There are many popular types of massaging the body. But if you do not want targeted treatment of any serious problems, to obtain a tangible health effect should pay attention to the General massage technique.

Why you need a General massage

The main purpose of this kind of massaging is the maintenance of normal functioning of all body functions and recovery after injuries and various diseases. If it is correct to follow this package of proven techniques that can effectively remove the swelling, pain, adhesions and problems cosmetic. General massage is also able to normalize the process of regeneration of tissues and activate blood circulation.

How to massage a classic?

Moreover, such techniques help without medication to strengthen the joints and recover. For this reason, you should definitely pay attention to this massage. Classic style involves techniques such as rubbing, stroking, vibration, squeezing and kneading. As for the number of repetitions, it is determined individually, taking into account age, health condition and other factors.

Important is the following caveat: all the movements, which includes a General therapeutic massage, are produced in the course of movement of lymphatic ways. To start, let's say the pats worth over large areas, gradually moving to smaller ones. If you follow this sequence, the lymph circulation and blood circulation will be significantly improved.

Key execution principles

If to consider the massage, the overall effect is calculated for a large effect, it is necessary to mention the fact that it starts with the neck area and neck. The next step is massaging the face, while which is stroking, rubbing, vibration and light kneading. The whole set of techniques must be performed in a sparing mode.

The duration of the first session should not exceed 10 minutes. This temporary restriction can be gradually increased. Regarding the duration of a full course of massage, it usually consists of 10-15 sessions.

The right technique is not the only factor on which the quality of the massage depends. The overall effect of the session will be significantly higher if you use oil, lotions and various creams.


These movements sessions begin and end. They must be light, sliding and run relaxed arms. At this stage, the skin is prepared for a more tangible impact. When this occurs, the acceleration of blood flow and lymphatic drainage, General relaxation and the release of excretory ducts of the sebaceous and sweat glands from the various chemicals that they have accumulated.


This technique is divided into two types: superficial and deep rubbing. The key task of this part of the session – improve lymphatic drainage and tissue elasticity, the beneficial effect on the blood flow and accelerate the resorption of pathological formations. Just for the sake of such results it is necessary to learn how to do massage.

Regarding the surface rubbing, it is worth noting that it is held with closed finger pads with the help of circular movements. You can use and convex parts of the palms.

Deep rubbing to do clasped in a fist with the phalanges. At this stage, all movements slow and careful. The pressure increases smoothly. This technique is relevant in cases where there is a need of increasing the elasticity tissue as well as softening adhesions and scarring.

At the same time deep rubbing is not the case in the chest and abdomen. In these areas, only superficial techniques are used. As for the direction of movement, they can be linear, circular or spiral.


This method of massage can be defined as a primary, because its effect extends to deeper layers of subcutaneous tissue and the skin. A key challenge of this technique is to improve circulation of blood and lymph, improve muscle elasticity and tone, as well as the nutrition of tissues.

Looks like this technique is as follows: the area of the skin is captured and slightly compressed by, then made a squeezing motion. The execution should be slow and painless. Your hands on one line and in one direction.

Seizures skin areas must be done in turns – they must follow each other. The movement is smooth and gliding. When the hands reach the bottom point of the back, have to pull back 2 cm to the side and parallel to massage a few more lines. This technique can be used not only in the back, but also on the buttocks and upper thighs.


This phase, which includes full body massage, performed using the entire palm (Pat) or fingertips. If you use the edge of the palm, jerky rhythmic movements should be cutting. But the last option should be used only in the region of the cervical and spine.

This technique is especially important in the case if you want to remove salt or fat. During strenuous hands and closed the fingers are clear and strong strikes, if the hands open and hands relaxed, then the motion is elastic and soft.

The effect obtained by tapping, proves the need for this technique: blood vessels dilate and increased blood flow. The result of these processes is more intense saturation of tissues with oxygen and nutrients.

This technique can be performed as the entire palm, and fingertips. The speed of movements, their amplitude, strength and frequency vary depending on the area that is affected.

To better explain the essence of the reception is to give an example on the foot: the outside of the thigh over the knee need to clasp his hand and make a fast vibrational motion, while slightly squeezing the area that is massaged. The hand must move up and repeat.

After is to return to the original plot near the knee and wrap it around the thighs, but with fingertips. In this case, you need to make a small vibrating motion. This technique is particularly relevant in the fight against fat deposits and cellulite in the buttocks and thighs.

In some cases it makes sense to use tools. We are talking about roller massagers of various types. If you want to have a qualitative effect on the skin and subcutaneous tissue, one of the best options is common massage. Its price varies in the range of 1000 rubles per hour, but it is understood that the cost in various clinics and offices may differ significantly.

Work with children

Massaging true in the case of work with young children. In fact, every child needs proper exposure on his skin and emerging muscles. Shared baby massage is focused on the development of the skeleton and muscular system of the child. For the full impact and emancipation after the birth of the 10 sessions are sufficient. But if you want you can repeat the course every six months for preventive purposes. However, before the next course is better to consult a qualified pediatrician.

If there is trauma at birth, rickets, cerebral palsy or abnormal development, the child should spend therapeutic massage. But here, again, the participation and direction of a physician. With regard to the duration of one session, it does not exceed hours. But in most cases, the therapist determines how long will the procedure.

As you can see, the General massage is an effective means of overcoming many of the negative issues. With the right approach it will significantly improve the overall condition of the body in General and the muscular system in particular.