"Changing your hair, you can change your destiny," - says a famous saying.

Beautiful long hair is always in fashion. But wearing loose hair is not always convenient and appropriate. But to collect luxurious strands in stylish braids - it's beautiful, elegant and comfortable.

How to weave a basket from a hair: step by step instruction

If it is a question of that it is necessary to make a stylish and accurate hairstyle in the shortest terms, then one can not help but recall the basket. This is the name of a complex, but very original and quick "cooking" hairstyle.

At the heart of the basket is a French braid, which is padded around the head. This hairstyle has been relevant for many years. The image with this style will make you romantic and stylish. How to weave a basket from hair - we learn further!

Who will use the basket

Hairstyle with a scythe goes to almost everyone. As for the basket, it can be plaited both for solemn events, and for every day. How to properly weave a basket of hair? Let's consider further.

From the correctness of the execution of all steps depends on the result of the hairstyle. The woven French braid goes to almost everyone: mature ladies, young girls and very young princesses. Just the last is recommended to do very "hardy" tight styling, which does not break up during the day. To small women of fashion can decorate a basket with a bright bra from the base of the braid. How to weave a basket of hair to a child? This question is asked by many mothers. In this article we will teach you the most unpretentious ways of weaving a basket for children.

Ladies older than the tip of the pigtail can be tied in the tail or pinned invisible to the occipital part. In this case, the hair will not lose its style, but it will partly resemble a shell. And how to weave a basket of young girls from hair? Just for young people, all variants of weaving will do.

The tight weave looks stern and graceful. This hairstyle will fit well into the business image. But if you lightly dissolve the braid, without tightening it strongly, it will add to your image of airiness. The basket is often chosen for wedding hairstyles, supplementing it with beads, ribbons and flowers.

Despite its simplicity in theory, in practice such a hairstyle can be performed in several ways. How to weave a basket of hair? Consider the most popular methods of weaving.

Easy classics

The most popular and common way of weaving a basket is classic. Even this laconic version of the first does not work almost no one. But do not be discouraged. In a couple of times you will undoubtedly learn to do this hairstyle with your eyes closed. How to weave a basket of hair, step by step instruction will teach every lady!

Part of the hair on one side is divided in half and tied a knot.

Now take another strand just below and add it to one of the two strands of the knot.

We make one more knot.

Similar manipulation is done with other strands.

This principle of work is reminiscent of the weaving of the French braid, but the role of bindings is played by knots.

Procedure with weaving continue until all the strands run out.

The tip is fixed with an elastic band and hide it deep into the hairstyle, fixing it with invisibility.

Treat the finished hairdo with a varnish.

Two spikelets in a basket: romanticism

Want to create a cute image, but do not know how to do it the easiest? A romantic hairstyle - a basket of two braids, will do the best. How to weave a basket of hair - the instruction will show:

We do a direct parting.

Separate part of the hair on the right side and begin braiding the braid by analogy with the first example, but only on the half of the head that is divided by the parting.

We add free curls while weaving, collecting them from both sides.

We twist the remaining hair into a regular braid and fix it with an elastic band.

Now proceed to the same plaiting of the braid on the left side.

After doing a similar manipulation, lay the tips of the first braid inside the hairstyle on the back of the head, fixing them with a hairpin.

Do the same with the second scythe, fixing it over the first.

We stretch the sections of braids by hand, reaching a splendor in their volume.

A romantic mood with such a hairdo is provided!

Basket across the head

The weave made over the whole head looks very stylish and interesting. At first glance, this hairstyle may seem very complicated, but in reality everything looks different.

We select a strand of hair in the center of the head.

We divide it into three parts and weave the usual braid.

On the third binding we begin to weave in the pigtail extraneous strands from the lower side, moving in a circle. The braid needs to be weaved, tightly squeezing strands. Otherwise, it will disintegrate.

The tip of the braid is braided in the usual way, putting on an elastic band.

We lay a pigtail around the head, fixing it invisible.

Greek basket

This hairstyle can be performed on both long and medium length hair.

And it's called Greek, because it reminds me of a hairstyle with a bandage from Greece.

Comb your hair and make a straight part.

Leave the free right side out, and the left one with the clamp.

Collect a part of hair at the forehead and divide it into three parts.

Begin to weave a standard braid.

On the fourth binding, add strands to it.

Twist the braid all over the right side of the head.

Your task is not to make the tie too tight.

Tie a pigtail tight rubber band and proceed to weaving the same braid on the left side.

Finished spikelets cross between themselves in the nape of the neck, fixing them with a clip-crab or invisible.

Do not forget to attach the flower to the right or left temple.

Now your hair style is Greek!

Harnesses in a basket

Beginning masters for weaving baskets will suit a variant with bundles. Instead of the usual spikelets weave on the hair can be made using twisted strands. Try to make a basket with bundles and you!

Make a lateral parting of hair and gently comb them.

We start work from that place from the parting, where there is more hair left.

Separate the curl and divide it into two equal parts.

We twist both strands together so that a tourniquet will form.

At the subsequent weaving, we pick up additional free curls. After reaching the parting, twist between the halves of the left and right, tying the end of the tail with an elastic band.

The tip of the tourniquet is fixed around the head with invisible objects.

Decorate your hair with a bright barrette.

Tips for use

If you decide to try out a new stylish hairstyle - a basket, you should read a few important tips.

Before weaving on wavy hair, they must be aligned. Remember: the basket is made only on even strands. Otherwise, the desired effect will be difficult to achieve. Curly locks in such a weaving will look sloppy.

Before the beginning of manipulation it is necessary to comb the hair thoroughly. Otherwise, small nodules in the process of work can cause the hairdress to be remade anew.

Needless to say that the hair should be clean? The weaving on smooth neat hair will beautifully pour into the sun.

The right-handers should start the basket on the left side. Then it will be fulfilled by all rules.

Do not forget about accessories. It is the basket that requires such a bright addition to it, like a large hairpin or a flower.

It's easy to weave a basket of hair, a photo of which stands before your eyes. So, it is necessary to collect the necessary photographic material before proceeding with the weaving.

So, in how to weave a basket of hair with elastic bands, how to separate strands and what hair should be for a hairstyle - we figured it out. The rest is yours!