Each newly mummy worries not only for the health of her baby, but also for her own well-being. One of the most frequent questions heard by the authorities of the maternity ward is "How long does the discharge take after the delivery?" This is exactly what will be discussed later. You will learn how long after birth there are spotting. Also find out what color they get later. It is necessary to consider several variants of the flow of the process.

How long does the discharge take after delivery? What color should they be?

How long does the discharge take after delivery? Answer of gynecologists and obstetricians

If you consult a doctor with this question, you will find out the following information. Allocations after the delivery last a little more than one month. Usually doctors call a time interval of 42 days. However, the body of each woman is individual. Some moms recover faster. In others, the rehabilitation process is delayed. Absolutely other duration have allocation in case of development of pathological process or complication.

Lochias are the contents of the genital organ that comes out after the separation of the child's place. This includes blood from the wound surface, mucus from the walls of the uterus, the remains of decidual tissues and fetal membranes that did not come out during the expulsion of the placenta.

Color normal lohy - an important indicator

How long are the discharge after delivery, you learned. However, this is not all information that must be owned. A great role is played by the consistency and color of mucus. It is for this indicator that one can suspect a pathological process that has developed as a result of delivery. Quite often in maternity hospitals midwives inspect regularly the allocation of newly mummies. If you suspect a pathology, the information is given to the doctor. Such women are assigned additional studies in the form of ultrasound, blood test and gynecological examination.

First five days

How long does it take after the delivery? Just under one week. It is about this gap that doctors report. While the woman in the maternity unit is in the walls of the maternity ward, the outgoing mucus has a rich red color. Also, it may contain impurities of clots and lumps.

Often such a discharge becomes an unpleasant odor. This is the absolute norm. After all, during this period, what was in the cavity of the genital organ is separated for a long nine months of gestation. However, if after five days the mucus (consistency and color) has not changed, then it is a complication.

Two weeks after delivery

How long does the discharge after childbirth (after the completion of heavy bleeding)? When the remains of tissues and blood come out, we can say that the wound surface has almost recovered. Now the selection has a pinkish-red hue. It should be noted that they should not contain impurities clots. An unpleasant odor is also excluded.

Such discharge lasts about two weeks. During this period they are not so abundant. This allows a woman to abandon postpartum pads and use ordinary hygiene means.

After the expiration of a month

How long after birth there are bloody discharge - you already know. This period is approximately three weeks. By the end of the first month, the discharge acquires a mucous consistency and orange color. They are more like a treasure. Such mucus suggests that the inner cavity of the genital organ continues to recover rapidly.

Such a mucous throat can normally stand out for about one week. Remember that all terms are very conditional. So, for some women by the end of the first month, excretions end at all.

Fifth week after delivery

How long does the discharge take place after birth, and what color should it be? Normally, by the fifth week after the appearance of the baby, the lochia become white. They received their unusual name because of the mucous consistency of secretions of transparent color. Such a phenomenon the newly mummy can observe for another one or two weeks.

During this period, the woman no longer needs a sanitary napkin for menstruation. She can use the daily protective inserts. The amount of such mucus is very small. A day can stand out to 5-10 milliliters. For clarity, one teaspoon contains 5 ml.

When do the lochia end? What does it depend on?

How long is the discharge after the birth and the smell of this liquid - are very important indicators. Usually, the lochia terminates one and a half months after the appearance of the child. This period is extreme. If after the specified time the lochia is still going on, then there is a probability of pathology development. The early completion of excreta also does not say anything good. On what does it depend, how long does the discharge after childbirth go?

The doctors say that the weight of the baby and the course of pregnancy play a big role. when a large child (more than 4 kilograms) is born with a mother, or there is polyhydramnios, the childbearing organ is greatly stretched. Because of this, the recovery process takes longer. Often, for the speedy reduction of the uterus to such women in labor, oxytocin is prescribed after the appearance of the baby. This drug helps mucus to quickly leave the cavity of the genital organ.

How long does the discharge after birth (caesarean section) go? In the case when the baby is born with the help of surgeons, which dissect the abdominal wall of a woman, the lochia can have a slightly different character. In this case, the duration of bleeding may increase to two weeks. All due to the fact that in addition to the wound surface from the placenta in the uterus is also a scar. It should be noted that with such a method of delivery there is a high risk of infections and complications.

Possible pathologies

Sometimes after the birth of a baby a woman faces problems. Statistics show that about one in five newly mummies are sent by doctors to gynecologic curettage. In what cases is it really necessary?

If after the birth the excretions become less abundant after a week, and still have impurities of the lumps, it may be an incomplete separation of the placenta. Obstetricians after expelling a child's place should examine it well for damage. If they are, then manual cleaning is carried out directly on the generic table. With late detection of pathology, scraping is performed using anesthesia. How long does the discharge take place after delivery (after cleansing)? At such a confluence of circumstances, the lochia end somewhat faster. All due to the fact that the artificial separation of mucus and remaining parts of the uterus and tissues.

Also, quite often mothers face inflammatory diseases. In this case, the infection can be acquired long before delivery. However, after such a complex process, which is accompanied by the formation of a wound surface, pathological microorganisms begin to multiply actively. Allocations in this case can have not only an unusual character, but also a strange consistency. Simultaneously with the lochia, pus is secreted. Blood acquires a brownish-green color and a fishy smell. Treatment must be carried out with antibacterial agents.

Lochnia or postpartum discharge may end earlier than a month. In this case, the blood comes out in small volumes. This is explained by the fact that the cervical canal closes very early. Pieces of tissues and mucus simply can not penetrate a small hole. Quite often with such a phenomenon, women who have had a birth through caesarean section are encountered. In this case, the representative of the weaker sex is still using the same gynecologic curettage.

Tips and feedback from specialists

To lochia after childbirth went out as needed, a woman must comply with certain rules. The following tips will help postpartum discharge to be emptied in a timely and full manner.

  • Immediately after birth, you need to use an ice compress on the abdomen.
  • When you are transferred to the ward, take the position on your stomach. This will allow the uterus to not bend over and get rid of the contents.
  • Nurse the baby. Sucking provokes the production of oxytocin, which increases the contractility of the genital organ.
  • Follow the doctor's recommendations and take prescribed medications.

Summing up the article

You now know how long the discharge continues after giving birth. Also you learned what color they should be. If you recently became mummy, then after one month you must visit a gynecologist. The doctor will inspect and assess your discharge. By that time they should already be light and mucous. If you suddenly find an increase in bleeding or the attachment of an unpleasant odor and foam, then it's worth visiting a medical facility as early as possible. You may need some medication correction. Remember that during this period you can not swim in open water and be exposed to heat. Health to you and early recovery!