With the onset of cold weather, many housewives wonder: when to pickle cabbage? After all, it is important to choose a good day according to national signs, so that it turns out not only tasty and fragrant, but also useful and not spoiled by frost. About when and how to pickle cabbage on the lunar and the usual calendar, tell this article.How and when to pickle cabbage?

Cabbage pickling for the winter

Mid-November is considered the best time when salting cabbage is recommended. During this period the majority of summer residents and gardeners already finish harvesting and begin to prepare it for winter storage. And at this time it is necessary to choose the right moment for pickling cabbage so that it turns out crisp and tasty and has been stored for a long time without losing its taste and useful properties.

Basic rules for pickles

Most housewives are of the opinion that you can pickle cabbage for the winter at any time. But let's turn to national signs. For a long time it was believed that the best moment when it is necessary to pickle cabbage is considered to be the tenth day after the first frost. Most often, this period begins in late October - early November. It is considered that it is best to take vegetables for pickling directly from the garden. It was then that reactions occur in the cabbage leaves, which turn acid into sugar, thanks to which a tasty, fragrant and tender dish is produced.

For salting is better to choose the "male" day of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to pickle cabbage for women on critical days. It is also very important to salting in accordance with the lunar calendar. How to do this, you will learn further.

When salting cabbage on the lunar calendar?

No matter how skeptics may argue, it has long been noticed that the moon plays a significant role in the daily life of every person. So our ancestors have long watched the movement of the night beauty and its influence on all life. Thanks to these observations, most of the signs will be created, and a special calendar has been drawn up. When salting cabbage on the moon? The best moments for this are the new moon and the first five or six days of the period of the rising moon. It is then that salted cabbage is obtained as crisp and juicy as possible, and the product is kept longer.

Adverse Moon Days

According to popular observations, the worst period when salting cabbage is strongly discouraged is the full moon. In addition, it is better to avoid any salting in the first few days of the waning moon. During this period, vegetables are sour and soft, as well as perishable. On the waning moon, it is generally not worth doing any conservation. Indeed, at this moment there is a huge risk that your banks will explode, and the product will be far from ideal.

Salting and zodiac signs

Of particular importance when salting cabbage is attached to the position of the moon relative to the signs of the zodiac. So if you want to know when to pickle cabbage, then you should take a closer look at which zodiac constellation is the heavenly body. Salting vegetables is not recommended when the moon is under the sign of Pisces, Virgo and Cancer. At this moment, there is a great risk that your pickles will be covered with mold or quickly deteriorate.The most favorable days for conservation are when the heavenly body is under the influence of Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius, Leo or Capricorn. These zodiac constellations contribute to the fact that your cabbage is crisp and preserves its freshness and juiciness for a long time.

What kind of cabbage to choose for pickling?

Having defined with time, when salting cabbage, you must go to the process itself. And here to achieve a good result, it is very important to choose the best heads. To get a tasty and fragrant product, it is better to choose varieties with high sugar content.

Particular attention should be paid to the head. It is better to choose a snow-white, with a slightly flat form of forks of late varieties, with fragile leaves on a break. In this case, pickle will delight you with excellent taste and unforgettable aroma. Of course, now these varieties are quite difficult to find. After all, most farmers prefer to grow a greenish-looking vegetable with hard leaves. The fact is that such varieties are easier to preserve, but, alas, they are not very suitable for salting.

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of vegetables. If you see that the forks inside are a bit rotten, then it is worth refusing to use it in salting. After all, trimming "bad" places will not save you from the taste of rot. So such savings can only spoil the whole taste of the finished dish.

Selection of dishes for pickling

For a long time, the best dishes in which cabbage is salted are wooden barrels or tubs. After all, such a container not only perfectly preserves the product, but also gives the dish a specific flavor. In addition, this dish is the most environmentally friendly, not harmful to the human body. All this leads to the fact that now most housewives are returning to the use of wooden utensils in salting.

If you prefer to use enameled packaging, then carefully examine its inner surface. It should not have chips or damage, because the vegetables for a long time will be in contact with this dish, thereby causing the oxidation of the metal. And there is a possibility that harmful substances will get into the products. In addition, the taste of the product will deteriorate significantly.

You can use for salting and glass jars. Vegetables are stored in this dish for quite a long time, and at the same time their taste and nutritional value remain virtually unchanged. The only dishes that are not highly recommended to use in pickles cabbage - is aluminum packaging. The fact is that this metal is oxidized under the influence of lactic acid, which produce vegetables. What is extremely harmful to the body. In addition, storage in this container gives the dish a grayish tint and metallic flavor.

How to pickle cabbage at home

There are many methods of salting this vegetable, both whole and in shredded form. And probably, every housewife knows her own, inherited original recipe, how to harvest cabbage for future use. Salt this vegetable can be both independently, using only salt, and with the addition of sugar, spices and other vegetables, such as carrots and beets.

Apples of sweet and sour varieties, for example, Antonovka or Semerenko, will help add flavor and taste to the dish. In addition, cranberry berries, which can be replaced with lingonberries, as well as all sorts of spices and spices, will help to add an unforgettable aftertaste to this dish. It is also worth mentioning that in the process of pickling cabbage iodized salt cannot be used.

Salt the whole cabbage in a barrel

Before you start cooking food, you must carefully prepare the container. To do this, rinse the barrels well and rinse them with boiling water for disinfection. Now turn to the preparation of vegetables. For salting it is better to choose the same size of the heads of late varieties. Rinse the heads well and remove the top layer of leaves so that the vegetables are smooth. Now we proceed to laying the forks in a barrel: we fill the container, and fill the voids with leaves, which we have removed when preparing the vegetables. In addition, you can add a few horseradish roots, bay leaves and sweet peas to the vegetables.

Next, proceed to the preparation of brine, which we will pickle cabbage. Its recipe is quite simple: add 10 grams of salt to 10 liters of water. In this case, in any case, do not use iodized, because it is not suitable for salting. Now we fill in our vegetables with the obtained brine and cover the barrel with a piece of cloth. For this it is better to use a natural material, such as flax. Now we cover everything with the lid of the barrel and press it down with some weight. The cabbage will be ready in five days, but it can be stored in this way for more than six months.