Today, it is probably difficult to meet a man who at least once in his life did not draw up a loan. This service of financial institutions is very convenient. It is not always possible to save up for good furniture or appliances. And installment allows you to make a purchase here and now. If we are talking about a small amount, a credit card will only need a passport. Many take a loan also for cars and real estate. At the same time, not everyone can calculate their own possibilities. Non-payment of the loan threatens with penalties. Debt increases in geometric progression.

We make credit with the mind

A loan is, of course, very convenient. There is no need to save for the right thing. You can buy it at any convenient time on credit, and payments should be made in equal parts. But, so that the question of how to get rid of loans does not arise, everything should be carefully considered. The loan must be made in accordance with the financial possibilities. Monthly payments can take no more than 30% of the family budget, otherwise you will have to deny yourself normal food and clothes.

How to get rid of loans legally?

Making a loan, you need to be confident in your income. If a person works unofficially and is interrupted by temporary earnings, a loan is hardly suitable for him. Although today small loans are available to almost everyone. Financial institutions are ready to provide services even to the unemployed. Without problems, you can issue a credit card. This is a special account with a certain limit on it. A person can take money from a credit card for any needs, and then repay the debt with minimal payments. The problem is that not everyone is financially literate. Getting access to finance, people dispose of them rashly. As a result, you can not make a monthly payment. But only a few know how to get out of the debt hole.

A large loan is a big risk

Even more risk is for those who purchase real estate or a vehicle on credit. First of all, it should be understood that this is a fairly large sum. The loan is issued for a long period, and the monthly payment will also not be small. Not everyone is ready to pay a debt for five or even ten years. In addition, one can not be sure even in the most stable source of income.

Today, many large loans are made in dollars. This is another risk factor. At present, Russians are watching the instability of the national currency. There are a lot of cases when inflation caught people by surprise. Taking a loan of $ 3,000, you had to return a much larger amount. At the same time, the question arose: "How to get rid of loans?" Only the truly enterprising people managed to solve the problem.

Financial Tricks

The purpose of lending to banks is earnings. Popular financial institutions value their reputation, so they work with clients honestly. But there are some who lure borrowers with cunning. Many people know the slogan "Credit at 0% per annum". Such conditions are very attractive. But we should not forget that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Most often, the services of such a plan assume a monthly commission of at least 3% of the loan amount. Bank employees do not always tell clients about this when drafting a contract. And people, in turn, inattentively read the document that they sign. Then I have to think about how to get rid of loans. After all, the client expects one amount, and pay has to be completely different.

Insurance is another trick of banks. In fact, this service is very useful. If the client for some reason does not cope with their financial obligations, the loan will be covered by the insurance company. But the fact that the contract was signed with the provision of such a service, banks of their customers are not always informed.

We sell collateral property

As practice shows, from large debts on loans taken on real estate or transport, it is much harder to release oneself. How to get rid of loans legally? There is such a way. You can sell the property that was purchased on credit. Most often, under an agreement with a financial institution, an apartment or car, for the purchase of which money was provided, are pledged. This means that, in agreement with the financial institution, the property can be sold. Banks rarely are against such a procedure. After all, the most important thing for them is the return of debt.

Warn the financial institution of the intention to sell the apartment or car should be in advance. It will be unpleasant if the buyer is found much earlier than all the issues with the financial institution will be resolved.

Looking for buyer

Find a person who would like to acquire collateral, is not so simple. After all, you need to rely not only on market value, but also on the need to repay the debt. Most often, you have to set the price for housing or a car that is commensurate with the balance of the loan amount. How to get rid of loans? The issue is solved quickly enough, but the borrower will not benefit, because he had to repay the debt for several years, and now he is left with nothing at all.

It is necessary to warn the buyer in advance that the transaction will take place at the bank. The problem is that not everyone wants to deal with property that was previously collateral. People are afraid of the tricks of financial institutions. What if you have to pay the debts of the previous owner? Therefore, any potential buyer should immediately inform about which property is involved. If a person is legally and financially literate, such a purchase will not frighten him. And the borrower will be able to find the answer to the question of how to get rid of loans legally.

Sell property together with the loan

Put out a huge amount of money for real estate or a car ready not all. But almost every working citizen can buy property together with a loan. The borrower can find a buyer who will happily pay for his purchase with equal payments. A bank customer who does not know how to get rid of loans legally, at the same time, wins. It is only necessary to re-formalize your debt to someone and get the difference between the market value of the property and the balance of credit obligations.

The procedure for the renewal of the contract also takes place in the Bank. First of all you need to lift the ban on alienation of property, and further, the loan is given to a buyer. It is very important to a person acquiring an apartment or a car, meet all the conditions of the Bank. The borrower usually can not be unemployed or a pensioner older than a certain age.

We assign the keys to the bank

How to get out of a debt hole without unnecessary red tape? You can simply bring the keys from the car or apartment to a financial institution. This is the simplest way to get rid of your obligations, but also the least profitable. The borrower informs the bank of the inability to make monthly payments and allows the institution to independently dispose of the property.

In the interest of the bank to return their money, so the borrower's property often goes for a pittance. It turns out that all the funds that the borrower paid the bank before, went to waste. Can I get rid of loans and still make money on this? Can! It is only necessary to look for a buyer yourself and try to sell collateral on more favorable terms.

How to get rid of overdue loans?

If, for several reasons, the customer has not paid a monthly loan fee, there is a delay. Many financial institutions are loyal to their borrowers and start charging penalties only from the second month of non-payment. But it's worth forgetting about the loan for a while, and the debt will start to increase exponentially. It will not be possible to pay it off with the help of wages alone. You can get out of the situation if you apply for a loan in another bank. You can find a financial institution that will provide services on more favorable terms.

In order not to get into the debt hole, it is necessary to sign the contract with another bank for a longer period. Thus, the amount of debt will be divided into equal parts, and the borrower will be able to repay the loan in the financial institution in which the delay arises. Of course, this method can not be called beneficial. After all, the longer the loan term, the more substantial the overpayment. But in this way you can forget about the penalties.

Debt restructuring

How to get rid of loans, when there are many, and the financial situation has significantly worsened? It is worth asking for help in the bank. The borrower, who does not cope with his debt obligations, has the right to write an official statement on the impossibility of paying a loan. It is very important to indicate the reason for such a situation and to confirm it with official documents. If this is related to the state of health, medical statements are attached to the application. The reasons why the bank approves the restructuring can be quite a lot. This is the death of a family member, dismissal from work to reduce, natural disaster, etc. The main thing is not to hide from a financial institution, but honestly talk about your problems.

Restructuring does not imply a complete cancellation of the borrower's obligations. But he will have to pay the debt on more loyal terms. The term of the loan may be extended or the annual interest reduced.

Contact the anti-collector agency

Today, in a time of economic crisis, are quite common services of special companies which deal with credit debt citizens. Antikollektorskie Agency will help to answer the question about how to get rid of credit when a lot of them. In such organizations usually are professional lawyers who for a fee act as an intermediary between borrowers and financial institutions. However, people who do not plan at all to fulfill their debt obligations, it makes no sense to apply to such an agency. Lawyers can do everything to make the borrower pay back with minimal expenses. But the money that was issued by the bank, still have to return.

Apply to the court

In most cases, if a borrower does not fulfill his debt obligations for a long time, his loan is sold to a collection firm. These are organizations that deal with knocking out debts, and it is not always legal. Employees of such agencies can call and threaten the borrower. The only thing that remains is to go to court. A qualified lawyer will tell you how quickly to get rid of loans. The borrower is required to provide all documents confirming his insolvency.

Completely get rid of your debt by applying to the court, it will not be possible. Most likely, the borrower will be obliged to pay the body of the loan. The court will establish a monthly payment that will not exceed 30% of the family's income. In this way it will be possible to return the entire amount of the debt to the bank, and calls with threats will cease.

We are hiding from the creditor

How can I get rid of the loan forever? Everyone has the opportunity to hide from creditors. This method is the most dangerous. It should be prepared for the fact that the phone will receive calls to immediately pay off their debt obligations. If the loan amount is impressive, the borrower will be accused of fraud. And this already implies criminal responsibility.

Any person feels relieved after they get rid of their loans. The lawyers' comments show that many borrowers, because of their financial illiteracy, hiding from banking institutions, got even more problems. If the contract was drawn up for an apartment or a car, the money will still have to be returned sooner or later. Allow themselves to hide can only people who have issued a small consumer loan in the bank. The financial institution will not abandon all efforts to return a small amount of money.

Let's sum up the results

Do not want to contact lawyers and ask: "Help get rid of credit"? Then make a contract with the bank deliberately. Even if there are temporary financial difficulties, this should be reported to the lender. A prestigious bank will always meet the client. With a large loan, things are even simpler. Collateral can always be sold. And if you do it right, the borrower will still be the winner.