They say that beauty requires sacrifice. Correctly speak, if to recollect, how our skin suffers from a daily make-up, how hair from a hot air dry, how wrinkles deepen and veins on legs get out.How to quickly dry hair without a hair dryer? We bring beauty in emergency conditions!Of course, hair dryer is a great invention of mankind, but one can not say that it is useful. Yes, you do not appear on the street with a wet head, but your hair will lose the necessary moisture, shine and vitality. But how can you dry your hair quickly without a hair dryer?

"Wet" situation

Why does it happen that at the very right moment something goes wrong? If you paint your nails before going out of the house, they will dry slowly, like wet hair, especially if the street is dank weather, wind or snow. And if an important date on the nose? In this situation, the law of meanness is fully working. And if the hair dryer broke, then what to do with a wet head?

Let's try to decide how quickly to dry hair without a hair dryer. In 5 minutes you can quite successfully cope with the task. Carefully squeeze the hair after washing. Divide your fingers into strands to ensure airflow. Do not brush yourself immediately after washing, as you can injure strands. Take a large towel and pat your hair.

It is better to divide strands and soak them with a towel separately. In 5 minutes you can remove all the droplets of water and share hairs. Remember that the hair will dry faster, if the curls are not stuck, so simply wrapping your head with a towel is not the best option. You will absorb moisture, but you will not get dry hair.

In winter

The way with a towel can be made more effective. Prepare a few warm towels. If it happens in the winter, then simply lay them on the battery before taking a shower. You can heat them with an iron or put them in the oven for a couple of minutes. Squeeze the hair and wrap it in a warm towel. Change the towel to another as it gets wet. After the third towel was removed, there is almost no moisture on the hair and you can dry your hair in the air. Remember that the roots dry the longest, so they are soaked more thoroughly. Beat the hair with warming movements. You can shake your head to remove moisture.

With the help of chemistry

It is necessary to take into account the fact that short hair is perfectly dry without any help, so they need hair dryer only for styling. By the way, strands can be protected from hot air using modeling mousse or foam.

You can combine the drying of hair and styling, if you put on the tips of your fingers and properly blend your head, while massaging the roots. Just say that you do not need to rub the product into the roots, since the head will become dirty faster. It is necessary to let the air circulate in the hair, for which to whip the hair until it dries completely. Ready hair can be fixed with varnish. The whole procedure will take 5-10 minutes.

For long hair

For owners of braids up to the waist, the technology does not change: the main thing is to dry the roots and ensure the flow of air. How to quickly dry hair without a hair dryer? Do not leave them alone. Do not go to bed with a wet head, do not wear a hat on wet hair and do not twist them in the tail. Perhaps, from the external point of view, the situation will change for the better, but the hair will not dry. Divide the entire shave of hair into parts and free from moisture. If you want to give the locks a shape, then wind each string with a round comb. So you can achieve light waves and simultaneous drying of hair.

If there are a couple of free hands (for example, a visiting mom or sister), then divide the hair and weave braids from them. Let the braids be many and they will not be tight, so that the air will penetrate to the roots. While you are doing your own business (doing make-up, preparing dinner), the braids dry, taking the desired shape in parallel. Before the release, dissolve the curls, whip them with your fingers - and go ahead. Here's how to quickly dry your hair without a hairdryer at home. By the way, in the process of washing, you can apply the conditioner, starting from the middle of the length. The drying process will be greatly accelerated.

How to do it is not necessary

There are a lot of tips for extreme removal of moisture from the hair, but should they follow? So, how quickly to dry hair without a hair dryer? Many are advised to use the surrogates of this invention. Someone uses a vacuum cleaner, tuning it to blowing.Yes, you can dry your hair, but then they will have to be washed again, so the advice is useless. Or maybe take advantage of the heat from the gas stove? In no case! If, of course, it is not your intention to stay without a head of hair at all. Another wrecking advice on how to quickly dry hair without a hair dryer - go outside and take a walk. In the warm season, you risk getting a heat stroke or burning strands in the sun. And in the cold season before you opens a whole kaleidoscope of possibilities, where everything starts with a cold and ends with a sinusitis. Give preference to sparing methods, feel sorry for yourself. If there is a little time, you can reel the curlers on curlers. This is another safe way to quickly dry your hair without a hairdryer.