Fashion obliges, and it turns out that quite often we have no power over our own appearance. Today, at the peak of popularity is a plump-eyed lady with a third breast size, but tomorrow a fifth one will come into fashion, and girls will probably go for plastic for beauty.

How to get rid of hair in the bikini zone for a long time?

Naturalness appreciated at all times, it returns to fashion now, but one thing remains unchanged - the absence of hair on the female skin as an important criterion of attractiveness. The question of how to get rid of hair in the bikini zone remains relevant.

Body as evidence

The female body is much more sensitive compared with men. Accordingly, it is more sensitive to pain. But why, then, women are volunteering for a painful procedure in beauty salons? Maybe they really like to do wax, tweeze eyebrows, and do a chemical peel? Does dispel this typical male stereotype. Women would be happy to refuse these procedures, but do not see this opportunity as they strive to always be beautiful and desirable, to please myself and others. Perfect smoothness is an aspect imposed by advertisements, but the men managed to absorb this information and understand that the smooth female leg is a symbol of grooming and beauty. The girl takes care of herself, which means that she has smooth skin everywhere. Unwanted hair in the bikini area can be a factor for the cancellation of the date, because the girl is not completely confident in herself, and therefore will not agree to continue the evening.

Dangerous area

The process of hair removal is very painful and unpleasant. Especially strong feeling brings hair removal in the bikini area.The skin is sensitive and tender, therefore, more likely to irritate. Any ladies have three versions of events. Firstly, it is possible to renounce violence and not to remove the hair. In the end, nature has endowed us with greenery, and certainly not just. The second option is a home hair removal in the bikini area. A woman knows your weak points, can relax and accurately represents, what the picture wants to see the result. The third option is a salon hair removal performed by a qualified master with the guarantee of getting rid of hair for a long period. Each option is good in its own way, but the lady receives a guarantee only in the third case. At the same time, it requires a certain degree of determination and the ability to trust a stranger. In addition, it is worth adding that salon procedures are expensive, albeit effective.

Varieties of salon procedures

What about the offer of the salon? First the client introduces waxing. Hair removal in the bikini area is long-term, as the hairs do not break off, and are extracted from the hair follicles. The process is quite simple: the wax is heated and applied to the skin. On top of the part of the master imposes special strips, and then abruptly tear them along with the hair. It's a painful process, but effective. Hot wax is used many times for the procedure, so the process all seems hygienic. In addition, not all tolerate high temperatures. It should be noted that the hot wax increases blood circulation, so the procedure is contraindicated for people with cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Hair removal in the bikini area implies warm, odorless wax with rosin in the composition. This mixture is viscous and easy to remove. There is no pain, as the wax is removed with a simple paper towel. By the way, in the process of epilation, dead cells are removed, and therefore the result will please and surprise you.

Sugar Sugar

Experts are likely to offer you a shugaring among other procedures. Should I agree on it? With it, how to remove hair in the bikini area? This procedure can be carried out at home, but the master in the cabin ensures the effect. The process uses a ready-made professional composition that not only removes hair, but also nourishes the skin. Shugaring paste is made on the basis of sugar, lemon juice, water and essential oils. Sometimes honey is added. Allergy composition most often does not cause, since all components are natural. Paste is heated to the state of clay and applied to the skin. Further process reminds an epilation wax. The paste is also a reusable product, if you are not confused by the presence of hairs in it.

Electric discharge for the benefit of beauty

So, the better to remove hair in the bikini area?

Maybe try electrolysis? This procedure is done only in the cabin, as the high-frequency electric current is used in the work. Consider the process closer. The needle enters the hair shaft and becomes a current conductor. The bulb collapses and the hair no longer grows. Naturally, some of the hairs grow back, as some bulbs stand, so for greater efficiency you need to conduct a course of procedures. But so you can get rid of hair in the bikini area forever. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the painfulness of the procedure and possible negative consequences. They are rare, but this does not make them more pleasant. Skin pigmentation, hair ingrowth and scarring can occur.

Attention, photo!

The term “photoepilation” inspires confidence, because it seems that it is not painful at all, but effective. How to get rid of hair in the bikini zone in this way? In the process of the skin acts on the energy of light, which is sent a special impulse. As a result, melanin is destroyed, which leads to the death of a hair. The skin itself remains intact, and is safe for internal organs. There may be a feeling of warmth and a slight burning sensation. There will be no complications, but part of the hair subsequently grows. If you want to remove hair in the bikini zone forever, then you have to spend a full course of procedures.

There are contraindications. At risk - people with skin diseases, suffering from diabetes and oncology. Pregnant women should not be able to remove hair in the bikini zone. How to deal with them in your case, explain the specialist in the cabin.

Future technology

More recently, science-fiction writers talked about lasers with reverence in their voices, because no one believed that they would see technology triumph in this area. And now you can sign up for laser hair removal and enjoy the effect. How to get rid of hair in the bikini zone in this way? At once we will say that the technology is very effective, the result is visible immediately, since the hair falls out after the procedure.

There is no discomfort, but if the patient’s pain threshold is too low, then special creams with anesthetic agent can be used in the salon. The specialist selects the mode for your skin and hair structure. The laser beam consistently destroys the hair follicle and leaves no marks. There is a slight reddening, but it passes quickly. If you still think the best way to remove hair in the bikini zone, then this option seems to be the most effective. But remember that there are a number of contraindications. In particular, the procedure is prohibited for persons with skin diseases, for pregnant women, people taking certain medications and suffering from internal inflammation. There may be unpleasant consequences, including pigmentation, swelling, burns, or even the opposite effect - that is, increased hair growth.

Favorite procedure

Once tried enzymatic hair removal remain her true. This procedure is painless, effective and comparatively inexpensive. The process uses enzymes that destroy the hair follicle. Hair slows down its growth after a course of procedures, but in the process they become thinner and lighter. Contraindications are expected, but individual intolerance to the components may also be observed. Before the sessions, a skin compatibility test is performed. The process is simple: the enzymes are applied to the skin, and the area is covered with a thermal hood to warm up. After the procedure, the skin is cleansed with a special milk, moisturized with gel. The course can be repeated no more than twice a year.

At ultrasound frequency

So how to get rid of hair in the bikini area? Maybe turn to ultrasonic hair removal? This is a relatively new method of exposure to the hair follicle. The process is long and requires a responsible attitude. Hair stops growing one year after the first procedure, but you need it every 12 months. conduct a supporting session.

How to remove hair in the bikini zone for life? Alas, such a procedure is not shown for this area, because ultrasound affects all cells. Therefore, experts do not recommend this method. The competent master knows that it is necessary to work with skin accurately. Therefore, do not neglect the advice of experts regarding the use of a particular cosmetics. Sometimes the master may recommend folk methods for home prevention. All the ingredients for this can be bought at the pharmacy.

For example, buy a bag of dope-herbs and make a special infusion. It will take about 150 grams of grass per liter of water. The broth must be boiled, and then insist a few weeks in the dark and cool. Now to business: put on gloves and the wadded tampon moistened in broth, walk on problem places. This grass is pretty poisonous, so the result will not keep you waiting.

Another method for prevention is based on the use of ordinary potassium permanganate! If it is diluted in warm water, then an effective remedy is obtained. That part of the body that you want to get rid of hair, immerse in the solution for a quarter of an hour. A number of procedures are needed for potassium permanganate to burn out vegetation. It would be good to dissolve this tool in the bath to remove unwanted hairs throughout the body, but try not to wet your head. Reasons to explain, probably not necessary.

Some important tips and advice

At the end of the conversation about the removal of unwanted vegetation, let's try to finally figure out how to remove hair in the bikini area. In our age of speed and dynamism, we do not have time to run into the salon and get along with a simple razor. Is it reasonable? Let's face it: it is not always safe and effective, and besides, the hairs get coarser and still grow actively. But still for a one-time improvement of the appearance of the method will fit. But remember that you can not drive a razor against the growth of hair, unless, of course, you are not attracted by the effect of ingrown hairs. Believe me, this is a painful and unpleasant thing. Also remember that the blade must be rinsed and the skin lightly held to eliminate the possibility of cuts.

If you are using a depilatory cream, do not overdo it with its quantity and do not get down to business ahead of time. Give the agent at least a quarter of an hour for it to work. Hair should be removed only along the growth line, and gently remove the cream itself.

How to remove hair in the bikini area with wax? Have patience and willpower. Warm up the strips in your hands and smooth them so that all the air between them and the skin goes out. The process of applying hot wax can be quite pleasant, but it is painful to remove the strip, so take a few deep breaths and tear them off sharply. Procrastination will not give relief, but only devalue the result. The pain will come with a delay for a couple of seconds, and if you do not hesitate, then use this time to soothe the skin. By the way, the strip can be used several times, so you don’t have to spend everything at once.

Any specialist will tell you that it is not so difficult to get rid of hair in the bikini zone, but in order to consolidate the effect, you have to work hard. Be sure to steam the covers before hair removal. Go to the sauna, take a bath or at least make a hot compress. Give the skin a minute of bliss before the test.

If you use razor, make sure that it was sharp. Do not try to carry out the procedure on dry skin! You're not the enemy, so take care of the moisture. Soap, by the way, for these purposes will not work. The ideal option would be a gel or shaving foam. By the way, when you purchase these cosmetics, there is no fundamental gradation of male and female line. If epilation does not have women's gel, take the tube off the shelf husband. Believe me, the result will be not worse, and if there's menthol, you'll see the fresh effect after shave. Remember that the labia have a very delicate skin, moisturize them well.

I must say a few words about those representatives of the fair sex who abandoned the razor and waxing in favor of tweezers. First, it is an incredibly painful process. Secondly, the procedure itself is much more laborious. But the result will be longer than shaving machine. If you have enough strength and endurance, then single hairs appearing on the bikini line can be removed with tweezers.

And finally, I must say that there are so many men who prefer natural hair and reject artificial smoothness. Perhaps your chosen one?