage mitten, you must remove the outer layer of the epidermis. Regular trips to the bath will help to wash the tan for two weeks and restore the natural skin tone. How to get rid of sunburn with home scrubs? At home, the same bath procedure can be enhanced with salt peeling. For better lightening of the skin, lemon juice can be added to the scrub of ordinary salt.For dry sensitive skin, gommage made from oatmeal or powdered rolled oats. There is an old way of how to quickly get rid of sunburn. Heated to the maximum temperature (undiluted) serum immerse the body for 15-20 minutes. It is alleged that skin lightening in a similar way occurs by 2-3 tones in one procedure!

Reduce tan, and then?

All these recommendations on how to get rid of sunburn are effective, but it must be remembered that after these procedures, the skin needs protection for at least 48 hours. Otherwise, you can get a burn or darker spots on the previous site. Dermatologists recommend refreshing light skin with a cream with high SPF, cover with an umbrella or clothes from direct sunlight or stay longer indoors.